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  1. Sold some time ago and converted in Birkenhead to become the support ship for a load of electric racing cars. Presumably she will now be sailing around the world to wherever the car races are held.
  2. I see Cal Mac are in the mire again. Loch Seaforth, the newest in the fleet, out with a major engine breakdown and having to be replaced by Isle of Lewis and Isle of Arran. Now one of those has a 'technical problem'. With the Glen Sannox plus sister ship fiasco, both now well over two years overdue, over budget and going rusty on the slips; CalMac management are having to manage an increasingly difficult battle with ship reliability. Any guesses when the Glen Sannox plus mate will eventually be in service? In the meantime the oldest and stalwarts, LOTI and Hebridean Isles, continue to ply acro
  3. Any guesses when she, and her sister vessel, will enter service? All sorts of excuses being made by every party involved regarding this fiasco. The older CalMac ships seem to be wearing out judging by the frequency of 'Technical problems'. Must admit LOTI and Hebridean Isles seem to be toddling between ports as usual, but the major engine problem on Loch Seaforth is highlighting the state of the fleet. I spent several years living in the Outer Hebrides as used to travel on the ferries fairly often, and in those days very little (including weather) stopped them sailing. Having said that th
  4. Hi, First contribution to this site! The question of which ferry and when is not an easy one to answer as to a great extent it depends, as others have said, on where you live. For me the easiest crossing is from Poole to Cherbourg, but as I have a motorhome it is easy for me to stop at any aire once I am in France. Assuming you have your own transport I suggest anyone planning a trip across Le Manche needs to plan their journey to suit their destination be it Normandy or Brittany, plus the return is similarly planned to suit their home destination, or a suitable overnight stop in the UK
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