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  1. To quote - 'it's another fine mess you have got us into' ( I think..)
  2. I see Hebridean Isles has troubles as well now, with todays service to Colonsay cancelled. The intended 'resilience' in the Lewis service produced by the chartering of MV Arrow is also a failure, that vessel has limped to Belfast (for repairs I assume) so the additional passenger journeys and increased freight capacity have fallen by the wayside just at the peak holiday season. I wonder if Calmac management are on the valium yet......?
  3. So.. Is it a name error, or a photo error? I was just wondering if it was a cruise ship for the rich and designed to accommodate their arrival by helicopter. Couldn't decide if the grey paint was primer or mufti decor!
  4. Just been on AIS and there is a vessel in dock in St Nazaire which is showing as a passenger vessel with the name 'Wonder of the Seas', but... the photos look strangely like an aircraft carrier. Anyone know what it is, please?
  5. Ah, the wonder of modern technology! So many computer boards in everything these days hardly anything can be repaired with a hammer and adjustable spanner! Glad I'm retired, apart from when the car goes wrong and I have to shell out for a 'technician' to diagnose the problem. Reminds me, there have been a few cases where ships have not responded to control commands and gone their own sweet way, often onto rocks!
  6. Interesting when you watch the Tour De F.. and see few spectators wearing masks and even Gendarmerie wearing theirs over their mouth leaving nostrils exposed. I know the staff and others in the support cars were properly masked but it begs the question if infection levels rise over the next few days. All those riders breathing heavily as they pedalled up some seriously steep and long gradients with un-masked 'spectators' shouting very close to them and even running alongside apparently giving vocal encouragement.
  7. Oops! Wrong ferry! Tis the 'Isle of Lewis' which is kaput in Castlebay, Barra. Oh dear, not a good port for a vessel to go u/s in.
  8. And 'Murphys Law' has just struck with 'Isle of Arran' out of service for at least today. One of the problems is that the island terminals are fairly small and the size of vessel that can use them is fairly restricted; with the ever increasing size of ro-ro ferries on most routes the availability of suitable 'loan' vessels is very limited. Pity there is no ferry hire service akin to aircraft charter or van hire, but the cash tied up in assets would give the bean counters an apolexy (now there's a word which is rarely used nowadays).
  9. I see another Ro-Ro is in the Channel on its way from the Baltic to Tangiers. I assume it has been sold and is on its way to a new home.
  10. Only her Mother would think her 'beautiful'..... On the other hand - it will be interesting to discover how seaworthy she is, and if it is fuel efficient.
  11. Oh dear, I fear some of the vessels 'laid' or 'parked' up at present will be well and truly fouled below the waterline after so many months moored. Will any need dry docking for a clean or will they return to service in a fouled condition. I see Cotentin has not moved since arriving in Le Harvre, is she being repaired where moored or are the repairs being deferred until BF need the ship again? When does the charter for Pelican run out as if they have little other work for her Cotentin could take over that route and all work then being 'in house' so to speak. Just a couple of random thoughts from an old codger.
  12. What is the backup for loss of power, batteries need charging from a land source or possibly solar panels which could be built into the upper structure; even so some means of back up will probably be needed? Is it stocked with oars to be given out to the passengers? I assume it will not carry life-rafts'. Like others have said I think this is some years down the road, I suspect I will have gone up the chimney in smoke before this concept becomes reality and my diesel engine motorhome will be in a museum ( or scrapheap). How long did it take to develop the hovercraft to an operational size and capability? That has not lasted because of the problems with fuel economy and the 'skirt' getting damaged very easily. Even the famed LNG ships are a long time in arriving, I do not think the ex-Honfleur will be operating on an enviromentally fuel once it goes into service; in fact is the LNG equipment still on the vessel?
  13. I was Being facetious with my last post; but honestly the Channel is not smooth, anything but for much of the year, and I think that this would be exposed to the same perils as flying boats i.e. they needed a chop to get them unstuck from the water but were very susceptible to damage from rogue waves, flotsam etc. Imagine what would happen if one of these caught a submerged shipping container?????
  14. It is June the 15th. and not 1st. April??????????????? If I wanted to fly I think I would use an airport, I use ferries because, in the main, the air is much cleaner and not re-circulated umpteen times with a bit of make up from an engine by-pass. It is a far more civilised way to travel, even if the seas sometimes conspire to make the journey uncomfortable.
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