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  1. An unfortunate typo! Also, side note, am I the only one that finds the e-flexer design very pleasing on the eye?
  2. I find it weird that BF didn't spec their own signage, given that so much else about the vessel was bespoke.
  3. Definitely 37s, they were running in East Anglia!
  4. No worries, thank you! I'd hate to think people thought me some kind of chancer, so I'll explain a little more: the case I put across was that P&O had the option to mitigate the delays to some extent by putting me on the Spirit of Britain. They would have had the knowledge as to which vessel would sail first, but chose to not accept foot pax on that sailing (even though it was bookable the day before) for operational convenience. Having worked in a control room myself, I get the logic - but it would have got me back to the UK in time.
  5. I get what you mean, but it’s the same with any form of transport - especially now the rules have changed on delays. If an operator causes you to lose money due to a failing on their part, then you’re due compensation for reasonable costs. You can get a £9.99 Ryanair flight and end up with €250 compensation if it gets to the gate 180 mins late.
  6. Love Eurostar, but going on foot from Dover always feels like an adventure - no doubt due to the complexity of trying to do it! I use Rail Canterbury for my FIP travel, they tend to be more knowledgeable than RST - who tried to sell me TGV reservations for 80€ when Canterbury wanted 8€...
  7. Hello, never really thought of writing this up until I spotted a board for this very purpose. Here goes... A bit of background info: this journey was in March 2019. I work on the railway, which means I'm entitled to port tax fares on former Sealink routes. Well, the ones that haven't been shut down. My original plan had been to catch the sleeper to London with a friend and spend a day sampling the Class 37s that had somehow ended up on a public service in the 21st Century. However, his partner took ill (they're fine!) and I ended up in London by myself with my passport in my kit bag,
  8. Currently looking at it from the other side of the dock. No more signs of life than usual just now.
  9. Fantastic! Always wanted to know if she was still sailing.
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