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  1. The official public announcement was only made today, but has been widely known and expected for some months now. Having operated from Poole in 2015 she's proven she's a good fit for the port - and has of course also visited St Malo before whilst marking the start of the Route du Rhum, so an excellent fit for Condor's network.
  2. It has been announced that the Normandie Express is to join Condor Ferries fleet as Condor Voyager, and that Condor Ferries will operate some high speed services to France on behalf of Brittany Ferries. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/04/22/condor-could-use-high-speed-brittany-ferries-vessel-this-summer/
  3. Galicia participated in an emergency exercise today off Cherbourg with the French coastguard, simulating power loss and emergency towage.
  4. Hi Jonny, and welcome to the forum! Its most likely a result of passengers moving their bookings following the (limited) release of 2022 sailings earlier this week. I would take the opportunity to grab the cabin you’d like whilst you can, just in case...!
  5. A strongly worded article in Le Mode yesterday, expressing the challenges ahead for BF and the need for support. https://www.lemonde.fr/idees/article/2021/04/09/brittany-ferries-allons-nous-abandonner-derriere-nous-cette-institution-du-monde-maritime-francais-et-europeen_6076191_3232.html
  6. Now showing as renamed with Cypriot flag.
  7. Stena Line today announce the latest addition to their Baltic Sea fleet. The 186 metre long Visentini RoPax vessel Stena Livia will initially join sister vessel Stena Flavia on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils route from mid-April. Later this year the pair will replace the existing tonnage on the ferry route between Travemünde and Liepaja, adding 40 per cent freight capacity and shorten the crossing time substantially. Etretat is still berthed in Cherbourg, and yet to be renamed and flagged. https://news.cision.com/stena-line/r/stena-livia-joins-the-baltic-sea-fleet,c3321344
  8. The CGT union have reportedly reached an agreement with Brittany Ferries for there to be "No Dry Layoffs Over The Next Three Years". https://www.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/roscoff-29680/brittany-ferries-pas-de-licenciements-secs-ces-trois-prochaines-annees-selon-la-cgt-8b9f5574-96f5-11eb-8638-69c56106f3d4 BF are also seeking a cash injection of 50M euros, through a prospective partner alongside their majority shareholder, SICA. https://www.ouest-france.fr/economie/transports/transport-maritime/le-delicat-renflouement-de-brittany-ferries-161aa412-9258-11eb-8153-111acea7321d
  9. It's pretty rate for passengers to be able to physically walk on the bow on any ship these days. At least MSM has the external forward deck (when the doors are open!), and the Pont-Aven has the promenade deck and an outside deck which offer forward views.
  10. Don't forget the significance of the rail link project at Cherbourg. The e-flexers large capacity make them an ideal candidate to support the supply of unaccompanied freight to the UK.
  11. plus a weekend trip to Bilbao, before the Cotentin takes up the reigns to Santander (meaning Le Havre becomes a weekday service only).
  12. Just like the good old days, with the Val
  13. DFDS launches new unaccompanied freight service from Sheerness to Calais. The service will start on 1st June and will offer one daily sailing in each direction between the two ports. It will be operated by the Gothia Seaways, which can carry up to 165 unaccompanied freight units (trailers or containers without drivers). https://www.dfds.com/en/about/media/news/dfds-launches-new-freight-service-from-sheerness-to-calais?fbclid=IwAR27IaQjCkpFaRGDeTegUb1UNwsi-KRc3XEMcxnalxXnj2O38VyNj1Qa9Qs
  14. Almost missed this one, new routes are abound! https://www.instagram.com/p/CNHw77kLpYm/?igshid=35if7987ejbc
  15. A short video of her moving along the lift.
  16. Fantastic video of the Galicia dry docking in Astander:
  17. Lots of meme's certainly doing the rounds. Two of my favourites so far:
  18. An interesting interview with Jean-Marc Rouéon Breton TV this week: https://www.tvr.bzh/v/5d27935-business-club-23-03-2021 (I'll leave it to others who are more fluent in French than me to translate!)
  19. The RMT were quick to pick up on this: https://www.rmt.org.uk/news/rmt-statement-on-irish-ferries/
  20. Brittany Ferries plots recovery course, after worst year in decades Brittany Ferries has published some of the most disappointing figures in its history, following its AGM in St Pol de Leon, France today. In a year dominated by the Covid crisis and amid on-going Brexit concerns, 2020 passenger numbers fell to less than a third of normal levels. Freight fared slightly better, with figures down by 20 percent. Company turnover halved, as lockdown measures and restrictions on travel in all markets forced passengers to stay at home. Despite a dreadful 2020, the company is already plotting a c
  21. An interestingTF1 French TV news report highlighting the rise in direct links to France from Ireland. https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/jt-20h/videos/brexit-les-liaisons-maritimes-de-lirlande-vers-la-france-explosent-33236733.html
  22. We have received the below open invitation from Brittany Ferries, which they have requested we share: Dear BFE members, We hope you and yours are keeping well. Many of you are already aware that we’re currently working on a major project that will totally transform our website. The first part of this is the launch of a brand-new online ferry booking experience. This new system has many advantages – here are just a few of them. It offers simpler navigation, with fewer clicks to book. It’s easier to check availability when booking pet travel. Vehicle pricing is more ac
  23. Residents have complained of noise and air pollution from the Barfleur, which is currently laid up on the Caen canal. Barfleur isn’t alone in being laid up on the canal, with three cruise ships being moored nearby, however she appears to have become the focus of the attention. https://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/caen-14000/caen-le-barfleur-a-perturbe-les-nuits-des-riverains-du-canal-7157969
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