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  1. Looks like parcel tape holding her together, which shows really how much work is needed 😉
  2. Looks like the size of a flat in Paris!
  3. The ONS have a very handy too which breaks down the UK by LSOA so you can see the infection rate by local area. It's most handy to see the number of cases plus rate per 100,000. I'm ooop north near Leeds and it's interesting, albeit not at all surprising, to see how there the highest number of cases in the city almost follow a line from the halls of residence near Clarence Dock through the city centre past the Universities and into Headingley where you find student digs and haunts. As such I'm giving them a wide berth!
  4. Might explain the loading times!
  5. Ditto! Given how things are going I'm glad I did my French excursion this year even tho it was a pain.
  6. Monsieur Mathieu says "merci beaucoup" to the UK Government
  7. Have BF dodged a bullet on this one? Given how difficult their finances are, paying out for a bespoke ferry was the last thing they needed. Granted, they'll have some some hefty abort costs but from reading they've walked away relatively unscathed.
  8. Well, we've made the landmark 100 page today. All a bit different to how it was expected to pan out on page 1. Such innocent days in February 2020!😟
  9. Beers of Europe is the site you want to buy from. They sell all sorts of decent beers like Grimbergen, 3 Monts and Belle Rose. Whereas they even sell Meteor if you want the true PMU watery lager experience.
  10. Here's the full story from behind their paywall: The French government has promised to bail out Brittany Ferries after claims that the cross-channel ferry operator could go bankrupt under pressure from Brexit, the pandemic and Britain’s decision to quarantine passengers arriving from France. The rescue package is likely to be hammered out in Paris this week after Jean-Marc Roué, chairman of the French company, warned that it faced its “worst crisis” since it began in 1972. Mr Roué told French media outlets that the group’s turnover, which was €442 million last year, was likely t
  11. I thought they bunged a few Kurdish blokes six quid to clean it like they do round here
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/roscoff-29680/le-gouvernement-s-engage-pour-sauver-la-compagnie-brittany-ferries-6954016 Link in French to news report here stating @colin 's update
  13. Yep. The shambles of HM Customs there plus the road network there means I give it a serve now and prefer to do extra driving in France or Spain and benefit from Portsmouth. (I suspect this has been discussed once or two before here)
  14. " If we take decisive action now, and if we get the right support from governments in France and the UK, we will make it through." Gulp! Hopefully his optimism isn't as misplaced as it was in late June.
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