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  1. More pics today as she came out of the dry dock (c) Marta Fabiszewska
  2. Hard to believe it was launched from the FSG build hall in December 2018. I think the deal was signed early 2018.
  3. Posted earlier on LinkedIn Interestingly using a hashtag of #Honfleur In the past Marta has tagged with #93 - yeah my imagination is jumping light years ahead here! 🙂 (c) Marta Fabiszewska
  4. Regulated and protected in the same way as any bank operating in EU. But what I did on a recent visit to France was just transfer the money in each morning.
  5. Consider something like a Revolut account. Makes having multiple foreign currency accounts much easier. Their exchange rates are good, only issue is you can only use ATM's for up to €200 per month. No limit on card transactions. Also great for using disposable cards for online shopping.
  6. A few of us used to take a van via Rosslare on the last Friday sailing each season. 75% of the people on boat were back on it on the Saturday. Rosslare customs just waved vast majority through. It just annoys me as it is a 90L guideline and not a limit.. We've 7 in the house and all wine drinkers. 90L doesn't go far. 🙂 I think we will do Cork Roscoff next year. It will be lovely to get back to Roscoff.
  7. Just back from a few days break in Normandy. Masks in shops, restaurants, museums etc were primarily washables. There is a large amount of people wearing on the streets. In some outdoor historical sites, masks were also mandatory.
  8. What was customs like in Cork. We came back Cherbourg to Dublin last week and got a right grilling from customs even though we were below the 90L "guidelines". It was never like this in Rosslare. Giving serious consideration to Cork-Roscoff for next year. Thanks
  9. If you have access to LinkedIn a Marta Fabiszewska (Coating Inspector w Siem Shipping Inc) has some photo's up. I can't place the link as you need to be logged into LinkedIn Latest photo seems to show 774 (Fosen have it numbered as #93)in dry dock with a new coat of paint. She also has previous pics of the outside and car decks getting a coating.
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