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  1. B+I LINE Jetfoil Cu Na Mara ( Hound of the Sea) Ran from 1980 to 1982 hull no 15. type 929-115...still runs in japan by Sado Steam Ship Company,and now named the Ginga ferry imo.7915840
  2. https://twitter.com/RosslareHbr/status/1354755050829197312?s=20
  3. Couple of pics of Drotten arriving earlier at Rosslare. Pictures are up on Rosslare Europort twitter
  4. this give an good view of car deck/cabin/interiour of stena edda but skip to 6 mins 30 seconds of video for loading of ship.... https://youtu.be/9b9CZU_fP5s
  5. posted on irish ferries forum earlier today..that irish ferries Epsilon may be joining the french run at the weekend with w.b.yeats...and the chartered P&O Stena Forecaster has not made a crossing since Sunday on dublin liverpool route...
  6. there is a twin loading berth in rosslare...irish ferries 'isle of innismore' is a twin loader ...
  7. this is footage onboard Epsilon during that storm
  8. interiour footage of stena estrid...gives an idea of layout....
  9. chris just looked through email...we went out rosslare/bilbao on august 5th and returned on august 20th 2020....2 adults 1 child (adult now) car/outside 4 berth cabin économie service on kerry was €979 return trev
  10. ur right i wont be getting on airplane...i live in dublin but rosslare is only under 2 hours drive at speed limit .im also hoping to go rosslare bilbao in january 2021 prices are €557 return for 1 adult/car / outside cabin......
  11. prices are up..economie service 3 adults / car / outside 4 berth cabin ..rosslare /bilbao return.. going out july 2nd ..return july 18th 2021 on connemara is €1529.00 return.
  12. etretat has been replaced by connemara for july 2021...on rosslare /bilbao....i have a booking credit from this year and my ticket has just been updated to connemara..
  13. storm ellen... 8 hour delayed bilbao to rosslare'kerry' 21/8/20 bay of biscay...
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