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  1. I spoke on webchat on Friday regarding our 24th sailing to Santander and it's still going ahead according to Zoe!
  2. Brittany has their own form to fill in. It's on the website.
  3. We are travelling down from Scotland. I was planning to get the test done on 22nd, results by 10pm 23rd - sailing on 24th. We only arrive on 26th (two night crossing). How strict will they be I wonder? According to the "Spain Travel Health" page, the ferry or airline will check your "negative" test against your passport details prior to travel. In this case, we will fit the <72 hrs guide but not for arrival. What a palaver!
  4. Hi, first post. It's all a bit up in the air at the moment! We are booked to Santander on 24th June so hoping green by then. Was going to book PCR test for entry, but if proof of vaccine is going to be acceptable (as was touted by some countries) then I'll hold off on this. Still a bit vague too on return. We have Lat flow tests (free from NHS) to take with us, again this may change for return. Hope we all get going again shortly - I feel for those affected once furlough ends!
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