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  1. True, but it is a 1/4 or a 1/5 of the size of MSM. Bretagne's little Cafe area is bigger and the flow through the area reverses as you go to get drinks, so in any scenario it will be a bit strange.
  2. Well they should really rethink the serving area on Salamanca and Galicia in the self service restaurant. Galicia is way too small and to cope with the lack of flow through the area (the drink area runs in parallel with food and means you have to counter flow through the area and then come back again to get to the till) they have additional staff asking you what you want to drink and they get it for you. All rather bottleneck. They did not seem to mind my request for hot water (I bring my own tea bags as hot water is free), but cramped and illogical the whole thing is. Queue was long as a result when I came back from Cherbourg this week and in Covid times, that makes it very uncomfortable.
  3. Do not use the BF discount code - use NFPCR. BF with get it to £45, NF gets you to £43 for the Day Two. I tried to get cheaper but could not get it to work at the time. I have heard of people getting day two tests for £20-25. I filled out the passenger locator form whilst waiting in the queue at Cherbourg to check in. You do need to show BF the locator form at check in. For return, I went to a pharmacy and got an Antigen with results in about 15mins. I said I am hoping for a positive result so that I could stay in France an extra two weeks, but no, he said sorry you are negative...
  4. Hi All, Do not use the BF2021 code for Randox. It will only give you £3 off the day two test cost. Use NFPCR as it will give you £5 discount. I found this out after booking two of the three tests and am now annoyed! Also blimin gov website still not right with loads of £20 tests that then turn out to be £60 when you click on them… farcical and ridiculous. I get it wrong and £500 -£2000 fines, gov gets it wrong and still acts with impunity and arrogance…
  5. I am hoping that they hang off blocking us for another week... Once I am on the other side, I will breath a huge sigh of relief...
  6. Well I believe we can still go, its just the return that gets silly - so I will go anyway and quite frankly they can stick red list and hotels up... well you get the gist of my current feelings... Seeing thousand in a stadium and the whole mask thing has just made me cranky.
  7. I took a load of plants over before Brexit too with no issue. I was planning to do so again, but I had not considered this other 'benefit' of the B word. Anyway I would not take pot plants as I think the French and indeed most authorities have had an issue with pot for some time. Netherlands would probably be okay.
  8. Should add, any reports on customs activity would be most welcome - not for illegal purposes obviously, but if I need to start taking receipts and stuff as evidence. I took some receipts for the UK end last time, but went straight through (that may have been assisted by my stinky washing in the car - the border guy actually recoiled when he stuck his head in the door).
  9. I am coming up to a trip in two weeks (fingers crossed we do not get banned from another surge of positive tests). I am taking over stuff like tools, beans etc. My last trip in April was smooth and easy and had no checks, this time it may be different and I am a tad worried, but everything I am taking is clearly well used and will be brought back with me when I return. I am tempted to accidently forget some cheese in the car after shopping...
  10. Well because my wife is going to Germany via the Netherlands, this is a current worry for me (Because I can then go to France on my own and get stuff done). From what I understand, you can transit the Netherlands if travelling by road and you spend less than 12 hours there. However there is ambiguity there which is rather disconcerting as one does not want to find out the full answer or the interpretation of it from a border guard...
  11. For info 'Those who were given the Covishield jab will have the batch numbers 4120Z001, 4120Z002 or 4120Z003, according to the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/eu-vaccine-passport-excludes-5m-britons-given-indian-made-astrazeneca/ (link given to me by someone at work)
  12. I found Merkel singling out the UK to be 'Interesting'. Given that Germany has an agreement with Turkey and that travel is now occurring between the two without quarantine, it seems curious that she should think the UK is higher risk. Turkey is not known for its testing and I feel comfortable saying that it is not known for its honesty since Erdogan has been in power, (I can say this as my wife is Turkish). Trump did occasionally say the correct thing, but usually for the wrong reasons; nevertheless having more testing means that you have more cases recorded and the UK's surge testing is revealing the truth in a world where some countries do not test so as to deny the truth.
