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  1. Hi All We are now back home in the UK after an eventful departure from St. Malo. Apologies for the delay, IT problems, flat battery and the lead in the car ! After waiting for about an hour for the Bretagne To unload its cars the plan was to hold these in the port area until we had loaded And departed. In reality the unloaded cars left the port before we did. We sailed at about 11.30 French time and there were very few vehicles in the ferry. Asking one of the loaders gave us more information about what was going on than was shared from any official BF announcement. Our only c
  2. Bretagne docked and crew change And cleaning crew ready on the quay but no sign that the doors are going To open and it looks like the passengers may not have even gone to their vehicles yet. Massive fire now, looks like we could be waiting a while yet.
  3. Bretagne just docking now, more explosions and flames and smoke from the demonstrators. interestingly no sign of any freight for the ferry and no trucks or trailers waiting to load either.
  4. Thanks, I think we might be going to need it. Now raining but the fire is now really burning well, large clouds of black smoke. The Bretagne was supposed to dock about now but still about 2 miles off according to AIS.
  5. Currently sat in the queue at St Malo waiting for the Bretagne to dock. A delay this morning due to tides apparently. No further information from BF about yesterday. There has just been a couple of explosions and a Large fire started at the port entrance accompanied by a number a Jillet Jaune figures. Looks like an attempt to disrupt this mornings crossing
  6. Thanks David, if I get a chance I’ll post to let you know how we get on (or not perhaps).
  7. Thanks for the rapid reply David, I guess we might just have to wait until the morning. We will have to get up at about 5.30am to make St. Malo so early to bed and all that.
  8. Hi I've just seen this thread and we are booked on the St. Malo ferry tomorrow morning to return home. There is no information on the BF site and we have had no notifications about our crossing. Any advice as to what to do? We would rather not drive from central Brittany to St. Malo and then on to Cherbourg if we don’t have to. The last time this happened we were cheerfully informed it was only a 30 minute trip 😬.
  9. The response from John Napton does deserve recognition and hopefully is a measure of what is to come for everyone in these times. I have to say that our experience of the difference between French customer service and UK customer service in general does not benefit the French side of the equation. It seems to be a cultural difference in expectations of what is fair and reasonable. Good luck to everyone over the next few weeks.
  10. Evening All I wanted to add an update to this. The letter sent to John Napton yesterday by recorded delivery got a result today. Thanks Paully for the details. We had a phone call from him this morning and he rebooked our crossing and will refund the difference in cash between the crossings. I also finally received an acknowledgement and a question via the email contact form this evening. Not need now but I did get a response in the end. This morning this contact form was again not in service when I tried to use it. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions and I hope you a
  11. Good suggestion, Ctrl C and Ctrl V are your friends! just tried calling the French line, recorded message telling me they are not answering the phones.😬 Written and sent the letter to Paul Napton. Thanks again for all help & suggestions.
  12. Morning All Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions and information. I will now try these avenues and see where it gets me. Hopefully the only other reservation I have in September doesn’t need this amount of effort to deal with and we are all able to travel again at that point. Very pleased I didn’t do more advanced bookings as I usually do early in the year. A further observation on the email contact form is that it never appears in my email sent box even when it says it has been successfully sent and this matters not if I am signed into my Loyalty account or not.
  13. Hi cvabishop Thanks for the response, that’s an interesting thought too. Did you write to a specific person or department to get the result? I wonder who or where I could write to for BF. I live very near to Portsmouth too so I could even hand deliver the letter if that’s where it needs to go.
  14. Hi Scarlton Thanks for your suggestions, I haven’t tried any other contact methods as the BF website was down most of today and there only seem to be three ways to do anything now, manage online which I cannot do because of the 9C, the contact form for which I am now into double figures and the standard feedback form which seems pointless for this task to me. An earlier post on Facebook produced a don’t give up, keep trying response when the contact form wouldn’t even send. I don’t do Twitter and am reluctant to join for this. BF apparently will do nothing with social media co
  15. Thanks Stu In hindsight this would have been a better way for us to do things too. I was trusting that BF would manage the situation a little better and this wouldn’t be a problem. If this is the worst problem we have to deal with at this time I guess we will have got off very lightly.
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