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  1. Please don't think I'm having a go at you Ian. That was certainly not my intention in fact I agree with you. Sorry if what I've said didn't come across that way.
  2. Personally I've yet to see any study that says having a vaccine is disadvantage to anyone but a very very small number of people. That said getting up in the morning will also have it's risks as will staying in bed and not getting up.
  3. I think it's fairly clear the that being vaccinated is not complete protection against covid indeed my daughter double vaxinated stil managed to catch it. It is also clear that the vaccinated do not pass it on as easily as the non vaccinated so there is if nothing else an advantage to everyone if everyone is vaccinated. I personally have no objection to making it very very difficult for those that chose to ingore the facts. However I think before anyone should consider the use of the "stick" one should at least try the "carrot" before hand. I suspect the odd voucher my well to a very large degree solve the problem.
  4. I was thinking about delivery to any winner. Edam being round maybe a canon or a strong armed shot putter. Not sure what shape Maasdam is so that could be problematical.
  5. Surely just goes to show neither vaccination or social distancing will on their own solve the problem. A many pronged attack is needed. With regard to the French government show me any government that's got it 100% or even 50% correct. A nice Edam cheese if you can. I can say that safe in the knowledge that you probably wouldn't want to win it anyway.🙂
  6. The signal is actually heading away from the harbour so not to signify the end of the line. I wasn't intending to imply that the line was still operational merely that it could be made so probably with minimal cost. All local plans protect the harbour rail link so rather being an "ex route that has ceased to be" perhaps it's just sleeping even if at the moment it appears to be clinging on to it's perch with the help of super glue.
  7. I contacted PHC yesterday. The service has not yet started although they are expecting it to do so any day. They were not as yet able to advise on the name of the vessel that will be used. The Poole rail link appears be complete apart from a few metres where it crosses the port enterance and the signaling is still illuminated showing red so I would imagine it's still being serviced. If you enlarge to attached picture you can just see the red signal.
  8. If it beeps a lot it has the old software. MG won't pay for the update under warranty so some dealers charge. This could be why it hasn't been done. Regarding the clock you were not alone. I know of over twenty others including myself where this has happened over the weekend. It only occurs if the clock is set up to set to the GPS signal timing. If you change it to set via the DAB signal it's fine. It would be interesting to know if other vehicles using the GPS timing have also had a problem.
  9. Made in China designed in the UK. If it wasn't charged you were only using the ICE and it's 6 speed DCT gearbox. Being a DCT it requires a different driving technique to a proper automatic. You probably didn't have the car long enough to get the best out of it. With regards to the beeps there was a software update avaliable last December to address this issue. Complain to the rental company if they've not kept it up to date. You can turn off some or all of the autonomous driving functions in the very comprehensive menu system. There again you probably didn't have the car long enough to find out even if you we're even given the manual. The sat nav is not the greatest but it works. The touch screen is slightly slow at times but I wouldn't have said it was a particular problem. Your hearing must be a lot better than mine. To be fair that's not difficult. The electric motor gearbox does whine at to my ears less than 10 mph. Above that I can't hear it. One advantage of being a bit longer in the tooth than you. Had you been fully charged and switched to EV mode you would have been able to savour the gear change at 42 mph a treat not to be missed indeed not possible to miss unfortunately. My two previous cars a Volvo V40 and a Qashqai were both less than perfect and certainly no better than the MG. Taking into account what you get for the price I know which I prefer.
  10. They're talking of half a million containers a year on the route that means a lot more HGV drivers to be found. Perhaps someone should be spending some money on the rail link although I doubt that the government would do that. Unless perhaps they could be persuaded that southern Poole was just another way to spell northern Goole. They don't seem the brightest buttons in the tin so that stands a good chance of success.
  11. Good luck finding that. Add it to the must find list with the hens teeth.
  12. Large helping of humble pie for you then Cabin-boy.😀 https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19635620.ship-morocco-set-arrive-poole/
  13. A number of sites do that. Until you complete your email address it is after all an invalid address. It's a bit off putting but it does make some sense.
  14. There has been a 205m vessel in Poole so with some work it might not be as impossible as it might appear at first sight.
  15. I always thought software control prevented charging and discharging above and below set safe limits. If that isn't the case I wonder why not as it would be so easy to do.
  16. Having smart meters I queried that when the meter reader last called. He was quite open about the reason. He said It was a legal requirement for utility companies to send a meter reader at least once a year so that at the same time he was able to check for signs of meter tampering and security seals still in place etc. Whether that's true or not who knows.
  17. I'm sure it was never your intention to be rude to anyone You clearly feel very passionately about the undoubted benefits of EV vehicles which is no bad thing.
  18. You undoubtedy make some very good points but I'm not sure insulting everybody who may put forward an opposing viewpoint is the best way to get your views accross.
  19. Of course manufacturers always try to reduce costs. I'm not convinced that a car designed and built in 2000 is as good as a car designed and built in 2020 which I believe will not be as good as a car designed and built in 2030 or 2040. We all pay heavily for new innovations in all aspects of life to cover development costs hence my remarks about early adopters paying a high price.
  20. If you're thinking in purely chronology terms then of course you are correct. To me a better definition would be volumes available to purchase. In that respect the number of non EV vehicles is massive compared to the number of EV's so to me the current purchasers of EV's are early adopters. The point I was making was that early production is invariably not as good as the products coming down the line and aiso much more expensive. The cars you mention are great cars, cutting edge in todays terms. Will they be seen to be inferior to models available from the same manufacturers range in 5 or 10 years time I would hope they will be. Most other things progress why not EV's? I didn't intend that my remarks should be taked as a comparison between ICE and EV propulsion that's not really comparing like with like.
  21. Anyone who buys an electric vehicle at the present time should consider themselves to be an early adopter and as such should expect to pay a high price for an inferior product. We are in much the same place at present to those that purchased early flat screen tv's. Prices plummeted accompanied by great improvements in quatity. The tipping point between crt's and LCD/Plasma took place over a very short timescale. No doubt the same will happen with personal transport but we're not there yet.
  22. Don't speak too soon. We don't as yet know the shape of their bread rolls.
  23. I don't doubt that for one moment David. The question is are there enough to keep all the existing BF fleet in operation any time soon. Looking at the figures released today regarding food exports certainly the freight side of the operation must be suffering as well. On the plus side BF do appear to be looking at other revenue streams with the Cherbourg rail link and the ground effect craft being discussed on another thread.
  24. I'm sure you're right there will be further changes. From postings on this site you don't have to look very far to see there are clearly some people desperate to get away. Unfortunately for BF it seems to be the same small group, hardly enough to filll a rowing boat let alone a large ferry.
  25. You should come and visit us again. You've clearly not been since the 90's we're all electric scooters and bikes now, rarely a mobility scooter in sight these days.😀 I'm not sure towns are really the problem it's more cross country that worries me. With regard to the County Hall Pod Points you appear to have posted at about 3am on a Sunday perhaps their availability is not that much of a suprise.
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