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  1. Pont Aven and Galicia passing by each other entrance to Santander harbour. Would have loved to have seen it. Expect there would have been a few blasts on their horns.
  2. I have the same message on my amended booking, but no idea as to how to apply for the refund. Apparently, according to the CEO of BF, they are currently answering emails from the 20th July. Like you not sure as to how to apply for refund. It has not been refunded to my payment card.
  3. BF is a French company and the French government unlike the UK government has a pride in it's industries and imo would not allow BF to go out of business or be taken over and asset stripped. It has ring fenced iconic French brands ensuring that they cannot fall into the hands of foreign owners.
  4. We are due to sail to Santander on the Pont Aven 30th August. I understand that passenger numbers are now restricted to 50%. Does anyone have estimated passenger numbers on the PA now that the FCO has advised against travelling to Spain? Just a little concerned that if passenger numbers are so small BF may pull the service whilst we are in Spain.
  5. The problem is that the UK has a spineless government which is afraid to do anything about the problem for fear of being labeled racist.
  6. Many thanks one and all for your great responses. My question has been answered.
  7. I have been informed that Spanish health authorities are requiring all passengers entering Spain by air have to complete a declaration which will be scanned on arrival. There is no mention anywhere, including BF web pages, of a requirement for this declaration to be completed by people arriving in Spain by ferry. Does anyone have any other information regarding this form?
  8. Pont Aven now underway and heading for Cherbourg. presumably with a new engine or at least a repaired one.
  9. On her way to Gdansk now. 6th Jan
  10. Pont Aven now in Antwerp harbour, (25th Dec) presumably for engine repairs.
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