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  1. Many thanks for contributions to this topic. I have contacted the two clinics/pharmacies in Carhaix that people mentioned. One response so far, pretty much what has been outlined elsewhere: Eurofins laboratory provides PCR tests, bookable online 7 days before your desired test date. If you have a French address the cost is €35 approx (€45 otherwise). Results available online within 24 hours. So that's one response and it makes me more confident about booking ferry tickets for mid-September. However, another topic seems to imply that BF has cut its Plymouth - Roscoff crossings up to 31st October.
  2. My wife and I are both working in education and have to be back in early August for A level and GCSE results the same week this year. So quarantine is out of the question. Brittany Ferries cancelled our Plymouth-Roscoff crossings and we opted for a refund. That's gone through so your advice is really useful if I re-book for September or October. I have to say that if there is an enquiry at some stage into the whole Covid pandemic, some testing companies will be criticised for what appears to be racketeering.
  3. Really grateful for your replies and especially the confidence it gives me that tests are available near our cottage. BZH29, what price did you pay? And any recommendations for the double testing providers back in the UK? That question is for anyone who's returned from the EU recently.
  4. Good evening. As with many other BF regulars I've been unable to visit our cottage near Carhaix, Finistere, since last September. The latest amber + definition for France hasn't been encouraging and the possibility of France becoming part of the red list has made my mind up; no trips for the foreseeable. However, until France becomes 'green' I would like advice on companies to use in Finistere to help with the return to UK PCR test or antigen if that is acceptable. Any thoughts? And any suggestions on tests/companies to book in advance if the most I have to do is self-isolate on return to the UK.
  5. Travelled overnight on the Armorique end of July and a full "English" was available in the self service restaurant, although only scrambled eggs not fried.
  6. Thanks for the input. Self-isolation won't be difficult when we're over there in a couple of weeks. Just wondered if full lockdown had been re-imposed but from what you've said and what I've read it's just the expected recommendation on wearing masks.
  7. A newspaper article today confirmed a rumour of a spike in Covid-19 infection in Finistere. BF hadn't heard anything yesterday and nothing on the French Government website. If anyone is over there now or knows more please could you let me know what new measures are in place. The newspaper mentioned compulsory face masks in open markets. BF said as far as they were concerned their Plymouth-Roscoff service was unaffected.
  8. Just an update. Had a missed call from BF customer services followed up with an email effectively cancelling my 21st June booking as I assume they cannot guarantee this particular service. I now have a credit voucher for the full cost of the ticket and am happy with that. Many thanks to Gemma at Millbay who emailed me this morning with my options. Deadline for refund vouchers under Enhanced Flexibility is midnight 1st June (today).
  9. Hi. Have been a BF customer since 1989 and frankly Plymouth to Roscoff is my only reasonable route to my holiday home. Like many of you I've had one booking cancelled by BF and my next in late June is looking unlikely. My most recent vouchers were used for bookings in September and October, which I'm beginning to regret. However, having read the most recent Coronavirus update from the BF CEO which gives today as the deadline to use the Enhanced Flexibility offer I am worried about what will happen to my economy booking for 21st June. If BF cancel the crossing and give me another voucher I'm OK with that (although earlier posts worry me that BF may collapse and that will leave me out of pocket). However, as their Contact Form online was of yesterday still inoperable and their phone lines are not in use I emailed customer services to request a refund voucher yesterday, backing that up with a letter to Millbay. Where do I stand if BF refuse a refund voucher given their own means of communication (the contact form) isn't working?
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