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  1. Looks like she finally made her way onto the beach earlier today in Aliaga
  2. Good to see her back in service. She’s only carrying unaccompanied freight at present. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJiaXuBpHMx/?igshid=1guaufk4s80c7
  3. Looks like the Commodore Goodwill has a special mission ahead of her tonight..!
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that even during these difficult times you can take a moment to reflect on 2020, enjoy some quality time with your friends and families (even if this is via zoom or remotely), and look forward to a prosperous 2021.
  5. As a distraction from current events, a quick summary of the planned whereabouts of the fleet on Christmas day this year. (Clearly this is subject to change!) Ships Currently In Service Armorique - Le Havre Connemara - Bilbao Galicia - Portsmouth Normandie - Ouistreham Pelican - At Sea (Poole to Bilbao) Ships Currently in Refit/Layup Barfleur - Caen Bretagne - Le Havre Cap Finistere - Santander (Astander shipyard, ETD to be confirmed) Cotentin - Cherbourg Etretat - Le Havre Mont St Michel - Gdansk (Remontowa shipyard, ETD to be confirmed)
  6. A big Happy Birthday to Mont St Michel, which entered service 18 years ago today. She’ll always be a special ship for me, full of happy memories. The maiden voyage signified a real changing of the guard, sailing out on the Quiberon’s final voyage, and then returning on Monty (which had been held for those marking the occasion!).
  7. Sailings will continue, as freight still needs to be carried. The current guidance only restricts international travel if you live in a tier 4 area. No doubt further guidance will be issued by Gov.uk shortly.
  8. An often overlooked ship (which has continued on throughout the current 'crisis'), here's a spectacular photo by "Antonio Ruizg" of the MN Pelican arriving in Santander earlier this year. https://www.instagram.com/p/CId-ZmpBf-n/?igshid=1in7daqalr6d9 His Flickr page is worth a browse too!
  9. The latest guidance has now been published on Gov.uk https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pet-travel-to-europe-from-1-january-2021
  10. It will take some operational planning yes, however it would certainly be possible through advanced booking (which I believe is in the pipeline). Irish Ferries already offer this service: https://www.irishferries.com/uk-en/frequently-asked-questions/general-information/electric-cars/
  11. Cotentin is currently on her way to Cherbourg, having completed berthing trails on the RoRo berth in Le Havre.
  12. Agreed. General discussion has been moved to the general Coronavirus thread.
  13. Channel 4’s ‘Britain’s Most Historic Towns’ is worth a watch, particularly if you are interested in the history of Plymouth and Portsmouth. A few shots of BF too (including the Cap in Plymouth) https://www.channel4.com/programmes/britains-most-historic-towns?cntsrc=social_share_ios_britains_most_historic_towns
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