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  1. Borealis now moored in Stokes Bay, Scarlet Lady in for a pit stop this afternoon.
  2. Cotentin currently rumbling into PiP, louder than Etretat!
  3. How many berthing trials do they need to do?
  4. I’m sure others will have better shots but just caught her gliding into the harbour
  5. Lampypete

    2021 Timetables

    Pretty sure this will be at Tipner where the Covid Testing Site is currently,. it's certainly been lined out for trucks.
  6. Is there a plan of PiP anywhere showing the berths and quays?
  7. Off she goes, lovely to see the crew all out on the railings
  8. Frustrating that the fast cat is not returning as there is not demand. Not sure how you can gauge demand from a different slower route.
  9. VOW back on the run now
  10. Clare running this morning. Currently Clare and VOW with St Faith on the fuel barge.
  11. Thank you, I didn't think about splitting the routes, that could work really well.
  12. Hi all, looking for advice on crossing to Jersey, I live in Portsmouth so sailing with the Clipper is the easier option but is also slow. Liberation is faster but means driving to Poole, also more expensive. Can anyone offer opinions one way or the other? I'd like to take my car (again opinions welcome) Travelling June 2020 outside of school holidays.
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