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  1. Yes, my understanding is that I am stuck for 14 days regardless... Maybe I can still go out even if I develop Covid symptoms and just say that I am testing my eyesight? Strange thing is my family who stayed here and are now supporting my new housebound routine are of course not quarantined. I think this quarantine rule is a bit like quantum mechanics - if you think you understand it, then you don't...
  2. Hi all, Just thought I would say I am back, returned from Caen on the overnight (Mont St Michael). Only two booths open as passport control on the UK side and Customs were out in force checking vehicles (presumably gearing up for no deal Brexit at the end of the year). Not bad on ferry, one way system, masks mandatory, but no hot breakfasts and it seemed more expensive that normal. Used up the whole £8.50 allowance on a pain au choc, coffee, apple juice, croissant and one of those pointless 40g cereal 3 spoon packs. Fortunately I had remember tea bags and a meal for last night (eau chaude is free and microwave works well to heat up my leftovers from 12 days of work). Now I have 14 days at home - not allowed out at all, not even for exercise. Stupid quarantine...
  3. Hi All, just thought I would say I am in France now. Went Eurotunnel, all very slick but a very long drive... No instructions or even any mention of quarantine. Everyone over here is welcoming. Now will see how I will get back on the 29th... fearing another cancellation, which will mean another 6hour trip to Calais. Take care, Bob
  4. Hi all, I am getting a bit confused and I now have 4 RCNs... So 15th June (2 Days time) French border opens. The 100km rule is off. The French have said that quarantine is voluntary and only for people arriving by air anyway. Quarantine on UK side is likely to end on the 29th June. Brittany Ferries have said they will carry people on exempt list. So why are Brittany Ferries not allowing travel for normal passengers from the 15th June? I am booking Eurotunnel for the 17th and hoping to return Caen - Portsmouth on the 29th June. I am pretty fed up with politicians now, it's been a farce as they shift policy, go all air centric and forget that Ferries have a vastly different risk profile.
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