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  1. We have received the below open invitation from Brittany Ferries, which they have requested we share: Dear BFE members, We hope you and yours are keeping well. Many of you are already aware that we’re currently working on a major project that will totally transform our website. The first part of this is the launch of a brand-new online ferry booking experience. This new system has many advantages – here are just a few of them. It offers simpler navigation, with fewer clicks to book. It’s easier to check availability when booking pet travel. Vehicle pricing is more ac
  2. Residents have complained of noise and air pollution from the Barfleur, which is currently laid up on the Caen canal. Barfleur isn’t alone in being laid up on the canal, with three cruise ships being moored nearby, however she appears to have become the focus of the attention. https://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/caen-14000/caen-le-barfleur-a-perturbe-les-nuits-des-riverains-du-canal-7157969
  3. No mention of Normandie Express...
  4. She’s already started to be pulled apart https://www.instagram.com/p/CLs6ysVL3er/?igshid=6puoa7qz7bhu
  5. Andy

    A roadmap for Optimism

    It's interesting to remember that the optimism for travel is just as strong on the other side of the Channel, which this new French BF advert demonstrates.
  6. There is currently a limited service for passengers: Portsmouth/Caen - Mont St Michel only Portsmouth/Santander - Galicia I'm not sure if Ireland/Spain is accepting passengers. More info at https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/planning/sailing-updates
  7. Didn't she call into Bilbao as part of her initial berthing trials, after Plymouth?
  8. Latest CEO Update: A roadmap for optimism Dear all, I wanted to give you a quick update following the publication of the UK’s roadmap out of the Covid crisis yesterday. Firstly I’m delighted that a roadmap has been announced and that international travel has not been excluded from planning. This is only for the UK of course, but around 85% of customers are Brits and I am hopeful that this will open the door to discussion about equivalent measures in other countries in which we operate. The news has been greeted positively in the UK. We reported a three-fold increase in
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