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  1. Andy

    Oscar Wilde

    Does anyone know why the Oscar Wilde has turned back towards the UK this evening - medical evacuation?
  2. Andy

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Best I can find: http://www.eve-basse-normandie.fr/en/eve/car-ferry--caen-ouistreham-420.html
  3. Andy

    Former Coutances sinks

    Sad news today as the Rosa Eugenia (fondly remembered by many as the Coutances) reportedly started tanking on water yesterday and sank. She had been laid up in Venezuela for the past two years. Some more info and photos here: http://puntodecorte.com/otro-ferry-menos-ferry-rosa-eugenia-se-hundio-tras-de-2-anos-de-abandono/
  4. Andy

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    Great find! Thanks for sharing
  5. Andy

    Bretagne 31/08/2018

    I know what you mean, but I find the window useful for timing it just right for laying in just that little bit longer! That said a 2 berth outside is usually cheaper than a 4 berth inside cabin. They do sell out almost as quickly as Commodore Cabins mind!
  6. Andy

    Bretagne 31/08/2018

    Always worth remembering that the 2 berth outside cabins on the Bretagne have two lower berths. As they are all at the forward end you also get a great view overlooking the bow from deck 8.
  7. Andy

    Etretat’s funnel in need of some TLC

    Etretat’s funnel is certainly in need of some tlc!
  8. Andy

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Mont St Michel is being taken out of service for a week, commencing 11th September, due to a technical problem and will be going to dry dock in Brest. Normandie Express will have it’s season extended and will be operating additional sailings in her abscence.
  9. Andy

    St Cecilia today

    There are news reports that someone has fallen overboard and she is assisting with the search and rescue operation. Thoughts are will all those involved.
  10. Tempers are once again running high between French and British fisherman, over the fishing of scallops in the Baie de Seine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45337091
  11. Andy

    Piece of history

    If your looking for a piece of BF history (and have deep pockets!) the ships bell from the Prince of Brittany and Pen-as-Bed are currently up for sale: https://m.ebay.fr/itm/Cloche-du-PRINCE-OF-BRITTANY-navire-Brittany-Ferries-1978-1988/123288973299?hash=item1cb4986ff3%3Ag%3Ag84AAOSwNLJbSMA8&_pgn=6&_nkw=brittany+ferries&_from=R40&rt=nc https://m.ebay.fr/itm/Cloche-du-PEN-AR-BED-navire-Brittany-Ferries-1974-1984/123289007769?hash=item1cb498f699%3Ag%3AqHIAAOSwFZtbSL3t&_pgn=6&_nkw=brittany+ferries&_from=R40&rt=nc
  12. Andy

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    @des @ferrymancork Great pics guys! Thanks for sharing, its good to see another ferry using Cork after Fastnet closed down. The all white livery looks much smarter than that of the Etretat, just hope it holds out after a few months across the Bay.
  13. Just spotted the Cote d’Albatre heading up the channel having sailed up from Santander. Does anyone know what she’s been up to? 🙄
  14. Andy

    Poole Harbour Developmement

    The new gangway in Poole was put into service yesterday
  15. Her entry into service has been further delayed to the 30th July.