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  1. Hello Everyone, I have gathered as much as I could find and speculate about Honfleur (FSG 774) over the past few days. I tried to make sure that most of the stuff that I mention in this post isn't repeated from other forums by reading through the original 100 and something page long forum about Honfleur. If I make any mistakes, or there is something to disprove my findings then please do correct me. Right, Are we ready? Let's go.... Rescue Lifeboat on Deck 8/9 My first finding was the existence of a Rescue Lifeboat that is situated at the back of either Deck 8 or Deck 9, (on the area
  2. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t, it just looks like the scaffolding they’ve used blends into the background and looks like a building. You can still see the top of the funnel poking out of the scaffolding with the antenna/mast-esque thing.
  3. I imagine this is how BF will end up buying ‘Honfleur’ because they’ll end up realising that they’ve already got what they want in ‘Honfleur’ (larger freight capacity, modern interiors, eco-friendly) and then buy Honfleur off of Siem instead of starting from scratch and making an entirely new ropax ferry, considering they have the deck plans and interior spaces already planned out so wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to buy ‘Honfleur’ and get her finished at wherever she’s meant to be finished.
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