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  1. While checking in for Galicia on Thursday last (14th), they expressed concern about the 00 before my passport number, as advised by Spanish help desk. They asked for my original QR form filled in two weeks earlier, but said that they could have accepted the 00 but that it made it more difficult. Enjoyable crossing on Galicia - plenty of space and got two free English breakfasts due to C club in Tapas restaurant. Excellent snacks in C-club. Was waived straight through customs, no checks at all. What was pleasantly surprising was being waved straight through Spanish checks apart from passport being stamped, and very quick glance at the green QR code sheet with vaccine certs. Waiving through also bypassed the queue waiting for questions. Disembark and on the road within 5 minutes
  2. And the BF webpage “All passengers must also complete an online Health Control form (FCS form) within 48 hours prior to travel. ”. At least that is 48 hours prior to travel rather that arrival in Spain.
  3. BF still saying ALL must complete, with no mention of families or groups, and SpTH saying within 48 hours of landing under the Ferry information, which makes it a little difficult for 2 night crossings and 1 day travel to Portsmouth.
  4. And not a good sign that the Spanish application form asks which area of the U.K. that you are travelling from.
  5. Unfortunately that is what most are doing - which is why BF telephone lines are so busy; at least that gave me time to helpfully find this site. All BF seemed able to do is advise the Spanish helpline number. Not such a good option when it takes so long for them to answer and when the same group is advising me Not to travel to Spain. Not so good for any BF customers who do not read the Spanish text in their email.
  6. I did get the GREEN label with the BR code as needed but just an additional note that further documents will be needed in Spain. (Documental Control) The most concerning thing was the email that included it - with the advice Not to travel to Spain and also saying that I would need to bring a PCR result for entry. But that was only in the English translation. The same email had instructions in Spanish saying just to bring the extra documentation. Luckily I did read that. The only thing that BF could offer was the helpline telephone number - and that took over Two hours. They just told me that there was a fault on their website. It will certainly help if the NHS certificate would be accepted on that website.
  7. After spending an hour on the phone listening to piano music and being cut off a number of times, I finally got through to assistance. While waiting I managed, with my rudimentary Spanish to translate the Spanish side of my QR email. Totally different to the English above! It just tells me to bring the vaccination certificates with me and does NOT advise me NOT to travel to Spain. I spoke to assistance eventually - he tells me that all is OK, just bring the NHS certificates. He also tells me to repeat the application just 24hours before sailing. This time use only Google Chrome and put a Double 0 in front of my passport number. There is a problem with the website - they keep telling “them” about it but nothing is done. I just feel sorry for the overworked BF staff who must be receiving numerous calls about this.
  8. Well, I have finally managed to get a response from their server. It would not accept the NHS vaccination certification so I was forced to select the “Other” form as required when unable to upload the certificate. That then gave me an email but headed in Red “REMEMBER that you must bring your NEGATIVE certificate for the RT-PCR test, or other tests based on equivalent molecular techniques (TMA, LAMP), carried out in the 72 hours prior to arrival, which may be required on entry to Spain by the health authorities.” And, very helpfully: “Based on your responses, it would be advisable not to travel to Spain. “ BUT it then provided a very nice QR Code with the word GREEN printed below. So that should get me on the boat perhaps and I just hope in Spain, they will accept the NHS certificate….. I will telephone the helpline in the morning to see if I can get a written “opinion”. IT systems! - BillG, you have a lot to be responsible for!
  9. In an attempt to save other new members the need to Wade through 47 (or more?) pages of the unhelpfully name Options topic, I hope this will be acceptable. Unless you decide on the Option, that BF is simply no longer worth the trouble: Here is my experience of attempting to fill in the “required” Health Control Form before my trip to Spain. 1. The Options thread does say that it is possible to fill in and print out the required QR code to board the ferry before the 48 hour timescale as requested. I am glad that I attempted this as it has certainly taken much longer than 48hours without success …. 2. The Spanish site appears to be either broken or completely overloaded. Continual “Unable to contact site. Try again later” messages. I tried for 4 days! When it finally gave a response it was the the NHS certificate that I provided was unacceptable… 3. To save you the half hour queue for BF, and to save adding further to their workload: There is a telephone helpline (in very small print at the base of the page) 0034 910 980 980 It does have English available but only 9am - 2pm (Spanish) though the telephone recording suggests 8am-5pm M-T or 8am to 3pm Fri 4. Whether that will be any use depends upon who answers. It has been reported in the 47pages that some say the web will only provide the documents in the 48hours immediately before boarding But it has also been reported that that is only for flights. I understand that BF is not yet offering flights; they are to come sometime in the future 5. If Admin permit this thread, I will update with any report of success - or whether I have given up on 10yrs+ travel with BF and taken the option of travel via France (I still remember the Lord Warden under British Railways, and times when Ferry companies still sought your custom and Countries actually welcomed travellers) 6. As it is likely some will know better, please correct any of my mistakes above and save new members the search through 47p of Options
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