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  1. Similar topic... does anyone know any more about the reported outbreak in Mayenne? I'm due to travel to South Normandy soon, having postponed twice already...
  2. Out of curiosity, Bilbao and Santander are relatively close together. So why are they both used and not just one of them?
  3. Does anyone know when the travel corridors will be announced?
  4. Serious question for the collective: do you think it is possible that BF and/or France will maintain travel restrictions for people, for example, from Leicester or other significantly affected areas?
  5. First time poster here... I was relieved when I read BF's resumption announcement as I am due out on MSM on 12 July, only to get an email yesterday reminding me that I was actually on the Normandie (poor memory and I lost the ticket!) and so my sailing was cancelled. 50mins later after a long call with customer services, I'm booked on the 13th Jul on the Normandie. So they contacted me very quickly after the announcement- hope that will be true for others in the same boat (pardon the pun)
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