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  1. Sadly not, we have a T4 Auto Trail Cheyenne... was hoping to travel on the PA to St Malo, we loved being amongst the only ones dining in the Fleur restaurant during a storm force 10, crossing the Bay.. catching the crockery as it fell from the table was a great sport .. "you have done very well" said the waiter when we finished!
  2. Just to add to this , we had originally booked to travel in September 2020, - Portsmouth to St Malo - then swapped the dates to May 2021 and on the opening of 2022 dates swapped the sailing to September 2022... now we are thinking we might be able to swap back to September this year if things improve. If not and we are allowed to leave Cheshire, we will be having 2 weeks in sunny Norfolk (M reg VW Coachbuilt camper - will travel). If we wait till 2022.. will Bretagne be gone and replaced by PA?
  3. We have moved our September 2021 sailing to September 2022, It was originally booked for Sept 2020 (booked Feb 2020 "it will all be over by then"!)
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