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  1. April and Aug 6 weeks each time booked Portsmouth - Santander
  2. Just a thought, but if gloves and masks can contain the virus, after use should they not be disposed of in Bio hazard containers ?
  3. Just got my new tickets, return 1 day earlier and instead of Connemara its CF, no probs
  4. Just had an Email about this, could not understand, until a discovered it was white letters on a white background, see below: I'm writing to you today to confirm your sailing on Connemara has been cancelled. We are now in the process of upgrading you onto one of our cruise ferries and once this is done we will email you with a new ticket and sailing details. If you are travelling with a pet-friendly cabin, we will contact you separately. If the reasonable alternative we've provided is not suitable, you will be able to change it via Manage My Booking online (if you have
  5. Everything at present is pure speculation, I will wait until I know what the new regulations are and if they even change.After that I will make a decision. Not wasting my limited remaining brain cells
  6. Sorry but there are very few AC systems that are fully recirc most will recirc about 10-15%. Filtration is mandatory in air conditioning systems since Legionella 8 legislation introduced. New buildings do not have opening windows as the value of BREEAM refunds from the government for energy refunds. Ships are designed to have full fresh air from and external source. (I was an engineer in the Merchant Navy for 18 years and worked in construction and now facilities)
  7. You have to be so quick off the mark its not true, I like a dog cabin and because BF never tell you when the next years sailings are available it means phoning on a daily basis to ask.
  8. Hi Peeps, New on here, been using BF for over 10 years always good,wondering if anyone travelled with dogs since the re-start. Appreciate any info.
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