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  1. Just done it, took a while but not rushing, not leaving until 2nd Sept but they sent me the QR code straight away , result 🙂
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone got any info on the dog walking area on the Galicia ? TIA
  3. Thought about it but for 5 months in total over 2 trips for kennels but at £16 per night it would add nearly £2.5k
  4. In all my years at sea the problem was people trying to take all their luggage with them, and general panic because nobody really reads the safety cards
  5. Well been on the PA and now i'm sat in Portugal , thought I would give some comments: The dog walking area is totally unsuitable for 60 dogs. When the main engines start all the soot and carbon lands directly on the dog walking area. When the crew wash down the area in the early morning then because of the lack of correctly positioned scuppers then you are left with a layer of black water which covers the dogs and the owners shoes. Its an absolute bloody disgrace to call it a dog walking area, when there has been no planning in the construction of this. I speak from 18 years MN engineering Officer and over 20 years of ship repair and conversion world wide. My email to BF was less pleasant than this missave. Safe Travels people
  6. Totally agree, I only asked a question !
  7. The one I remember went either side of the funnel and fans on deck 10, it was a big area but only seating was some benches fitted to the forward bulkhead.; Always used CF for the last 8 years because the lack of cover and seating, plus the dog friendly cabins
  8. Hi Guys, Wondering if there has been any changes to the dog walking area on the PA. We normally use CF and they have seating and tables, the last time I was on the PA it was just a big open to the elements area.
  9. hi, Has anyone crossed the border driving from Spain to Portugal, (I normally cross at Villa Formoso) if so what was it like and what paperwork did the authorities require. TIA
  10. Cap Finistere from Portsmouth to Bilbao on 16/6 was cancelled, rebooked on PA same date but Plymouth to Santander, so all ok
  11. Just received an email, my June 16th Ferry Portsmouth / Bilbao has been cancelled, text below. Cancelled sailing Dear Mr Beaver Booking Reference: EF40325 I am writing today with the news that your upcoming sailing has unfortunately been cancelled. Ongoing uncertainty over international travel has forced us to further consolidate our sailing timetables and I am sorry to confirm that you are among our customers who will be impacted. The Armorique and Normandie will not be carrying passengers until 20th June 2021, and sailings on the Barfleur, Bretagne, and Cap Finistère have been cancelled until 27th June 2021. Whilst I appreciate that any cancellation will cause inconvenience and disappointment, I hope this message brings some clarity to your travel plans. For those still wishing to travel on a Spanish service, in addition to the Portsmouth to Santander sailings on board Galicia, the Pont-Aven will be sailing to and from Plymouth and Santander from 6th June 2021. I have listed the available options below which I hope will help you decide how you would like to proceed. 1. Amend your booking The quickest and simplest way of amending your booking is to go online to My Account (click here) where you can view the full range of sailing options available to you. We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of calls and whilst our teams are doing their best to assist as many of our customers as possible, there is a call queuing system in operation and the wait time may be over 30 minutes. We would kindly ask you to only phone us if you are unable to amend your booking online. Please note that sailings not operating during this period are shown as "full" on our website to enable customers to make amendments online, but I can assure you that these sailings are cancelled. Our sailing schedules for 2022 have been released, so you can amend your booking to next year if you so wish. If you have booked one of our package holidays, you do not need to do anything; one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your options. 2. Postpone your booking and request a voucher for future travel If you do not wish to amend your sailing at the present time but wish to travel in the future, we can send you a voucher for the cost of your sailing, valid for 2 years. Please can we ask you to send an email (click here) by the close of business on 4th June 2021 quoting your booking reference and we will do the rest. If you have two sailings on your booking, we'll ensure you receive a voucher for both journeys. 3. Cancel your booking and obtain a refund To arrange a refund of your sailing by your method of payment, you can send us an email (click here) quoting your booking reference by close of business on 4th June 2021 If you have two sailings on your booking, we will ensure you receive a refund by your method of payment for both journeys. If you have more than one sailing booked that is impacted by this consolidation process, please be aware that you will receive more than one of these emails. I would like to offer my genuine apologies once again for any inconvenience this cancellation will bring, but I do hope we will be able to welcome you on board in the future. Warm regards, Rachael Stone Head of Customer Support
  12. David, Exactly, if everyone is clear on boarding then surely they must be clear at disembarkation. I think that the 72 hour rule is for airlines and ferry's are a bit of an anomaly and not really considered the timescales of travel 3 hours v 2 days
  13. Perhaps I am misunderstanding things as they are but the 72 hour timescale for the PCR test prior to arrival means timings are critical. I am booked on the 16th June Cap Finistere departing Portsmouth at 23:00 arrive at Bilbao 07:45 18th June. Assume I have a test on the 15th and the results are with me by 16:00, then that test result expires 72 hours later but the time taken will be 74 hours. I could get tested on the 16th I suppose,but I will be trusting that there are no snags. Any thoughts or hints appreciated, or am I barking ??
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