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  1. Found this Motoring in Europe guide from TT 1972 . some great info on TT in there and some interesting stuff on Duty Free Allowances and travel planning.
  2. Yes, I am sure this was Dover calais, we then drove down to the southern alps for a family skiing holiday.
  3. One photo i found, I think from March/April 1979
  4. On a crossing like that you were lucky the sea air didn't rust out the Panda before you got to France!!
  5. I've recently been clearing through my mums house after she passed away, and have come across our old scrap books of holidays touring with our caravan to France in the late 60's and early 70's. I've scanned some of the more interesting stuff and will post some of it on this thread. Hope you enjoy. TT Timetable 1969_000087.pdfTT Timetable 1969 page2_000088.pdfTT Timetable 1969 page3_000089.pdfTT Timetable 1969 page4_000090.pdf So this was our ferry timetables for 1969. TT ticket 1972_000082.pdfTT tickets 1971 and 1972_000085.pdf Plus a couple of TT tickets from 1971 and 1972
  6. Crikey watching those films made me feel seasick. Terrible camera work but nonetheless interesting.
  7. Plus my wife works in a vets and she says that if you are staying for longer the vets are recommending that when you get to France go to a vets and get a Euro pet passport for the animal that will apparently last for a few years. Not sure if this is possible but it is the advice their vets are giving.
  8. Haha, punished - was that a freudian slip?
  9. Ah ok, its not a major deal just wondered what was what.
  10. We've recently booked a trip in February to go to do some stuff at our holiday home. We booked MSM Portsmouth to Caen overnight which is fine and coming back weve booked cherbourg to Portsmouth overnight on Galicia. We've booked a commodore cabin on the return on Galicia, but it's saying that the Club lounge is full. I thought this came with a commodore cabin booking, or am I mistaken? I guess it could be that the lounge isn't open during these times? Any help much appreciated.
  11. I cannot see what the problem is here. Go to the vet within ten days of travel (make an appointment first) make sure your pets are healthy and then travel the route you planned. It's not as bad as all the scaremongerers are forecasting. The limit for travel with the pet is four months - this is no problem as people are saying, because as visitors we can only travel for three months anyway. There is far too much anti government posturing going on. If you follow the rules you will be fine, it's not rocket science.
  12. Of course it's not this simple. We live an hour and half from Plynouth and three and half from Portsmouth, so although Roscoff to Bordeaux for us would seem a longer journey than St Malo to Bordeaux, the journey before the ferry makes it a no brainer for us to go from Plymouth to Roscoff. That said the way things are going we could well be travelling to Bordeaux via the Chunnell as by spring next year options may be wearing thin! That make sit a massive journey!
  13. We literally got back from France last night on Armorique into Plymouth, having gone over on the Pont two and a half weeks ago. We were visiting our new holiday home in the Lot et garonne for the first time and had loads of house stuff to do. We enjoyed both crossings, but we have a few comments. Pont Aven was fine but deserted; I find it mind boggling that these ferries are running on such low capacity. Is this choice by BF or a lack of uptake. Probably both. The food on the PA self service was dreadful when we left Plymouth; looked like it had been sat there all day. Our return on Armorique
  14. Would it not be fair to assume that on resumption the UK-France ferries will be much busier than the France-UK ones. I would imagine there are more people trying to go south than north, at least for a couple of weeks. that was bound to be the case. Also this must apply to the UK BF customer relations. I would think there are a vast proportion of UK travellers affected compared to French, so UK customer services are bound to be more stretched.
  15. Correct, so last week when it became obvious my Poole Cherbourg crossing was cancelled I did an online chat with Tracy (I think) to rearrange the booking to go Plymouth Roscoff. She said it was possible but complicated then 20 seconds later my mobile rang and it was Tracy in person, clearly working from home and within 3 minutes our booking was changed and my refund was authorised. Don't see a problem. Yes the website leaves a lot to be desired, but if you can persist it works. She was very helpful and cured the problem for me immediately. Judging from the background noise she was definitely a
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