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  1. Noticed an earlier comment about tea bags - I always take my own and just get a cup of hot water from the self service as it is free. If I want coffee and have forgotten my own, then get the black coffee as it is cheaper and just add in the milk thingys - tastes better too.
  2. Here is Gov list of providers: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/providers-of-day-2-and-day-8-coronavirus-testing-for-international-arrivals I just went on the provider's website and booked via there. I was going to book before I left, but decided to leave it till about 60 hours before return and that is when I found Testing For All had stuck in a price about £64 cheaper than anyone else. According to their website they are a not for profit org and are doing it al cost. I got back to UK and test kits were waiting for me at home. Postage is paid on your return samples and you just drop them
  3. Day 2 and Day 8 test is booked with provider of your choice (Gov.co.uk website has a list of current providers with fees). I used tests for all at a total cost of £105 for day 2 and 8. This gives you a code that you enter on the passenger locator form. Whether this will still be the same next month we will have to see.
  4. There were hardly any border guards when I went through and I would imagine Heathrow is somewhat understaffed or staffed to cope with the trickle of people coming in, so the red listing of India and need to surge numbers of guards must be a shock. I think this is also why France has avoided the red list treatment so far as the impact on supermarket shelves would be very bad (I heard 50% of stuff on shelves come from the continent and therefore mostly across the French border). Incidentally I had my day two test yesterday, they have it now and I expect a result tomorrow. I had my first pho
  5. Hi Lapper, The French Douanes looked in the back of the car with a torch but without opening doors, muttered quite a few comments and then carried on. I was not pulled over for checking in the shed. They did pull over a rather attractive woman in a Spanish car... I was expecting to be pulled as I had a large compressor, plasma cutter, welding gas bottle and grinders filling the entire rear of the car. I tend to take over a lot of gear and bring back some of it so I was worried about the effects of Brexit. So far it seems okay, but then such a low volume of cars and covid concerns may
  6. Back now and the COVID test kit has arrived already by Royal Mail by 1pm next day. I have booked the video phone call for tomorrow - they need to witness you unpackage and carry out the test. UK Border was as usual other than a question of if you have anything to declare to customs. They started to look in my car but I think recoiled when they smelt the inside. 2 weeks of clothing after welding, cutting and such had introduced an interesting aroma. So if you want an easier passage through the border control...
  7. Hard to say what will happen in September and the reason I went now (France) was because I was worried that first week of June might not happen and even if it did it would have been a short trip and quite costly. I did not need shops to be open or restaurants and that may be the risk of Sep that the tourist experience may not be in place by then. However the economics are getting so costly, that there will have to be a shift to opening up very soon, so my personal view would be that Spain will be crying out for tourists by then. My trip was great, ferry was empty, no issues anywhere and r
  8. Hi all, just for those that follow and are wondering how hard it is... I used Express test drive through at Eastleigh FC - make sure you use address on website as there is another COVID test site at the same club but that his nhs. Test was £80 and took it Good Friday morning and had results that evening. On return I got tested in Redon, they asked for Carte vitale which I no longer have. They then let me in anyway and did not charge anything. I have heard it should be 54 euros. For my day 2 and 8, I went test test for all which was much cheaper at £105. Other places ar
  9. Well I am in France right now and trying to figure out how to get my test so that I can come back (unfortunately I have to for work). The Doctolib site requires a french telephone number and I gave mine up years ago. Anyway. I used Express test for my outbound at a cost of £80 and they got me the results same day and that was Good Friday too. My return I will use some site I saw that wants £169. for the day 2 and eight test. Now what I want to know is how come (prince?) Harry is getting out after 5 days on the test to release. I thought was not available at this time. Anyway, everyone ove
  10. Hi All, Just thought I would say that I did go over to France on the 3rd. Made it to the house in time for lockdown and quarantine. All the 'Smart' road signs to the port said minimise travel... I used Express test for the pre trip test - £80 drive in Eastleigh FC next to Southampton. I had the test on Good Friday at 11:10 and got the results by email at about 20:00 same day, so I rebooked the ferry for Saturday afternoon. Brittany Ferries checked my reason and were happy with the utility bills to prove that I am going over to consider letting. I am meeting an estate agent next week.
  11. Thanks, I am just balancing risks of a Boris about face half way through the trip versus the likelihood of half term being stuffed. Talking to Express test, they are just about to start a day 2 and 8 service - but not via post, you have to go to Heathrow or Gatwick drive through. No idea how that works with Quarantine unless you car is declared as your place of confinement...
  12. I am getting close to going, so thank you very much for the report. Have you had Day 2 test yet?
  13. Democracy only works if you have an informed electorate. 33% of US millennials are not sure the Earth is round... https://www.livescience.com/62220-millennials-flat-earth-belief.html
  14. Pfizer costs $20 a shot, AZ costs $4 a shot...
  15. I would not be of EU bashing view and we do have to be careful when looking at sources of news as our media here in the UK are pretty awful (Murdoch has a huge amount to be blamed for now globally). However some of the current EU leaders (and our own) are not exactly profiles in courage or wisdom. All the leaders are failing to understand that perception is nine tenths of reality and they are all failing the risk based approach to this pandemic. Ultimately that will cost far more lives as if restrictions are logical, then people are more likely to abide by them. Likewise if vaccination decisio
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