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  1. Where do you get the €400? Not saying it is wrong, but but curious. If heading to Germany/the Netherlands etc, the one way journey time is a few hours more (landbridge vs DFDS) but the overall journey time for a return (breaks included) is very similar IF the DFDS schedule works for you. Flexibility is still the huge advantage of the landbridge rather than a day (or in some cases 2) between sailings. With Ireland as a net exporter of goods, it is normal for trucks to leave emptier than they return. With supply chains built around the U.K., there was a natural opportunity to backfill with
  2. There have been a few reports of potential additional sailings (presumably to take the service to daily) in recent weeks.
  3. BBC news article on Rosslare mentions that additional DFDS services to Dunkirk are expected to be announced shortly. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/56201463 “An announcement of additional sailings is expected shortly.”
  4. Even in extreme weather I can’t see how you would go overboard. The closure of decks is often to do with stopping people from slipping and injuring themselves. I would also be surprised if there was a railing failure with the inspection regimes on modern ships. Did the kid climb and fall, and the parent jumped to save her?
  5. @IrlEmbParis continues to Tweet about Le Havre and HAROPA so I wonder what they know that we don't. I have also noticed that @jmrouebferries seems to mention (Chair of BF) mentions DFDS France in every second tweet. Something else brewing?
  6. DFDS loads Rosslare to France are apparently staying at very high levels. Stena Rosslare-France loads are holding up too but talk of the Horizon returning soon to the route. Stena will however not operate Dublin-Cherbourg for the coming weekends. I have not seen info on the newest BF services. Anyone? It's probably me but I continue to believe a regular Le Havre - Ireland service (at least 3x weekly) would make more sense than a bizarre ultra low frequency service to out of the way Roscoff and St Malo, where you will never attract any amount of the the previous landbridge traffic.
  7. It looks like Drotten will be the ship doing the Rosslare sailing tonight. It will be interesting to see whether they get her out on time.
  8. I agree that 1% is not to be ignored, but when supermarket profit margins are in the region of 5-7% of product end price and manufacturer margins about the same, there is scope to absorb a 1% increase in transport costs. Although there are huge economic pressures (which we will be paying for for decades to come), personal savings rates have increased massively over recent months in Ireland. A majority are still getting close to their normal salary (even those doing nothing), while the huge amount of disposable income normally spent on entertainment, pubs/dining and travel (Ireland is very h
  9. Second major mess in the DFDS Irish Sea operation. Kerry has been sitting in Dunkirk for 3 days. I assume she will operate tonight's 23:00 departure (unless Drotten does a quick turnaround). Drotten is due into Dunkirk in about an hour. After crawling down the Irish Sea (15-16 knots presumably weather related), she covered most of the English Channel at 28-29 knots and should arrive almost on time. Visby will be operating a merged Saturday departure from Rosslare this evening.
  10. People must stop the panic here. The transport component of the total cost most consumer products in supermarkets is estimated to be in the low single digits (3-5%). Even a 30% increase in transport costs will only increase the end cost to a consumer by 1%. In the short term, consumers may face higher prices because of supply chains build around the UK with few immediate alternatives (flour is one example). A few months will probably fix that.
  11. Quite a few media reports in recent days about 20+ Amazon trucks on DFDS Irish sailings. Unaccompanied obviously, so also helps make good use of lane meters without eating into the limited number of cabins. It would be interesting to get some more details on this. Only to Ireland? Or also returning on direct ferry rather than cheaper landbridge? Are they returning empty or with exports? Full U.K. customs control enforcement is due from April and June so we will see if that has any impact on landbridge traffic.
  12. There was a Tweet by the Irish Embassy in Paris about the growth of ferry services between Ireland and France. Le Havre was included in the list of ports. Right how Le Havre is probably the only French port with historic ties to Ireland, which has not benefited from the Brexit/COVID developments. P&O is often mentioned as the most likely operator. What ships could they use? The Prides seem to be unsuitable.
  13. I don't have the impression there is much price competition for the moment (might change soon enough). DFDS seems to be the most expensive by about 30%, followed by Stena (same pricing from Dublin or Rosslare), and IF the cheapest (5-10% cheaper than Stena).
  14. With the Irish Embassy also tweeting about possible links between Le Havre and Ireland, there could be some truth to the rumour. How would Rosslare squeeze in another daily service to France. Leaving very early before 16:00 or after 23:00? Unless one of the services to Wales stops...
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