  13. The SRN4 Hovercraft was a much more viable proposition carrying 57 cars and 380 or so passengers and could tolerate 6 metre seas (passengers not so much). A ground effect ferry/plane would really struggle with choppy seas. They are great for lakes, but not much else. Then add in time to get to safe take off area outside of the harbour and away from errant yachties and such and it gets to be too much compromise. A flying ferry would really struggle to get through harbours at a very slow speed. Even Sea Cats have to slow down and do the whole manourvres thing which compromises their speed and efficiency, but imagine having wings to act as nice big rams to take out masts and rigging. The reason why the hovercraft worked so well at Dover was because it was 22-35 minutes load door down to load door down again and they had a clear path to the speed up zone.
  14. I suspect this new quarantine will be a temporary measure for 4 weeks to try and stop the variant. In all reality we must be close to herd immunity now so the variant spread in the UK will be limited. France will likely do what they did back in March (11th?) where they just suddenly lifted restrictions because the Kent variant had by then become the dominant variant in France so continued restrictions were not necessary. It is all getting quite tiresome now isn't it?
  15. Noticed an earlier comment about tea bags - I always take my own and just get a cup of hot water from the self service as it is free. If I want coffee and have forgotten my own, then get the black coffee as it is cheaper and just add in the milk thingys - tastes better too.
  16. Here is Gov list of providers: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/providers-of-day-2-and-day-8-coronavirus-testing-for-international-arrivals I just went on the provider's website and booked via there. I was going to book before I left, but decided to leave it till about 60 hours before return and that is when I found Testing For All had stuck in a price about £64 cheaper than anyone else. According to their website they are a not for profit org and are doing it al cost. I got back to UK and test kits were waiting for me at home. Postage is paid on your return samples and you just drop them in a priority post box (or any postbox). Its 24hr delivery and I got the test results within about 2 days of posting via email.
  17. Day 2 and Day 8 test is booked with provider of your choice (Gov.co.uk website has a list of current providers with fees). I used tests for all at a total cost of £105 for day 2 and 8. This gives you a code that you enter on the passenger locator form. Whether this will still be the same next month we will have to see.
  18. There were hardly any border guards when I went through and I would imagine Heathrow is somewhat understaffed or staffed to cope with the trickle of people coming in, so the red listing of India and need to surge numbers of guards must be a shock. I think this is also why France has avoided the red list treatment so far as the impact on supermarket shelves would be very bad (I heard 50% of stuff on shelves come from the continent and therefore mostly across the French border). Incidentally I had my day two test yesterday, they have it now and I expect a result tomorrow. I had my first phone call from the Gov contractor tasked with calling up travelers - delightful chat about fines, law and stuff. Ironically I do feel quite rough today and the wife has had a slight metallic sense of taste for two days... Given incubation times, exposure and the fact that the wife is a teacher, it may be that I have been through all that testing and control just to come home and catch it from the wife!
  19. Hi Lapper, The French Douanes looked in the back of the car with a torch but without opening doors, muttered quite a few comments and then carried on. I was not pulled over for checking in the shed. They did pull over a rather attractive woman in a Spanish car... I was expecting to be pulled as I had a large compressor, plasma cutter, welding gas bottle and grinders filling the entire rear of the car. I tend to take over a lot of gear and bring back some of it so I was worried about the effects of Brexit. So far it seems okay, but then such a low volume of cars and covid concerns may be masking what it will be like in a few months. I need to take over some new items soon that would bust the Customs declaration limits, so I am hoping that the current lack of interest continues. Hi PGTV, cva, I chose to go partly because I did not trust the possibility of June and wanted to avoid any tidal wave of visitors or teething issues should June be possible. What I found was some hassle, but actually quite a smooth ride. I put this down to the volume being so small that authorities on both sides were uninterested and had not provided enough people to carry out any wider checking. If the current testing regime and border control continues then they will have significant problems come the resumption of travel for all. The test regime is a bit much and I think its secondary purpose is to dissuade, total costs of testing for me were £80+£105. I suspect come summer the French will not be letting UK people test for free (I think that was more a case of the test centre waving me through as it was too much hassle). I plan to go again in July at the very start of holidays so as to get there before the rush, I will have been vaccinated by then and I suspect (hope) it will be a bit easier.
