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  1. Getting back on topic, haha, we had a fabulous crossing both ways. Going out on 8th the dog cars were all in one place on level 3 with loss of room behind them. When we returned just before arriving in roscoff we had a sneaky walk with them on the car deck. The ferry was great, not too busy, lovely commodore cabin, watched dolphins from the balcony as we approached roscoff but la flora wasn’t open. Otherwise lovely quiet and smooth crossing with the obligatory prawns in the self service restaurant. Coming back commodore was great again, we had a superb breakfast in la flora which was very nice, dogs were fine on 3 again and as with the outward leg (which left an hour late) we arrived bang on time. Great trip all round. Thankyou to BF and PA for a great relaxing trip. My only query relates to the doggie cars. Boarding tended to be last which makes sense but disembarking was also last which merely prolonged the time cooped up in the car. Seemed a bit odd that they don’t get the pets off first for welfare reasons. Best but was watching the muppets at Plymouth who whilst waiting in line for passport control thought it would be good to jump out of their line and tag on the back of a line that was being moved. Bloody funny seeing the cone put in front of them and them going effectively to the back of the queue. Why can’t people just wait their turn. Also good not to have any problems with pet papers and our papers. Both sides they were very efficient despite doom mongers who say to the contrary.
  2. Travelling on this crossing on Friday, just got a few questions for those in the know. Is the A La Carte restaurant open or not - some places it says yes, others no. Not very clear. We have booked the Commodore cabin, is the commodore lounge functioning as normal or is that another casualty? We're bringing two small dogs, which have to stay on the car deck I believe, if we visit them are we allowed to stretch their legs for five minutes in the car deck or do we just say hello and leave them in the car? If the latter it might be better to leave them be or the five hours may take it's toll. Kennels would have been good but I gather they arent open on short crossings. As we have pets, do we get put in a specific part of the car deck so all pets are in one section for ease of visiting? Gonna be an interesting trip, looking forward to see how things have changed from the summer. Any help much appreciated
  3. On your trip out how did you pre book La Flora and do you know if this will be open when we do the afternoon sailing on 8th October Ply to Ros?
  4. Do you know I almost googled that!! LOL
  5. Quick question, we are travelling on afternoon of 8th October on PA from Plymouth to Roscoff with our two small dogs. We get in at 1945 and plan to drive for three hoursish to stop over en route to our place near Bergerac. So we will be looking at something like Nantes area and we need doggy friendly accomodation for one night with a lateish arrival. Does anyone know of anywhere suitable, or failing that is there any sort of website with this sort of information that covers France? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. But these dasys I find I connect to chat and immediately it goes offline and drops the chat. Used to work well, tried ten times recently losing the chat every time.
  7. Well this is what I would do. Do a driving tour of france, before arriving at the ferry terminal to come home, basically quarantining in lovely french chambres d'hote instead of a hotel full of dangerously ill people in London, plus having to get the car back from spain. Policy is bonkers.
  8. So having been itching to go to our holiday home in Lot et Garonne for a year now and after many cancelled and rebooked trips we finally broke out. We sailed on Friday 9th July from Portsmouth on Mont St Michel to Caen. Not a route we normally take, but that isn't available on the right days for us at the moment - Ply-Ros would be our normal route. We stayed in Pompey with some friends which was nice and we duly arrived at the terminal in good time for check in. We had finally managed to get our pre departure test cleared using Randox, and we had all the paperwork/passports that we needed. Small car queue at checkin and after a short wait and five minutes at the booth we were through. Short wait then ushered through customs. Everything was very efficient but there were very few cars getting on to be honest. Drove onboard by which time we really were thinking we'd escaped!! Went straight to our cabin settled in and almost immediately the ship set off. Moored adjacent to the ferry was the utterly obscene Virgin Cruise ship which just made me not want to cruise even more than I did already. It was a lovely morning departing Pompey, so we went up on deck and watched the port and southsea disappear into the distance. We went inside to get something to eat. There was literally nothing except a stale croissant and a paper cup of coffee. We had that and went to the shop - shut. So we went to the bar - shut. So we went to both restaurants - shut. Staff were very thin on the ground. In the end we saw the same lady during the course of