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  1. Brittany Ferries have today signed a letter of intent for the order of a new LNG powered ferry for the Portsmouth/Caen route. The ship, code named 'Mont St Michel 2', will be constructed at the Flensburger Schiffbau shipyard in Germany, for delivery in 2019. "The signing of this letter of intent with Flensburger is a concrete step towards building the next generation of Brittany Ferries. Despite Brexit, we remain confident in our ability to continue to develop and modernize our network of motorways of the sea at the service of tourism and logistics of the regions of the Atlantic Arc."- Christophe Mathieu, Brittany Ferries chairman. Specifications: - Length: 185m - Beam: 31m - Draft: 6.5m - GRT: 42,000 - Passengers: 1680 - Cabins: 257 - Garage: 2,600m (130 freight or 550 cars) - Power: LNG EDIT: Full press release now available here: http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/pr...ed-ship?page=1
  2. A new onboard communications contact for Brittany Ferries: https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2018/11/faster-on-board-wifi-and-mobile-data-coming-to-brittany-ferries.html
  3. Irish Continental Group plc invests €144 million to build a new cruise ferry Irish Continental Group plc ("ICG") has entered into an agreement, with the German company Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesselschaft & Co.KG ("FSG"), whereby FSG has agreed to build a cruise ferry for ICG at a contract price of €144 million. The cruise ferry will accommodate 1,885 passengers and crew, with 435 cabins and with capacity for 2,800 lane metres of freight (165 freight vehicles) plus an additional dedicated car deck with capacity for 300 passenger cars. The Agreement between ICG and FSG provides that the cruise ferry is scheduled for delivery in May 2018. 20% of the contract price will be paid in instalments during the construction period. The balance of 80% will be paid on delivery. ICG intend to utilise a combination of existing cash resources and loan facilities to finance the cruise ferry. The pre-delivery instalment payments to FSG will be protected by means of bank guarantees. This cruise ferry will be designed and built to the highest standards of cruise shipping, and equipped with efficiency and comfort in mind. Emissions scrubber technology (not included in the above price) and ballast water systems will meet current and known future environmental regulations and will deliver optimal fuel consumption while minimising related costs. The cruise ferry will be powered by four main engines delivering 33,600KW of power which will ensure a high degree of service reliability similar to that already achieved by the existing owned fleet of modern cruise ferries. The cruise ferry will be designed to best meet the operational seasonality of our business. This flexibility in design includes the ability to service all of Irish Ferries existing routes, and will provide even greater route management options. The cruise ferry will also adhere to Ice Class specification which will allow for a wide geographic area of operation. Passenger facilities will be spread over 4 decks and will offer a choice of 435 cabins to include suites with their own private external balconies, along with deluxe and standard class accommodation. In addition to a superb choice of bars, restaurants (to include both á la carte and self-service options), special provision has been made for premium Club Class passengers, with a dedicated lounge featuring private access direct from the vehicle decks. A choice of state of the art entertainment options and cinemas, dedicated facilities for freight drivers, as well as retail outlets and onboard facilities for pets, will ensure that all our passengers will be comfortable and engaged throughout their journey. It is likely that this new cruise ferry will be introduced on routes served by the chartered ship MV Epsilon, (currently year round services Dublin - Holyhead midweek, and Ireland - France on weekends). The cruise ferry will provide additional freight and tourism capacity on both routes and will deliver a much enhanced onboard experience for all customers. In addition to increased capacity, the cruise ferry will deliver significant cost savings to the group and improved route and fleet management efficiencies. Referring to the announcement Eamonn Rothwell, Chief Executive Officer, commented that; "This investment underpins the confidence the Group has in both the freight and passenger tourism markets between Ireland, Britain and France. The construction of a cruise ferry of this size will offer a premium experience for all our customers, in line with our commitment to deliver the best in service, in reliability and flexibility across all our routes. We also expect to be well positioned to accommodate the changing expectations of our customers, and to benefit from significant operational and financial benefits following the delivery in 2018." [ATTACH=CONFIG]n261306[/ATTACH]
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    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Some more photographs of some of the superstructure departing Gdansk, from http://gospodarkamorska.pl
  5. Andy

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Portsmouth to Le Havre - Le Havre to Portsmouth We are sorry to advise that due to a Dockers strike in Le Havre, the following sailings have been CANCELLED: 12/12/18 Portsmouth to Le Havre 23:30 13/12/18 Le Havre to Portsmouth 22:00 https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/routes/sailing-updates
  6. Andy

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Works to commence shortly in Ouistreham in order to accommodate the Honfleurs increased length. https://actu.fr/normandie/ouistreham_14488/port-caen-ouistreham-1-million-deuros-travaux-accueillir-ferry-honfleur_20135645.html
  7. Andy

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    PortalMkrski has captured one of the completed accommodation blocks departing Poland: https://www.portalmorski.pl/stocznie-statki/41242-nadbudowka-z-gdanskich-firm-trafi-na-nowy-prom-brittany-ferries
  8. Andy

