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  1. Hi again AmigoCirculo, we did buy a spare test to be on the safe side … Even with this extra-cost (£30) for us it was the convenience of having a pre-agreed time for testing and doing it from home. Our experience with the mentioned company was first class. I haven’t read other posts yet, but I do think that at the next review PCR test will not be “advisable” but compulsory to return from Spain. So if I were to travel now I would investigate local options for LFTs and PCRs and keep my options open. Hope this helps
  2. Hi there, we took 3 lateral flow tests on Saturday AM via Zoom call (previously bought and delivered to our Uk home and we took them with is on hols- Breathe Assured) and we got pdf certificates via email straight away. On check-in at Santander on Monday PM we were asked for passports, passenger locator form and test results: all checked. On arrival to Plymouth only passports checked: we were told that “all the rest is already in the computer, don’t worry”. We didn’t worry and we drove home. Hope this helps AmigoCirculo.
  3. Hi there, Did as advised: perfect to get in / out: kids very impressed with my knowledge of the “secret door” ! Many thanks Ian johnny
  4. Morning, I didn’t realise it was a “closed” space. 1. With all these covid restrictions… is still possible to come and go using that door that IanN explained must be used? 2. is Spanish security happy for passengers to come and go from this secure place or do you go through them? many thanks
  5. Just to add that we did upload our NHS QR code onto the French app but it was NOT recognised at any of the venues we visited: this was not a problem as we were told (again and again) that the French “reader” couldn’t read the NHS code uploaded onto the tousAntiCovid app and they knew it (Futuroscope, museum and zoos various). Hope this helps
  6. Hi there, our ferry has been delayed from 17h to 21.30h (Monday 9.8.21). We have never sailed from Santander so we don’t know the port at all. would it be possible to leave the car at the port prior to check in (latest at 16.30h) and see a bit of the city? Many thanks johnny
  7. I can confirm that a British driving license and even a credit card have been accepted as proof of our identity in conjunction with our NHS vaccination record uploaded onto the French Anticovid app. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi there, I was reading the conditions of entry for Futuroscope from 21.7.21 and they state: Suite aux annonces du Président de la République, à compter du 21 juillet un pass sanitaire ou la preuve d’un test négatif de moins de 48h (PCR ou antigénique) ainsi qu’une pièce d’identité seront exigés pour accéder au parc à partir de 18 ans*. What counts as a piece of identity? Would a British Driving License count as one? A library card with a photo? Many thanks
  9. Hi there Aphrodite, we have a crossing coming up on Friday 23. When you say ALL paperwork was checked …. What was that? passport, vaccines certificate, the negative antigen test, the sworn undertaking … anything else? Any questions about where you staying, or money to pay for your stay .. Many thanks
  10. Hi there, first post in this forum! just a quick question. I’ve been looking at the crossing Plymouth to Roscoff for the 23.7.21 and a few weeks’ ago it was fully booked, with only seats left. Today, I’ve just checked, they have over 14 cabins left and even a club plus one! My first thought was that some people must have cancelled their bookings. But my partner said most likely BF are releasing the cabins as crossing date approaches. I really don’t know. Do you know how many of the 247 cabins of the Armorique are available ? Do you think this “flood” of cabins is because of cancellations or BF releasing more? Many thanks!
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