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  1. Today I got delivered a model ship which I thought would look good in Brittany ferries colours so got it painted to order . Maybe I have predicted something 😂
  2. I believe this is a casting process using a mould created. The 3d printed models I must say however are pretty impressive.
  3. I was just a middle man and collector myself. The builder is from Germany. His work is fantastic.
  4. I can assure you when I sell Ferry models and all my items on ebay its via royal mail. The buyer was very happy with it
  5. Hi This model has been made for myself. The work is great but not cheap. Think was about 200 euros but a nice model of my favourite ship which I have many good memories. I have also had condor express made by Harry and have one more lined up. He is almost like a real ship yard with a waiting time of months before building sometimes.
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