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  1. But they should consider they are catering for mainly British tourists.
  2. I have just managed to go online and change to a Commodore Suite. So more looking forward to it now.
  3. Yes, BA who I like dropped Manchester as a main hub back in 2005 I think. They did start a once weekly Saturday flight to Alicante using laid up embraer `Jets that cannot be used at London City. However that has stopped. That meant, for us. To fly to Alicante from Manchester meant: Fly MANCHESTER - London Heathrow. Get shuttle to Gatwick and then fly to Alicante. Same on return. Just not worth the effort or cost. We only have budget airlines from Manchester to Alicante left now. BUT!. BA's reshuffle of service means they are now flying from Heathrow to Alicante. So I will be lo
  4. I live near Manchester, Portsmouth usually tales me less than 4 hours driving. I can get on the Ferry, relax for 24+hours. Drive to our house in Spain in 7-8 hours. Own space, own bed, even own balcony on PA. I would much rather do that than get on a an airplane to Alicante. I do, as often we have to. But, as we live near Big cities, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. The Airplanes are often full of drunken, rude, foul mouthed Hens and Stags. We call it the Benibus. In the last 6 years of flying to Alicante, I can honestly say, out of 8 return flights a year, I would need just one hand to c
  5. Thanks for the detailed review. I have lost our Premium Commodore cabin due to having to re-book. Bot at least I have managed to get a Club cabin after again losing our PA Balcony cabin due to another re-book. I too really cannot understand why BF cannot procure a decent English Breakfast. I really used to enjoy the Brasserie Haddock and Egg or Bacon and Egg on Hull-Zeebrugge (gone now sadly). And the breakfast service on the Stena Twins to `Hook of Holland.
  6. What a brilliant response. You have written exactly what I feel. The exception being the comment about stress on a vessel. I never thought about that.
  7. I guess that's no bad thing if its a quick overnight. But I like to push the boat out now and then. Plus I can get fresh air without having to wear a mask.
  8. Nice ferry if you can afford and get a Balcony Cabin. Though it was a bit tatty last time we crossed on her. Shame they don't use her for the 2 night crossing. Would be much better value for money. Over all, I prefer CF
  9. did you manage to get everything arranged?
  10. Any tricks or tips please? We had a Commodore suite on Galacia booked to Spain for late May this year. 2021. However, when it was mentioned Spain may not allow UK visitors in until June 1st. I re-booked. Of course now, there is a change of dates. UK Travellers allowed in from 24th May. I had re-booked fro the 6th June on Pont Aven, arriving in Spain on the 7th. Reading this document, things may well change https://www.mscbs.gob.es/en/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov/documentos/AnnexII_between_24052021-and-06062021-uk-japan.pdf
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