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  1. Thanks for the chuckles people. No milk or cheese but what about Heinz Weightwatchers baked beans ? My missus wont have any other and they are 2 euros + in Iceland.! Seriously, if anyone does go via Portsmouth to Bilbao, let us know what the situation was regarding personal items (as mentioned in another post) etc. I'll do the same when we go over in August. Salud
  2. Has anyone been through Bilbao customs recently? What was the experience like? Any problems, searches etc ?
  3. Hi everyone, Just joined the forum although been a BF regular for 20 years. We have a small house on the Costa Blanca. Normally we would drive down there with our pooch from Bilbao or Santander carrying bits and bobs for the house, personal items etc, some favorite foods which are not available in Spain. Never any problem at the border. But of course we are now a third country subject to new customs regulations. Our next trip is planned for August 2021 to Bilbao. My question is to members on the forum in a similar situation to us - would anyone who has sailed recently mind telling me of their experiences at either Bilbao or Santander customs under the new regime? Thank you. Saludo, Freddie
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