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  1. I will need to make a proper video about the Galicia one day 😅.
  2. Hello everyone, Just a short video about the Calais Seaways I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, the travel restrictions imposed upon Belgium mean I cannot make any ferries trips at the moment. I hope things will change for the better in the near future.
  3. Good evening, I'm glad to share with you the video from my last ferry trip thus far. Storm Jorge was the last storm of the season (except if one arrives between now and September 1st). After taking the Channel Tunnel due to issues at P&O, I had quite a good drive down to Portsmouth although the GPS decided to take quite a few B roads 😄. The weather was actually quite nice for a change with lots of sunshine, no rain and a good gale. I parked my car in the car park next to the port and checked in. Embarkation was fast and efficient and the foot passenger bus was fully loaded. I had
  4. Indeed, shelters for the bar area / play area as stated on BF's website. "What should you do when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect for sailing? Head for deck 10 of course. It’s time to catch some rays! Our sun deck is the place to be for sun-bathing - and for whale watching. But if you feel like more action, there’s also sports equipment to try. And your kids can have fun too, thanks to Galicia’s outdoor play area. "
  5. It's a joke isn't it... He's on about carbon emissions but if you take a look at his channel he flies all over the place.. Of course, plane are carbon neutral in his mind probably.
  6. Ok so Dennis... This was a strange one as all forecasts were wrong. The prediction was Force 8-10 with 4-6 metre seas so I tried my luck at Portsmouth to Caen. The day before I departed towards Portsmouth on the Normandie. The winds were starting to strengthen and by the time we were off the Isle of Wight, the seas were starting to build. I had an excellent meal in the à la carte restaurant which was actually quite busy for that time of the year. The starter were different types of seafood tartare with grapefruit reductions and some other bits and bobs I can't recall 😅. The main course was
  7. Looks nice, light and airy. I guess the whole focus on the Spanish vibe, interiors, names etc. is to really become part of the experience of a vacation in Spain. Like they say, get you in the mood before you get there. Seems reasonable that they would want to cater for this market as it is (was) doing quite well. The Azul's concept is a bit special but I'm curious how it will turn out. I wonder how much they will charge you if you want to use the C-Club Lounge without a commodore cabin. Seems like a nice place to escape the crowds on a busy sailing.
  8. They did apologize for that in the e-mail that I got along with the voucher afterwards.This is an excerpt from that mail. It was basically down to the unpredictability of the weather.
  9. Good evening everyone, After a hiatus of almost 8 years, I'm back to making videos about ferries. Some might still remember me as member Oleander on this forum back in the day. I used to have the HDFerryChannel as a channel and also made some videos about ferries on the Solent. I stopped making videos after I moved house and to be honest, I needed a break from it and just lost interest as time passed. But now I have relaunched my channel under a different name, Ferries in Focus (hopefully not too much blurry footage or it will become a pun ). In the intervening years I travelle
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