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  1. And here they are in the flesh so to speak
  2. Andy

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Some fantastic photos by @Gary Davies of Barfleur sporting her new colours:
  3. Very unusual sight to have the economie fleet (Kerry excluded) all at anchor in the Solent this morning!
  4. A new update has been publisher over on ‘Destination Honfleur’ detailing the artwork that will be displayed onboard. Also revealed are the names of the onboard facilities: Giverny Restaurant, The Market Restaurant (self service) The Bar de la Baie The Loft Lounge (for teenagers) Premium Lounge (as onboard Barfleur) https://www.destinationhonfleur.com/en/news/gallery-sea
  5. She’s now in Poole where repairs will be conducted. Arrow is bound for Portsmouth from Larne.
  6. Kerry has reportedly caused a minor spillage into Santander harbour, which has already been cleared. https://m.eldiario.es/cantabria/ultima-hora/Brittany-Ferries-Santander-Irlanda-Bahia_0_979202339.html
  7. And she’s off...! Merry Christmas once again everyone.
  8. She’ll be headed back in to port once the Pont-Aven has departed.
  9. An extra sailing to help people get back to Span before Christmas - which technically replaced the cancelled Cap Finistere sailing.
  10. Andy

    Pont Cabins

    As well as being close to the bar (though they are behind glass doors so no issue with noise) they guarantee you a full sea view which isn’t always the case on the promenade deck - and you don’t have car alarms going off beneath you! 😒
  11. Oops, the peril of copy & paste. 🙄 She will indeed be in Poole for Boxing Day evening to receive bunkers.
  12. Quite where 2019 has gone is beyond me, but here we are just two more sleeps before Christmas Dat! It's certainly been an interesting year in the world of BF with both highs and lows, but 2020 looks set to be a cracker with the arrival of both the Honfleur and Galica to keep us all busy! As always a massive thank you to all of our members for your support and contribution over the last year. Without you BFE wouldn't exist, and for that I am truly grateful. A huge shout out also goes to @Jim @Millsy @Gareth and @AdamW who as ever do an amazing job in keeping everything ticking over. A final thank you goes to the team at BF Towers for their continued support. May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Ferry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Finally, here's a summary of the fleets locations on Christmas Day: Armorique - Roscoff (re-enters service 13:45 26th December) Baie de Seine - Bilbao (re-enters service 15:30 26th December) Barfleur - Santander (re-enters service 18:30 2nd January) Bore Bay - Bilbao (re-enters service 20:00 26th December) Bretagne - Le Havre (re-enters service 10:00 29th December ex St Malo) Cap Finistere - Portsmouth (re-enters service 17:00 27th December) Connemara - Cherbourg (re-enters service 18:30 26th December) Etretat - Le Havre (re-enters service 17:00 26th December) Kerry - Cork (re-enters service 22:30 27th December) Normandie - Ouistreham (re-enters service 08:30 26th December) Normandie Express - Le Havre (re-enters service 17:00 30th April) Mont St Michel - Le Havre (re-enters service 16:30 26th December) MN Pelican - Gibraltar (re-enters service 20:00 2nd January) Pont-Aven - Antwerp (Christmas Cruise)
  13. It’s a great video - and ahead of its time , long before Discovery Channel and Mighty Ships! Had mine converted to dvd.
  14. Looks like the Spanish feel of the e-flexors is being trialled: Tomorrow’s cuisine today Over the coming months, we invite you to embark with us for some Spanish style festivities during your cruise onboard Pont-Aven. Brittany Ferries has joined forces with one of the finest Spanish chefs to bring you new culinary specialities straight out of Spain. Carlos Zamöra will give your a taster of Hispanic delicacies, with an exclusive menu including tapas, olive assortments, Iberian charcuterie platters and more. And because your opinion matters greatly to us, we hope that after tasting these new dishes you will tell us what you think. Ready? ¡Buen povecho!
  15. They are the internal port codes, which appear on your car boarding hanger, but it’s unusual for them to appear elsewhere: P - Portsmouth L - Poole Y - Plymouth O - Ouistreham H - Cherbourg M - St Malo R - Roscoff A - Le Havre C - Cork S - Santander B - Bilbao
  16. The young lady is now sporting the BF logo (with thanks to BF) 😎 More photos over on destinationhonfleur.com
  17. The first autumnal storm approaches:
  18. A first for me last night - the evening arrival (20:10) of the Armorique into Plymouth was delayed due to a trawler having broken down on the berth. As the breakwater approached the Armorique did a 180’ turn and headed back out to sea. After about 20 minutes we were advised that we were being held due to heavy port congestion (after I had initially enquired at reception and was told it was due to submarine traffic!) but a glance at Marine Traffic revealed a trawler was on the berth, with an MOD tug in attendance. An apologetic SMS received from BF also confirmed this. A further hour past before the trawler was moved - and only then did we head into the harbour, arriving an hour late. Still, it meant I got to watch all of Strictly! Bizarrely it appears that the trawler is back on the berth again today - fingers crossed it’s moved in good time for the Pont.
  19. Andy

    Roscoff hotel

    I also got caught up in the festivities in Roscoff yesterday - never seen the place so busy! Even the usual backup option of parking at the SNCF station didn’t work. In the end I found a spot beside the footpath outside of le Triton. From memory the hotels in Roscoff that have parking are le Brittany and le Triton. The former Talabardon (now Mercure) had secure chargeable parking on the adjacent road.
  20. Yes, that’s correct. it appeared that additional busses have been hired whilst the gangway is out of service to help minimise delays.
  21. It’s the French equivalent of the Hotel Manager / Ships Purser.
  22. For the benefit of those travelling on foot to St Malo, note that the gangway is currently being refurbished and is unavailable for use. Allow extra time for disembarkation via deck 3.
  23. Latest update over on ‘Destination Honfleur’ reports on an LNG bunkering trial conducted in Ouistreham, with the help of the Mont St Michel. click here
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