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  1. I always allow plenty of leeway travelling from Cheshire and tend to arrive early.We dump the car in The Pavillions Car Park on Milbay( about half a mile from BF check in.From there it's an easy stroll to the Hoe or about 900 metres to the Quay where there are plenty of lunch options.
  2. Many years ago my company was a regional distributor for a well known Italian electrical appliance manufacturer.They flew all their distributors in private aircraft from Southampton to Le Havre to visit their new distribution centre.A short visit to the warehouse was followed by a very long boozy lunch at Le Havre Yacht Club and then back to Southampton.
  3. So glad you've got a sense of humour.It makes a pleasant change from the reams of boring statistics on this thread.
  4. Just pondering the delights of a picnic at a charging point.I could munch on lentils and go and hug a tree afterwards.
  5. Couldn't agree more.Our preferred holidays of touring in France and Spain are completely impractical in an electric vehicle.At my present advanced age of 75 I can honestly say I have no intention of ever owning one.I predict massive sales of Petrol/Diesel vehicles in 2029.I shall certainly buy one then and happily drive off into my fossil fuel sunset.
  6. Thanks for all the comments on this thread.I am now convinced that travel to/from France this year will be too much hassle.Just cancelled 5 hotel reservations in Normandy/Brittany for September without penalty.Start planning for 2022 and hope things will be better.
  7. Coming from Cheshire,we always preferred the afternoon sailing to Cherbourg on NEx which was of course seasonal and now looks to have gone for good.Arrive 7ish,throw the bags on the bed at Mercure Centre Port and out for a great dinner at Le Vauban or Cafe de Paris.A perfect start to a holiday.
  8. Marginally better views on departure.You won't get the sunset either way.On arrival it's irrelevant as you have to be out of your cabin 30 minutes before docking.
  9. I have return crossings booked for June,half of which is paid for with a Refund Credit Note issued in 2020.Having decided that travel to France is highly unlikely in June ,I asked if the amount paid could be put back on to a Credit Note with the original validity date of May 2022 pending the publication of next years timetables.This not unreasonable request was met with a flat refusal from BF.Not very helpful.
  10. Come on children Get back on topic.
  11. We enjoy driving back through France after visiting two or three Spanish Paradors.The Cherbourg - Poole sector will be changed to Cherbourg - Portsmouth if NEX sails again.
  12. I went on the booking engine about 7 p.m.,queued for about 1 minute then booked Plymouth-Santander and Cherbourg-Poole without any problem. Everything was working fine.
  13. We too have decided to give France a miss this year.Once BF had announced they would allow Refund Credit Notes for previously non-refundable deposits it was - for us- a no brainer.I filled in the claim form late on Sunday night and got my credit note yesterday.Not bad customer service under the present circumstances and a pat on the back for BF from me.A welcome change from all the stick they've been getting.
  14. Thanks for your inputs.I contacted Customer Support and their reply was' At the moment we have not been made aware of early check in at Santander for June 2020'. Very helpful!
  15. Does anybody out there know if you can still check-in from 9.30 a.m. for the 9.15 p.m. PA sailing from Santander-Plymouth.
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