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  1. Which of the two ports is restricted in length, IJmuiden or Tyne? Or both maybe? And is there no chance to extend this? Or is it because of the width of the river and the turning of the ships?
  2. I much agree, maybe even for 100%. However, although this would certainly apply for the cruise industry, I see companies spreading the same or similar design over various brands. Princess' Grand-class is seen with P&O Cruises for years and will be seen at P&O Australia very soon. HAL's Vista class is also seen at P&O Cruises, as well as similar designs for Costa, Carnival and Cunard. Carnival and Costa have been sharing otherwise distinctive designs for years, and from Carnival's/Costa's Dream-class one is being built for a new Chinese brand. To make matters worse, AIDAnova will have sisters with Costa, P&O Cruises AND Carnival. I believe it was Knud E. Hansen himself who said every passenger should believe their ship was the best looking in the port, no matter how many other ships are present. This advise seems long forgotten. As for the P&O design, I believe the basis is not too bad, although I needs quite a bit of refinement get a wow factor apart from just its size.
  3. I believe that for the Moby/Tirrenia-operations neither the Nuraghes and Sharden are very valuable assets. These ships are just way too big, running more than half empty most of the time, including freight decks. Not only did passenger and car figures to all three islands fell the last few years, a lot of new/old (ro)pax tonnage has been added to the region year after year for the last few decades, competition is fierce. Sometimes it seems companies here thought the best way to compete is by adding bigger and newer tonnage, without doing anything about their terrible onboard product. Moby was always an exception to this. I don't know how Moby did on improving Tirrenia's onboard services, which were abominable. I remember travelling Athara in summer season. The only dinner available was spagetti, the only breakfast a small croissant with an espresso, rude staff who apeared to tired to provide any serivce, no live music although there were several stages, empty shop, etc. Of course the competition often isn't very well either (the 'cruise' in 'cruiseferry' often only refers to the ships size), but I don't believe any of these companies make any additional revenue from onboard sales. But I'm getting of topic. The sale falling through is a big shame for DFDS. I would have loved to see these ships coming up north, although I've always been a fan of both the King and the Princess as well. I was sure DFDS could turn these 'new' ships into a perfect pair with a wonderfull atmospere and product onboard. I was a bit dissapointed though that these ships were only upping the car and freight capacity, since I've experienced more than a few times that actually the passenger capacity was first to be full booked. The Moby duo had even a little less berths than the current pair. Maybe now they can snatch up some ships with additional cabins.
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