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  1. How do you bid for BF with the complex ownership structure. I am not sure the Brittany and Normandy regions would be willing to sell easily. We have recently seen the regions very happy to keep the funds flowing even in times of crisis (and paying BF to operate almost fully empty empty crossings to Ireland).
  2. I wonder where this hatred for the E-Flexers is coming from and whether those complaining have actually travelled on one. While they certainly lack the personality of an 80s build, they are really nice ships with a lot of nice indoor and outdoor passenger space. The e-Flexers, although bulky looking on the outside, feel like a small cruise ships on the inside (such as the Mistral Class MSC Sinfonia etc.) Whatever cutbacks we will see to traditional dining would probably happen regardless of the ships being e-Flexers or customs builds. The real test will be how they are maintained and look after a few years of service.
  3. I hope the the trucks were well tied down.
  4. Adding another 4 hours of sailing an already long crossing?
  5. Confirmed to be going from 9 to 7 with the Dania off the route, but an additional Visby sailing taking advantage of the ship’s speed.
  6. Could they fit a once weekly Santander, once weekly Portugal (+ a regular hop to France for a crew change)? Everything points to there being far less tourism to/from Ireland this summer than even in 2020. Pont Aven could no doubt be better used elsewhere.
  7. Wouldn’t the plan here for a very short term launch in the next month or six weeks? Temporarily replace the Pont Aven’s Cork rotation with a UK-Portugal.
  8. I suppose you could build the timetable to work around the tides (with plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong).
  9. I was just referring to previous discussion on St Malo - Ireland where a quote from the BF Board Chairperson was not enough to constitute news because there was no press release or formal announcement.
  10. Is this news? Nothing confirmed from BF (previous standard applied for news threads)
  11. Thanks for the report. £595 of tests for 2 people. That’s just mad. What are port security looking for to go through a normal family car so thoroughly. It seems a bit over the top.
  12. €1000 return is less than what BF and IF charge for a car in peak season. Rosslare Harbour seems convinced DFDS will offer a passenger service one day. Germany/Belgium/Netherlands is also a pretty big market, while you usually see quite a number of central and eastern European car registration plates on Ireland-France ferries (where Dunkerque would again be 4-5 hours less driving than Cherbourg). Will people pay a price premium for a longer crossing but slightly shorter drive is the real question.
  13. Dunkerque - Rosslare on Pelagos:
  14. Seven trucks is shocking. The Stena sailings to Cherbourg and DFDS sailings to Dunkerque continue to be very full. Is Cork that unattractive or is it a failure of BF marketing? Maybe fares are not sufficiently competitive with Cherbourg? Or some other factor...? It is obvious the real purpose of the subsidy is to preserve jobs, but I would have hoped they might be able to attract some kind of market at the same time (in the current context). Surely the marginal cost of having extra trucks on a ship is very small, so any traffic they could possibly steal from Stena/IF at Cherbourg would be worth having even at very low fares.
  15. A truck driver video report from a Rosslare - Dunkerque crossing:
  16. The E-Flexers (at least in the Stena configuration) are very nice ships. Having also sailed on the Pont Aven, I would say that the E-Flexer offers a very cruise ship like experience. Pont Aven is a lovely ship with brilliant outdoor space, which I am the first to admit is my favourite part of time spent on cruises/ferries even in Europe during the winter. But Pont Aven is not without its problems. If you are in a normal window cabin, you will most likely end up on Deck 6 (with a view on the promenade deck instead of a proper sea view) or on Deck 5 (with a faint sound of car alarms going all night on a rough crossing).
  17. €1 million a month to cover 26 sailings (some months have more, but there will be cancellations etc.) means almost €40,000 for each sailing. That is the revenue equivalent of almost 40 trucks+drivers (about €900-1050 per way Ireland-France). Not a bad deal at all BF.
  18. That will replace them on services to Spain for sure, but does not say that they will be the first ships to leave the fleet.
  19. 6 million for 3 weekly services to Ireland in each direction. The problem is that St Malo and Roscoff are rather unsuitable for the only real market right now (freight), and totally uncompetitive against Cherbourg / Dunkerque / landbridge.
  20. Santona (or any E-Flexer) apparently won't fit in Cork. I would be surprised to see Cap Finistère leaving the BF fleet and probably wouldn't read too much into the latest timetable release.
  21. Gothia Seaways, as mentioned in the thread starter.
  22. It was 2 daily sailings in each direction so a total of 28 sailings.
  23. It looks like Ark Dania will operate as follows: Tuesday & Saturday / Dunkirk 03:30 Rosslare 10:30 (arriving Wednesday & Sunday) - 28 hour crossing Wednesday & Sunday / Rosslare 12:30 Dunkirk 22:30 (arriving Thursday & Saturday) - 29 hour crossing -- If there are no further changes to the schedule, it would give DFDS: From Rosslare, two sailings on Wednesday and Saturday but still none on Thursday. From Dunkirk, two sailings on Tuesday and one every other day.
  24. My guess is that it is a typo or an attempt to make a news story out of nothing.
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