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  1. Can't forget The Trip to Spain which was filmed upon Pont Aven...
  2. To revive this topic, the webcam from old Portsmouth by the Hot Walls seems to be no more. A shame as it was great to view the ferries. Apart from HMS Warrior webcam, are there any other good streams to watch harbour life?
  3. Sounds like a challenge that @Cabin-boy will gladly accept!
  4. I thought this thread was about the cricket when I saw the title. Now THAT would get odd looks in Super U if you tried to discuss the day's events at Lord's
  5. Sounds like something that would happen to the original Amorique!
  6. I suspect the Tesco Express on Cambridge Road near Betty's is enough to put the good folk of Harrogate off Tesco for life! (Apols for going off topic with North Yorkshire supermarket chat)
  7. Oddly I went into Asda and there was about 25% of shoppers not wearing masks. When I popped into Waitrose later to top up there was just one shopper without....
  8. I concur. The standard of the self service on the Normandie over the last decade has been poor. I'd have been better off stopping at McDonalds on Portsmouth Commercial Street beforehand it's been that bad! Still the price of booze on board is reasonable so every cloud ...
  9. In answer to the question, not many as the Guardian are reporting discussions are happening in Whitehall regarding France going onto the red list.....
  10. Is there an EU passport holders line there or does everyone have to funnel through the red or green lanes?
  11. It'll still be quicker than unloading at Plymouth!
  12. BF taking a punt on innovative technology hasn't gone too well lately was my inference
  13. Or just fly with Brittany Ferries.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-57483039.amp
  14. BF will only be doing Portsmouth Fishbourne at this rate
  15. Alas, I am suitably envious of your stroll😐
  16. Bugger. I'd have said that or replenishment of chouchen stocks was a compelling reason
  17. Speaking of which.... the photographer from the Normandie seems to have uploaded lots of videos to Youtube dating from 1994-1997 showing behind the scenes. Some are just him rambling on after a few too many drinks but others are tours of Normandie, including showing the staff areas. Ouistreham looks very quaint now, and all the cars look rather small...His best line is "he's a Volvo driver, he won't smile, that's guaranteed" Anyway, enjoy trawling through them!
  18. Sounds a familiar journey to me, although I prefer to leave the north early in the morning and hit the A34 post rush hour to arrive at Portsmouth for lunch then get the afternoon sailing to Ouistreham. I then book a hotel in Caen to hit the motorways the next day so I'm in Brittany or the Loire by lunch. I've found heading down to Portsmouth the night before more tiring with the M1 and A34 being slow going, and find it harder to doze off in a hotel being alert from the drive. St Malo is the ideal choice but getting it booked in time is the issue!
  19. His normal optimism has gone hasn't it? A rather gloomier message than usual. 2021 seems a write off already.
  20. I started reading this, especially with the complaints about the livery on the NEX, thinking it was a new topic only to realise it's 15 years old! Plus ça change, as Christophe Matthieu would say
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