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  1. Sorry, I should probably rephrase my post to something I was more curious about, my brain was clearly muddled when I wrote that post, I also have another query which I am unsure whether you were suggesting and I've just assumed it was typo Jonno, so apologies if you did mean it. Anyway, obviously there's been a worldwide pandemic which has obviously obstructed BF's finances and the construction of Honfleur, unless you've been living under a rock for the past 18 months, (clearly I was when I wrote my previous post) it is fairly obvious as to why Honfleur was cancelled and not given a second chance with BF. My question is, why was the Honfleur completely swiped off of BF's radar, especially since there was definitely still interest in Honfleur, why was it said that BF would 'definitely not be taking Honfleur', because all that seems to have done is remove the option of chartering with a potential buying at a later date, which is exactly what Siem were looking for. Which brings me on to my next question, why wasn't that considered at any point (chartering, and then buying at a later date)? Sorry if any of this is obvious, my brain clearly isn't thinking straight right now 🙃.
  2. I’m more confused about why BF felt the need to replace Honfleur with an e-flexer which will have less facilities and passengers, along with being not ready for the next peak season (along with the next peak season after that) unlike Honfleur which looks like it’ll be ready before the end of the year. I also find it strange how the Honfleur seemed to be getting more media coverage in the months leading up to her cancellation (the Facebook videos). She also had a repaint of her model which is shown below: There was also the teasing from Nigel Wonnacott on Twitter, about BF buying her after the cancellation so it would be interesting to know what actually happened and why the project completely fell through after the cancellation.
  3. I think it is important to remember that the ships are on charter, and could be gotten rid of by the end of the charter agreement in favour of more interesting replacement, which could have more onboard facilities and are purpose built for the routes in which they serve, albeit even if that happens in 2028. Personally, I'm on the fence about the new ships, however I do think the inclusion of pet friendly cabins, comfy beds, larger cabin portholes (I travel on the Bretagne), more modern interiors, quieter engines, quieter generators and wider car lanes, all sound pretty good to me. I'm also intrigued about whether the interiors are different between the Saint-Malo and Caen ship, as The Ni ferry article said The Normandie II has less cabins in favour of more lane metres, so the ships definitely aren't exact sisters and assuming the ships will have a French theme instead of the Spanish theme that the Galicia, Salamanca and Santona have, it will be interesting to see what they do with it.
  4. Just found this video on YouTube: It shows off a good look at some of the interiors and partially confirms what they are doing with the interior, which is going with the original plans. We also get a look at (as far as I’m aware) a previously unseen part of the public spaces.
  5. More evidence of work on the crane (April) : Deck 11 (I think) Finished (May) : Credit for all images : Plamen Iliev and Erling Weydahl
  6. After scrolling through Facebook for a bit I have found some more photos of the Honfleur's construction. (I'll have to split the post in two, due to image file sizes). Going in (possibly) chronological order: The Honfleur in drydock (January) : Honfleur's Crane! (Possibly) (January) :
  7. Looks like the ex Honfleur has her vents finished on one side! credit - Flexjobfosen on Instagram Here was the other photo that was also on the same post: Post link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPGAIZenr8W/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. I found another photo which gives a much better look at the ship from the ground (it's not the one I was talking about in the previous post). It came from Facebook from an account called 'TECO Electronics As', they have done some work on the ship and from the photo it looks like more work has been done on the bow and the bridge and the paint is looking less rusty. The anchor is also visible which I'm pretty sure wasn't there when it was being towed away from Flensburg back in November. They haven't removed the blue line around the superstructure so we'll have to see whether they paint over that in the coming months. Based on the fact that Siem's annual report was released in April, we'll probably see the ship completed around October-November (This isn't confirmed I'm just estimating based on the Q3 comment). We'll have to wait to see whether she gets a buyer or whether she's chartered out to someone (My bets are Brittany Ferries, DFDS or Stena). I'm also interested to see what they're doing with the interiors, whether they're doing something completely different or just slightly altering the original plans. Anyway, now for the entire point of this post the picture: Here's the caption that went with it: We are still still traveling - in Norway, and the rest of the world. This beauty just got some tender care at Fosen yard in Norway. She will soon be ready for the sea! Remember : we are located in Norway, and there is no need for quarantine if we can do the job here. Have a nice week, and stay safe! Here's the link to the post: Facebook -Solomon