  20. Back now and the COVID test kit has arrived already by Royal Mail by 1pm next day. I have booked the video phone call for tomorrow - they need to witness you unpackage and carry out the test. UK Border was as usual other than a question of if you have anything to declare to customs. They started to look in my car but I think recoiled when they smelt the inside. 2 weeks of clothing after welding, cutting and such had introduced an interesting aroma. So if you want an easier passage through the border control...
  21. Hard to say what will happen in September and the reason I went now (France) was because I was worried that first week of June might not happen and even if it did it would have been a short trip and quite costly. I did not need shops to be open or restaurants and that may be the risk of Sep that the tourist experience may not be in place by then. However the economics are getting so costly, that there will have to be a shift to opening up very soon, so my personal view would be that Spain will be crying out for tourists by then. My trip was great, ferry was empty, no issues anywhere and roads very empty. The few people I saw were very welcoming. It was very definitely the right decision.
  22. Hi all, just for those that follow and are wondering how hard it is... I used Express test drive through at Eastleigh FC - make sure you use address on website as there is another COVID test site at the same club but that his nhs. Test was £80 and took it Good Friday morning and had results that evening. On return I got tested in Redon, they asked for Carte vitale which I no longer have. They then let me in anyway and did not charge anything. I have heard it should be 54 euros. For my day 2 and 8, I went test test for all which was much cheaper at £105. Other places are £159 to £300...
  23. Well I am in France right now and trying to figure out how to get my test so that I can come back (unfortunately I have to for work). The Doctolib site requires a french telephone number and I gave mine up years ago. Anyway. I used Express test for my outbound at a cost of £80 and they got me the results same day and that was Good Friday too. My return I will use some site I saw that wants £169. for the day 2 and eight test. Now what I want to know is how come (prince?) Harry is getting out after 5 days on the test to release. I thought was not available at this time. Anyway, everyone over here is getting on with things. I went past the local Church at kicking out time and there were loads of people - far more than usual. I guess the whole lockdown has been good for the Church.
  24. Hi All, Just thought I would say that I did go over to France on the 3rd. Made it to the house in time for lockdown and quarantine. All the 'Smart' road signs to the port said minimise travel... I used Express test for the pre trip test - £80 drive in Eastleigh FC next to Southampton. I had the test on Good Friday at 11:10 and got the results by email at about 20:00 same day, so I rebooked the ferry for Saturday afternoon. Brittany Ferries checked my reason and were happy with the utility bills to prove that I am going over to consider letting. I am meeting an estate agent next week. Customs/security on UK side going out were fine. I said I had no cheese and they said why? I now regret not bringing cheese with me as no one checked on the French side and Mimolette is just no good on a jacket potato. Speaking of French side, they stamped the passport asked me if I was a British Resident and let me through. Did not even ask to see attestations for breaking Covre Feu or declarations. So I am here for another week and a bit sorting stuff and everyone seems happy over here - annoyed with lockdown and stuff, also fed up with lack of vaccinations and some are puzzled as to why the hassle with Astra Zeneca. However no ill feeling detected at all and I am usually a paranoid sort. MSM had eight cars on board. Don't know how many trucks, but there were none on the deck when I boarded. Maybe they were brought on after but we boarded at 14:00 and left at 14:30. Anyway it is good to be back here, just not looking forward to the return.
  25. Thanks, I am just balancing risks of a Boris about face half way through the trip versus the likelihood of half term being stuffed. Talking to Express test, they are just about to start a day 2 and 8 service - but not via post, you have to go to Heathrow or Gatwick drive through. No idea how that works with Quarantine unless you car is declared as your place of confinement...
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