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  1. Drinks all round at the Elysee Palace tonight then.😃
  2. Not at all. It will probably be 20 years before we know if that was very wise or an act of stupidity. The one thing on this subject we can be sure of is we won't be allowed to discuss it here.🤐
  3. I'm sure you may well take my coments as rather arrogant as you appear to have also misunderstood them . I'm afraid you're confusing the morally correct action with the sensible action. It may be morally correct to carry out the wishes of the the majority but that does not in itself make it the sensible thing to do.
  4. The 61% or even the 64% who don't egree with Macron or Castex doesen't make the 61% or the 64% right. Many countries have learnt to their peril the stupidity of relying on their electorate to make sensible decisions.
  5. I saw this today which might be of interest to some. Sorry this is clearly the wrong place to post this but there no longer appears anywhere to post general shipping news items. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/mar/11/bangladesh-shipbreakers-win-right-to-sue-uk-owners-in-landmark-ruling
  6. Sorry appear to have multi posted. Mods please remove this post and first uncorrected post.
  7. Exela is a legitimate international company with offices in the UK. Among outer things they offer data processing outsourcing to companies including UK high street banks. It is quite reasonable to expect Excela to be involved with the BF debit card business.
  8. I'd be morre worried about the terrible subsidence problems and the state of the roof.
  9. If you don't mind sharing it with the temporary mortuary also at the port. It does rather bring it home to you though. If you make use of one facility you won't need to make use of the other. The choice is yours.
  10. No vacine is future proofed against any mutation that might occur. As I understand it neither of the current vaccines in use in the UK are as effictive against the new mutations as the origional strain. However they both appear to be effective at guarding against death or hospitalization. To me that is the importent thing as I fear it is totally unrealistic to expect 100% immunilty. Whether the majority of the public will want to travel knowing that they might pick up a strain that they may not be effectivly protected against remains to be seen.
  11. Why not? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-dorset-41774047
  12. I see Condor are reporting losses of £40m and a drop in passenger numbers of 96% for 2020. The good news is they have a cunning plan let's hope they didn't get it from Baldrick. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/01/13/condor-recovery-plan-ready-for-when-restrictions-ease/
  13. Interesting to see how much BF have lost in Euro-GBP currency exchange. https://www.euractiv.com/section/uk-europe/news/frances-brittany-ferries-in-dire-straits-due-to-double-brexit-covid-whammy/
  14. We can if we use the power to convert water to hydrogen and then use that to power the car.
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