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  1. Interesting reading about the new BF Galicia which we are due to sail on next summer. As a matter of interest which route does she take from China to Europe and how long would that take?
  2. I was on the PA Monday/Tuesday this week sailing back from Santander and I was surprised how busy the ferry was (including children) bearing in mind the 14 day UK quarantine. Everything was open apart from the sit down restaurants, but I was surprised to see that evening entertainment was in full flow in the bar? There were two English guys in there mid 20's who refused to wear a mask when asked in the bar😡, but apart from that very civilized? BF do have the loading and unloading down to a tee, however there still seems to be congestion within the staircases for the mad rush back to
  3. Sure would be nice for us but how much longer would that take - 48 hours?
  4. So all those driving through France non stop last week from Switzerland, Austria and Italy to catch the Channel ferry still needed to isolate???? Seems to be a bit unfair and as usually a little bit up in the air amount the rules?
  5. So finally the Government have lifted the quarantine rules. We have been in the Algarve now for 4 weeks driving back to Santander for Monday's sailing on PA. We are planning to drive to northern Portugal on Sunday and stay overnight before crossing the border into Spain on Monday then making sure we don't stop until we get onto the ferry. I'm assuming right that we should be ok from the 14 day quarantine as long as we don't stop and get out of the car whilst in Spain? 🤞
  6. I thought I would give you an update on how things are down in the Algarve after being here for a week. We were on last Friday’s CF sailing Portsmouth to Santander after a late arrival into port 1830 as oppose to the quoted 1530 arrival when we left Portsmouth. The ferry was very quiet, I would say 40% full and most things seemed safe with good precautions all the way through. The a le Carter restaurants and outside pool were closed but apart from that everything else was open, however we did stay in our cabin for most of the time. We stopped overnight in Palencia which was a ni
  7. So we are on our way late this afternoon on CF to Santander and so far everything has been smooth and all restrictions taken seriously by all passengers and staff. We arrived 2 hours before departure to be on the safe side and already cars had been checked in. Checkin was quick, and all precautions explained to us. We have a dog with us so we’re one of the first cars loaded onto the ferry. Cars were loaded in stages to overcome any crowding at the stair/lift cores and as we were one of the first to board had no issue with social distancing. Everyone on board are wearing face masks apart f
  8. I suppose the inclusive breakfast and dinner on Galicia will help break up the 30+ hour journey however are they offering this in the winter on CF?
  9. We are sailing tomorrow Portsmouth to Santander so will be interested in how busy the ferry is bearing in mind its now school summer break? I'll give you an update on how things go tomorrow/Saturday.
  10. Grego

    2021 Timetables

    Did I get the impression Galicia is a new ship? If not why is it doing the Spain route bearing in mind the sailing duration is 30+ hours now rather than the 24 hours on CF?
  11. Grego

    2021 Timetables

    Sorry was meant to say credit notes not vouchers
  12. Grego

    2021 Timetables

    This is quoted on my booking "The price of your crossing includes 1 dinner and 1 breakfast in either the Azul or Taberna restaurant. For dinner, a seating group will be presented to you at check-in and shown on your cabin key.uoted on our booking" and "Commodore Lounge including complimentary snacks" I'm also assuming we get complimentary drinks which including alcohol?
  13. Grego

    2021 Timetables

    Yes I saw this when I booked the Commordore suite for next year. I thought £35 pp each way for this was reasonable including meals in the restaurant (breakfast and dinner). Price wise its comparible to this summer plus the Commordore suite. Outbound sailing times are late evening!
  14. Grego

    2021 Timetables

    Well at 7am this morning managed to get our booking in for next summer 2021 Portsmouth to Santander with an outside pet friendly cabin and Commodore lounge both ways. Interestly the ship sailing to Spain is the Galicia not CF so be interested to see how she compares? No issues on the website this morning and seemless booking without crashing! Maybe it was because I was one of the first to log on? No mention of prioritising those with 2020 vouchers? Well done BF.
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