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  1. Speaking of which.... the photographer from the Normandie seems to have uploaded lots of videos to Youtube dating from 1994-1997 showing behind the scenes. Some are just him rambling on after a few too many drinks but others are tours of Normandie, including showing the staff areas. Ouistreham looks very quaint now, and all the cars look rather small...His best line is "he's a Volvo driver, he won't smile, that's guaranteed" Anyway, enjoy trawling through them!
  2. I thought Endorphins was the latest e-flexer ordered for the Poole Cherbourg route arriving in 2023
  3. Sounds a familiar journey to me, although I prefer to leave the north early in the morning and hit the A34 post rush hour to arrive at Portsmouth for lunch then get the afternoon sailing to Ouistreham. I then book a hotel in Caen to hit the motorways the next day so I'm in Brittany or the Loire by lunch. I've found heading down to Portsmouth the night before more tiring with the M1 and A34 being slow going, and find it harder to doze off in a hotel being alert from the drive. St Malo is the ideal choice but getting it booked in time is the issue!
  4. His normal optimism has gone hasn't it? A rather gloomier message than usual. 2021 seems a write off already.
  5. I started reading this, especially with the complaints about the livery on the NEX, thinking it was a new topic only to realise it's 15 years old! Plus ça change, as Christophe Matthieu would say
  6. If they did Goole to Ouistreham then BF would get my custom on that route!
  7. Unsure whether to use the laugh or cry emoji!
  8. Wasn't that like St Malo passengers during the summer. Set off for there and end up in Cherbourg ?!
  9. The joys of the Armorique, with her occasional trick of getting you to turn up to St Malo only to be told to drive to Cherbourg as she was struggling....
  10. I've not tried a dummy booking but looks and works a lot better elsewhere especially the Club Voyage section.
  11. It's not the town that's my issue it's the lack of dual carriageway at Roscoff that sends me mad once you're off the N12. Well, particularly if I'm timing it tight as usual. Ouistreham and Portsmouth are great for late arrivals and the St Malo early departure doesn't cause too many issues, whereas the 3pm Roscoff has had some tense moments!
  12. Send Barfy down the River Aire to us in Leeds and we can make her a tourist attraction alongside the lighthouse that's being oddly planned for the city as part of the "capital of culture but not allowed to be called European Capital of culture due to Brexit" celebrations in 2023 😉
  13. Glad I moved my April and May jaunts to the Autumn. Hopefully big Chris's optimism is right for once as he's been calling the end of this since last May!
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