the crossing manning the coffee shop, bar, shop and self service restaurant. When she moved to one the other shut. It really was like the Marie Celeste - and I'm guessing many of those who were onboard just stayed cabin bound. As it was we just sat in the sun near the funnel out of the wind and relaxed! Everyone was very helpful but it was weird. Exiting in Caen was seamless. Five minutes at passport control and we were on our way. We were supposed to be returning 26th July in the afternoon, but another change in the rules meant we had to come back early so my wife could do five days quarantine and go to work. Couldn't get any sense out of BF, so in the end I booked a new return on normandie overnight 21st july Caen to Portsmouth. Even managed to grab a Commodore cabin which was nice. Then on return I tweeted the company and withing 5 minutes the refund was actioned. Very efficient. Got to Caen well in time, had dinner in Courseilles sur mer which was fabulous, then back to the port. Checkin was smooth despite my ever burgeoning file of papers! Nearly got pulled at customs took us to one side, but then swooped on someone else and waved us through. Sat for an age waiting to board. Awful lot of freight, but again not many cars. Got on about 10.50pm set sail by 11.10pm. Cabin perfect, sea was like a mirror and we settled in for the night after purchasing some duty free. Breakfast was super and well needed. Disembarkation was a bit slow but nothing out of the ordinary and we were on our way to deal with the bonkers roadworks on the M27!! Well done BF, all in all a safe and comfortable trip, if maybe a bit surreal!! Not sure how these companies are keeping going, must be an absolute nightmare. Will post some pictures at some point when i get a minute.
  9. Surely in this very sad case it would make sense for his sister to come over, spend five days with her brother before it's too late and test to release. Or is he in hospital?
  10. We arrived back into Portsmouth on Normandie on Thursday at 6.45. We had a three and a half hour drive home which meant by the time we had left the port at say 7.45, we wouldn't be home until 11.15. At midday someone called by, I was in the garden relaxing and he announced himself as the covid officer. All a bit incredible, and he didn't even ask for id so anyone could have said they were me!! But really 45 minutes after getting home??
  11. We got back into Portsmouth at 0645 on Thursday this week then had to drive back to West Somerset to quarantine. No word of a lie there was someone knocking on the door just as we had unloaded the car. If we had stopped for fuel he would have got there before us!!
  12. Where in bournemouth did you get the antigen test, how much and did you wait for results or were they emailed over?
  13. And is it not still the case that french border control is in UK and vice versa or has that changed now?
  14. Thanks for that, don't want to get to Portsmouth or even worse Caen and find we're missing something!! Is it fair to say that if France change stuff, then like the UK they give advanced warning, as if this is so as we get nearer to our travel date we may be able to squeeze over before the deadline? Squeaky bum time!
  15. Please be patient!! So I know this has been covered endlessly and it's an evolving situation but what is the current definitive rules for entering France from UK. We hope to travel from Portsmouth next Friday morning, we are both double jabbed and have booked a PCR test for Tuesday afternoon (ie within 72 hours of departure) We also have our declarations printed of, and proof of Vaccination (app and hard copy)Am i right that we will not need to quarantine as it stands, and am I also correct to say that as it stands we need a pre departure test in France before we return, plus whatever the Government deem necessary at the time in terms of quarantine/tests in UK. Returning on Monday 26th, so hopefully returning from France by then fully vaccinated will be simpler than it is now.
  16. Think you need to do a bit more research as you appear to have little understanding of a) coronavirus and how it works/mutates and b) how we vaccinate against them. It is clear that Covid is mutating much more freely and as such it would be wise to have a booster before the winter. It could also be said that those who take your view are the ones who make boosters even more necessary by allowing new variants to form.
  17. At this point in time, people say ring up but I think they just have one telephone operative so not a cat in hells chance of getting through
  18. Our Armorique trip on 8th July has been cancelled, PLY to ROS, which is a pain in the butt, as most other crossings at those times seem to be full whichever route you pick. We have to go over then, so our options have been severely hampered by BF. Odd if crossings are full, why are they cancelling other ferries?
  19. I might be being hopeful, but that last bit suggests to me this could be a reasonably short lived policy. What does obliged mean as opposed to it's mandatory?
  20. Go on the online chat with them.. Consistently I've found this service marvellous and they are super helpful
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