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  1. As i said before the test is only good for the moment you have the swab.... you could pickup the virus touching the door handle on the way out of Boots.
  2. Good morning David, Driving through France has always been our first choice but with the infection rate being so high and having to camp on the way down we decided to take the ferry so we could isolate in one place. We are not worried about taking the test as you understand its the time scale that is difficult to work with. I think unless we can get some information from BF, which is unlikely, we will have to move our ticket to sometime in the future and do France.
  3. Who said anything about returning....my house was sold after the last lockdown and everything is in storage until I can take possession. I don't think you have any right to call us reckless..Reckless is the sudden dash off to the pub with your mates before lockdown. Or the lads on the lash in Benidorm. Its reckless acts like that that have helped us so much. Not someone taking there bubble with them.
  4. We are refusing to fly as we consider isolating ourselves in a cabin for the crossing and traveling in our camper was the best option to staying safe.
  5. Sorry this is the problem results in 48hrs +33hr ferry to Spain = no entry
  6. |Would like to see covid certificates for everyone arriving into Britain not just a case of we trust you to self isolate. But like everything else to do with this terrible situation the British government have been to slow. just waiting for the French to introduce this to the people traveling from the uk. At the moment its a self cert for those who can travel. After all its coppers in the pot and jobs for the boys. This testing before you fly/ Travel is like a MOT it has no meaning after you have left the station, its only means it was ok when it was done..... if it was done at the airp
  7. Hi, i feel that the tweet has more clout than the press so i am worried its arrival
  8. I get more and more frustrated with the lack of clarity from governments. We have been following all the rules that have been put upon us since March. this is NOT a Holiday we are traveling for but to finalize our house purchase that we have paid over 2k for the Arras in June. we have continued to Persephone any travel until absolutely essential. We cannot get any answers from the government or police regarding our position, all they say is refer to gov website. It is ok to view property, move house and continue with your house purchase, but no one will answer if this makes it essent
  9. Can someone from BF explain the confusion. I have read Catalan news and le Pias and Murcia today stating " 72hrs prior to the journey" This makes a lot more sense But cant get any conformation from anyone. After all if you fly its 72 hrs before departure. My other question is bearing in mind the small window between testing and result before departure what happens to your ticket that was booked before this restriction was imposed if you have a positive test???
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