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  1. Top marks for effort in trying to understand the figures VikingVoyager. As always there is a but. You really need to factor in the predominant blood groups in the different areas as group O doesn't appear to be so susceptible to the virus. You will also need to factor in the ethnic make up of the two groups as ethnicity does appear to be a consideration but before you do that you will also need to decide whether the ethnicity factor is down to race or social living conditions. You will also need to know what proportion of students and others behave responsibly and what proportion don't. I fear
  2. One of the other possibilities could be that the inhabitants of the south west perceive hospitals not to be the safest of places. I would imagine those in the south west don't find hospitals as easily accessible as they probably are in some other regions and may therefore tend to struggle on on their own for longer and consequently may probably recover without recourse to hospital.
  3. @jonno would I be correct in thinking that the figures you are kindly providing relate only to hospital admissions of confirmed cases but other statistics refer just to confirmed cases whether hospitalized or not? If this is the case then presumably the difference in perceived high cases in the south west from the figures you or others quote probably can be explained by high average population age which may well require hospital intervention and lack of large university populations which are very largely able to cope without. High infection rates in both Bournemouth town centre and Exeter migh
  4. I think the problem here is probably age related. There are a whole host of words expressions and phrases who's meanings change over time and that have different connotations to different age groups. People today would be horrified at the name my grandfather called black his cat but at the time nobody batted an eyelid. He would have been mortified if he could come back today because people these days make many connections to words that when used in the past just would not have been associated with things they are today.
  5. Many people claim that the Chinese just copy others. They are in fact quite initiative. Witness the tear off perforations on the bulbous bow to speed repairs should damage occur.
  6. Also a UK government site but with a totally different view. https://coronavirus-staging.data.gov.uk/details/interactive-map
  7. Unfortunately once Boris reverted to type and started lying about world leading this and world class that he was always going to be found out. Sadly both groups 1 & 2 have been allowed to feel vindicated in their beliefs as a result.
  8. I suspect the lack of a vaccine for SARS has more to do with the total lack of SARS and consequently no money to be made selling one than any insurmountable problems developing one.
  9. I believe at one time they said that was what they were intending to do. Surprised there is no mention of subsidies for the Spanish routes a lot of food comes that way. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/12/brexit-full-border-controls-on-goods-entering-uk-will-not-apply-until-july-2021
  10. As I understand it work isn't scheduled to start on house building until mid 2023. Past promises regarding the site probably means you can add at least ten years to that.
  11. Sorry, my computer automatically flags up any mention of "Euroferries" as a joke in bad taste. I thought they all did the same. 😃😃
  12. For what it's worth. https://www.maatsuyker.com/bonanzaexpress Treat with caution these things aren't always accurate
  13. The Bastard brothers John and William were responsible for rebuilding much of Blandford Forum following the great fire of 1731 that burnt down most of the town.
  14. Would that matter so long as any goods weren't landed or sold inside territorial waters? What are CI taxes? They always used to be very low and were always much less than in the UK. Presumably they could offer duty free if they wanted to, they are not controlled by the UK.
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