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    The latest update on 'Destination Honfleur' shows the installation of her electric propulsion motors.There's a glmpse of the interior, and the WD Yeats is in view too https://www.destinationhonfleur.com/en/news/its-electrifying-last-piece-mechanical-jigsaw-arrives-ahead-launch
  9. Turns out there were quite a few BFE-ers on-board this weekend! Jim's covered most of the eventualities (although we had a little more luck in the restaurant!). The Christmas fairies did their work whilst in St Malo, with the ship beautifully decorated for the return sailing. Couldn't really see any evidence of works conducted in refit, although the use of pre-recorded announcements on departure and arrival was new. All in all a very pleasant weekend, despite the inclement weather! Here's a pic of the 'nouvelle boisson logo'
  10. Andy

    Death on the Tyne

    The King and Princess Seaways appears in a cameo appearance as the ‘Empress of the Tyne’ in Gold’s comedy ‘Death on the Tyne’. https://corporate.uktv.co.uk/news/article/johnny-vegas-and-sian-gibson-return-death-tyne-all-star-cast-comedy-heroes/
  11. Barriers have been installed at Portsmouth Harbour station, which has not been received well: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/business/portsmouth-harbour-station-s-new-security-gates-sparks-row-between-transport-firms-1-8723412
  12. Brittany Ferries confirms passenger and freight numbers – and a new ship charter - Total freight units carried 213,000, an increase of 4 percent - Total passengers carried 2,352,000, a drop of 3 percent - Passenger numbers on long routes (UK-Spain and France to Ireland) 394,000 up 5 percent - Passenger numbers on channel routes (UK-France) 1,958,000 down 5 percent As the season draws to a close, Brittany Ferries has today confirmed a 4 percent rise in freight traffic, but a 3 percent drop in overall passenger numbers. The figures, which cover the period from November ‘16 to October ‘17, present a mixed picture for the business which operates from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth in the UK. Cross Channel passenger numbers, which comprise 80 percent of the total, fell by 5 percent. Routes to Spain and between France and Ireland reported an increase of 5 percent. The company’s results point to tougher trading conditions in the wake of the Brexit vote, but also confirmation that the company’s diversification strategy is working. “There are positive indicators in these results, such as our freight figures, but we can say for sure that Brexit is affecting us commercially and financially,” said Christophe Mathieu Brittany Ferries chief executive officer. “Long routes from the UK to Spain and between France and Ireland have performed well, but passenger traffic from the UK to France has fallen significantly. This is the majority of our business and the downturn comes on both sides of the Channel, so a decline in the number of French visitors coming to the UK too. “In addition to these challenges our financial results have been affected by the dramatic fall in the value of the pound. Despite this, we remain confident in our diversification strategy. We are also optimistic about the future and are committed to investing in fleet renewal.” Following a £175 million investment in a new ship called Honfleur, to be delivered in 2019 for the Portsmouth-Caen route, the company has confirmed investment in a second vessel. To be chartered from Stena Line following its construction in China, she will further increase capacity on Spanish routes when delivered ahead of the 2021 season. The charter will come with more on-board accommodation and a large garage for passenger and freight vehicles. She will replace Baie de Seine and Brittany Ferries will have the option to purchase after the expiry of the initial five year charter. Press Release: Issued 1st November
  13. Andy

    New Look Revealed

    Pont-Aven departing Santander earlier today, sporting her new livery (from Instagram).
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    Use of logos

    A polite reminder that the BF logo is a trademark and as such such not be used for personal use in the public domain without the prior permission of Brittany Ferries.
  15. The report into the Epsilon’s voyage has now been published. https://www.thejournal.ie/irish-ferries-mv-epsilon-storm-imogen-damage-4368428-Nov2018/
  16. Andy

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Construction has commenced on the fourth in the series of 'e-flexers' for Stena Line. (Brittany Ferries will be taking charter of the 3rd and 6th vessel.) Press Release: http://news.cision.com/stena-line/r/stena-line-s-three-irish-sea-e-flexer-ships-now-in-construction,c2684885
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    Nuff said! :)
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    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Further weather disruption is now affecting the following sailings: 28/11/18 Cherbourg to Poole 22:15 - We are sorry to advise that due to bad weather, this sailing has been cancelled. 29/11/18 Poole to Cherbourg 08:30 - We are sorry to advise that due to bad weather, this sailing has been cancelled. 29/11/18 Santander to Cork 17:30 - We are sorry to advise that due to bad weather, this sailing has been cancelled.
  19. Andy

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Due to adverse weather (Storm Diana) the Baie de Seine' sailing from Portsmouth to Santander tomorrow, and the return on Wednesday have been cancelled. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/routes/sailing-updates
  20. Andy

    New Terminal for Santander

    A new ferry terminal is to be constructed in the Malia area of the town in order to accommodate larger vessels. It will also allow greater security and the valuable city centre land to be developed. More: https://www.eldiariomontanes.es/santander/revilla-fija-2020-20181105213144-nt.html
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    Cap Finistere.jpg

  22. Andy

    New Terminal for Santander

    Wasn't that last done back in 2003, prior to the arrival of the Pont-Aven? Ridiculous just how fast time flies by!