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  1. in the 1998 movie called the general ...stena line HSS 1500 Class Stena Explorer is seen loading at Dun Laoghaire port in Dublin, Ireland THE GENERAL is an Irish crime film written and directed by John Boorman about Dublin crime boss Martin Cahill...
  2. The 2001 movie The 51st State ...with samuel l jackson and Robert Carlyle...there is a scene in it and in the background in the liverpool dock is merchant ferries brave merchant on lay up (dublin/liverpool)...pending Brave Merchant charter to the UK Ministry of Defence...
  3. The movie "in the name of the father' (1993) with daniel day -lewis the scene boarding the ferry and bar scene onboard the ferry was shot onboard B+I LINE mv munster .The scenes were shot in Dublin port when the mv munster was in lay up awaiting sale.The mv munster was built as the Prins Oberon in 1970 by Werft Nobiskrug. From 1990-93 she was chartered to B&I LINE renamed mv Munster sailed between Rosslare-Pembroke Dock wales, She was sold in April 1995 to Shipping Partners Inc who sent her to A&P Appledore for conversion to a Casino ship. She began day casino cruises from Florida on the 17th of June 1999 named Ambassador II scrapped in 2010
  4. great photo of isle of inismore....and brilliant video of dfds fleet ....
  5. i arrived from bilbao 8pm11/06/21 in rosslare ...connemara had to wait till 9.30 pm for another ferry to leave before we could dock....i got pcr test on wednesday morning 9/6/21.at 8am in almeria cost was 95 euro...drove from almeria to madrid...stopped overnight in pinto madrid and left madrid and headed to bilbao.my pcr results were available from 3pm to download on 10/6/21....and i checked in at 4.15pm .....upon checkin pcr was required and i then proceeded to waiting lanes...where all cars were rigisouly checked by 4 spanish guardia civil....all trucks /vans/camper vans were xrayed.....before we got to passport control there was anouther check by guardia civil and they were emptying cars of most contents...tobacco was the question they kept asking how much we had....connemara left on time ...very plesent crossing ....food is good and usual average prices....not like pont aven standards...but was totally fine...and upon arrival in rosslare the guards on duty asked for passports/passenger location form/negative psr test results.....even tho you cant board ferry to ireland without negative pcr results.......hope this info is of help to people...
  6. B+I LINE Jetfoil Cu Na Mara ( Hound of the Sea) Ran from 1980 to 1982 hull no 15. type 929-115...still runs in japan by Sado Steam Ship Company,and now named the Ginga ferry imo.7915840
  7. https://twitter.com/RosslareHbr/status/1354755050829197312?s=20
  8. Couple of pics of Drotten arriving earlier at Rosslare. Pictures are up on Rosslare Europort twitter
  9. this give an good view of car deck/cabin/interiour of stena edda but skip to 6 mins 30 seconds of video for loading of ship.... https://youtu.be/9b9CZU_fP5s
  10. posted on irish ferries forum earlier today..that irish ferries Epsilon may be joining the french run at the weekend with w.b.yeats...and the chartered P&O Stena Forecaster has not made a crossing since Sunday on dublin liverpool route...
  11. there is a twin loading berth in rosslare...irish ferries 'isle of innismore' is a twin loader ...
  12. this is footage onboard Epsilon during that storm
  13. interiour footage of stena estrid...gives an idea of layout....
  14. chris just looked through email...we went out rosslare/bilbao on august 5th and returned on august 20th 2020....2 adults 1 child (adult now) car/outside 4 berth cabin économie service on kerry was €979 return trev
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