  9. There are some images that I have recently stumbled upon: There have also been some articles released from some companies about supplying resources for the construction: The first one is Teknortherm who are supplying HVAC systems: TEKNOTHERM TO FINALIZE THE HVAC SYSTEMS FOR ROPAX HONFLEUR ON APRIL 6, 2021 / IN FRONTPAGE, NEWS We are excited to announce that we have been awarded the contract to finalize the HVAC systems for RoPax ferry HONFLEUR. Back in 2017 Brittany Ferries ordered HONFLEUR at Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellshaft (FSG) Shipyard in Germany. However, when FSG Shipyard went bankrupt in 2019, its Norwegian owner Siem Group signed a contract with Fosen Yard in Norway to complete the project. HONFLEUR – now named newbuilding 93 – was designed to become a 187.4 m LNG fuelled RoPax ferry. The 42,000gt vessel can carry up to 1,680 passengers, with 261 individual cabins, and has a 2,600 lane meter freight deck, with a capacity of 130 freight trucks, or 550 passenger cars and 64 trucks. Now that the ship has been moved to Norway for completion, Fosen Yard awarded Teknotherm the contract to finalize the HVAC systems. The original contract to supply the HVAC systems was awarded to sister company Drews Marine in Germany in 2017, but this contract was cancelled when FSG Shipyard went bankrupt. Fortunately, Fosen Yard could rely on another HVAC specialist within the Heinen & Hopman group to finalize the project in Norway. The Second is Westing who are suppling paint: MAJOR CONTRACT WITH FOSEN YARDS Fosnavåg, 21/12 202 Westing has entered into an agreement with Fosen Yards AS in Rissa for the delivery of paint, industrial detergents and technical service for the passenger ferry Honfluer belonging to the shipping company Siem Group. The agreement includes the delivery of approximately 70,000 liters of paint. Honfluer.jpg - This is one of the largest single contracts Westing has had in its history, and shows that the strong focus on both technical expertise and good products gives results. We have skilled employees at all levels, which customers value. This is simply a very pleasant outcome for a special year, says sales manager at Westing, Steinar Nupen. Fosen Yard has been commissioned by Siem Group to complete the large and modern passenger ferry that takes up to 550 cars, is 185 meters long and has a width of 31 meters. The ship was started up at a German shipyard that went bankrupt in the summer of 2020. Now the ship has arrived at Fosen Yard for completion of equipment and commissioning. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original article for Westing but because it was in Norwegian I had to put it through google translate (hence why I still have all the information) and it had another photo of the Honfleur which is similar to the 3rd photo that is on this post but a lot closer and looking up at the ship but because the article is gone I can't show it to the forum. I find it interesting how they are still calling the ship Honfleur instead of NB 93 or some name that Siem have to come up with. Anyway, this is all I could find. -Solomon
  10. Hello Everyone, I have gathered as much as I could find and speculate about Honfleur (FSG 774) over the past few days. I tried to make sure that most of the stuff that I mention in this post isn't repeated from other forums by reading through the original 100 and something page long forum about Honfleur. If I make any mistakes, or there is something to disprove my findings then please do correct me. Right, Are we ready? Let's go.... Rescue Lifeboat on Deck 8/9 My first finding was the existence of a Rescue Lifeboat that is situated at the back of either Deck 8 or Deck 9, (on the areas with glass at the back of them). I checked to see whether my eyes were deceiving me, as they have a habit of doing that, and I looked on one of RickOShea's earlier posts and, somehow, I wasn't wrong in seeing the 6th Lifeboat. See Photos for evidence: Credit - Andy Credit - RickOShea My Second Finding: The Interiors For my second finding it is mainly about the layout of the ship, in which I have looked at, the very blurry, deckplans provided in an earlier post made by RickOShea, I cleared up the deck plans and gave my best shot at estimating where everything is based of of renderings, videos and things we knew that she already had onboard: Credit - RickOShea, Edited by Me Continuing on this finding I was around 80% sure that the video uploaded to Facebook and Twitter isn't on the original Honfleur Forum so I thought I may as well provide the twitter link for those who need a refresher and those who haven't seen it. Personally, I think if Honfleur eventually became Honfleur, under Brittany Ferries, and she had these interiors I think she would've been a wonderful addition to the fleet, with a sense of Character unlike the WB Yeats. Here's the link: Brittany Ferries on Twitter: "A look inside Honfleur. In our next video, Samy Barbier, Commissaire, gives us a foretaste of the experience and areas customers can look forward to: https://t.co/efZpc9e0gM" / Twitter Also, The Giverny Restaurant was unfortunately not featured in the video, however I can imagine that, since it's based off of the Giverny Gardens, it would have pink accents with various shades of green furniture along with a few accents of purple and a generally natural feel to the room. I point I made on my version of the deckplans, as featured above, which is the 'Bar and Self Service Restaurant are connected', I said that due to the similar pattern around the outskirts of the rooms on the ceiling, which makes me believe that there is a way to get from the bar via the self service restaurant and vice versa. The Crane The Crane has always seemed like a controversial subject in the Honfleur Forums with massive discussions being made over this crane and recently we have seen new photos of Honfleur emerge at Fosen Yard. I have a point to make about this Crane and some of you may not like it however I believe that my eyes aren't deceiving me on this one! I believe that Fosen are beginning to complete the Crane system and before you call me insane🙃, I have evidence. Credit - Gene Anifmov Now if you look really closely it looks as if the crane system/structure has been added, as it is in the right place, it's the right size and it doesn't just look like a normal bit of scaffolding. I don't know what to make of this discovery so your thoughts are welcome, however it does look like the one shown in the renderings: Credit - Brittany Ferries The 'Blue' Paint At The Front Of The Ship In the same set of photos that I mentioned above, there is what appears to be a livery that is quite similar to the DFDS colours, however, I don't think that it is what that is, and instead think that it is an undercoat, or the 'packaging tape' that was there before, when it was in FSG, as the areas that they have placed it in are where FSG had previously welded/painted. To further this theory, the colour of the paint seems to not actually be blue and is more of a grey colour which is fairly similar to the undercoat used on Normandie when she had her 2013 refit, very specific I know😅. I have attached photos that show what I mean by 'packaging tape' and show the grey at the front of the ship. Credit - Gene Anifmov Credit - Oliver Sesemann The Funnel Appearing To Have Disappeared Personally I don't think they've removed the funnel, I think what they are doing is adding the 'scaffolding' look to the funnel that I'm pretty sure wasn't completed by the time she left FSG, as there was defiantly scaffolding around the funnel until about a week before she left for Norway, if you don't understand what I mean, here's a photo: Credit - Brittany Ferries Credit - Fabianv Cancellation Dating Back To March This one makes the most sense and most likely is fact but just not confirmed yet, back in March 2020 when the Destination Honfleur website was 'temporarily mothballed', I believe they were the words used🙃, there was a photo uploaded to ShipSpotting which I am most certainly sure has the scratched out Honfleur name on the side that we seemingly first saw properly in October/November time when she was toed to Fosen. Here's the photo: Credit Fabianv So there you guys go, that is all I could compile about The Honfleur, apologies if any of this has already been mentioned before and I just haven't seen it. As I've said further up in this post, your thoughts and ideas on everything are welcome. - Solomon
  11. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t, it just looks like the scaffolding they’ve used blends into the background and looks like a building. You can still see the top of the funnel poking out of the scaffolding with the antenna/mast-esque thing.
  12. I imagine this is how BF will end up buying ‘Honfleur’ because they’ll end up realising that they’ve already got what they want in ‘Honfleur’ (larger freight capacity, modern interiors, eco-friendly) and then buy Honfleur off of Siem instead of starting from scratch and making an entirely new ropax ferry, considering they have the deck plans and interior spaces already planned out so wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to buy ‘Honfleur’ and get her finished at wherever she’s meant to be finished.
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