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  1. Do we know what vessels they have hired? Is the timetable published anywhere?
  2. The Irish Ferries alternate days timetable is now loaded for January 2021. No change to the Stena booking engine for the moment.
  3. How is the sound proofing in the cabins on them? On a Pont Aven crossing a few weeks ago, I was surprised at how much I could hear from the neighbours (they were just having what seemed like a normal conversation). Not sure if it was my particular cabin or the ship in general.
  4. Vinga is still doing Rosslare-Cherbourg. How long will this continue for?
  5. The full report on capacity to the European mainland by the Irish Maritime Development Officer can be downloaded here: https://www.imdo.ie/Home/sites/default/files/IMDOFiles/IMDO report Maritime Connectivity Assessment.pdf I am not hugely impressed by the report. It reads more like an undergraduate Masters' report analysing capacity rather than a market analysis capturing long-term user needs and the opportunity of potentially more ambitions government policy.
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