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  1. Buzz

    2021 Timetables

    Off topic, but I've seen references like this a few times. Is there a French version of bfenthusiasts.com? I've not found one.
  2. Is she still leaving this evening? Marinetraffic shows her as being "aground".
  3. My experience today is that it is all indeed a bit loosey-goosey. I'm on the second of three trains I need to get me home. I completed the passenger locator form, no-one asked to see it at Heathrow, I didn't interact with any Border Force agent, I used the e-gates. I presume it's linked to the passport details you enter on the form and the gate would have refused to let me through if I hadn't completed it. Or maybe that's a bit too joined-up thinking! I'll be leaving the UK in 12 days, (Eurotunnel, the BF Portsmouth-Caen price was crazy) but don't know if I'm officially allowed to un-sel
  4. The Statutory Instrument requires you to self quarantine for 14 days or until the day you leave, if earlier. I've flown in today, I could leave again today if I wanted to.
  5. http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam although it missed most of MSM's arrival at lunchtime today as it was cycling through its other views.
  6. It seems they are allowing Reserved Seats to be booked if there are no cabins. On some Portmouth/Caen sailings during the w/c 6 July, it says on the sailing times page that only Reserved Seats are available. And you can book them on the accommodation page, even though that page still says that it's mandatory to book a cabin until the end of August.
  7. I've been looking at Caen/Portsmouth 25 July and the freight timetable is different to the passenger timetable for all three of the sailings (same for the reverse). For the particular one I'm thinking of, the freight timetable says 23:59/06:30 whereas the passenger timetable says 23:00/06:45. 😕
  8. ^ It looks like Le Havre is affected tomorrow, with tonight's ex-Portsmouth and tomorrow's return cancelled. I'm on the Caen/Portsmouth 23.00 on Wednesday, fingers crossed. Although it seems Caen is rarely affected?
  9. I came back on after a few days and thought that I'd clicked on the wrong thread! Thanks to those who stayed on-topic. Looks like I'll be taking the tunnel on the way back.
  10. Thanks for the replies/opinions so far. Some of the parking lanes are indeed like supermarket car park spaces. The difference is, at a supermarket I can park where I want. I have been using the tunnel, due mainly to my experience on the Normandie.
  11. I'm driving from Geneva to North Devon at Christmas, taking a midweek overnight Caen/Portsmouth sailing. I've travelled just twice with BF, a return on the same route a few years ago now. I chose the particular sailing as the Mont St Michel is scheduled to operate it, and remembering (and confirming via YouTube) how spacious the parking is. The other direction last time was on the Normandie (I think) and I distinctly remember how tight the parking was. I recall making sure I was one of the first down to the car deck to "protect" my car.Not everyone is as careful as me when opening
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