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  1. Doubts cast on future of Dieppe-Newhaven ferry Source Lloyds List Doubts have been cast on the long-term future of the Dieppe-Newhaven ferry service currently run by Louis Dreyfus Transmanche Ferries (LDTF), amid heavy operating losses and a backdrop of public sector budgetary restraint. The service is operated within the framework of a public service delegation contract awarded by the Seine Maritime Council to LDTF in 2007 and which expires at the end of 2014. The council owns the Seven Sisters, which operates the service on two-daily round-trips. It also has a second vessel, the Côte d’Albâtre, and is also the owner of the port of Newhaven. A senior council official with specific responsibility for the cross-Channel service confirmed to Lloyd’s Loading List.com that it would be receiving a public subsidy of almost €14 million this year to cover an annual operating loss which has not varied over the course of the route concession. There is evidence of increasing digruntlement at the council over the yearly deficit run-up by the Dieppe-Newhaven route. At a meeting of steering commitee this month, the question of whether to continue it beyond the term of the current contract, was raised, the council official said. “The answer to this will depend on the consultations (with potential candidates) during the course of 2013, within the framework of the call to tender for the new contract." Over a period of several years, efforts have been taken with LDTF to identity possible areas for economies in the operation of the service but no conclusive results have been achieved, he added. However, Christophe Santoni, previously MD of LDTF and who now has responsibility for the DFDS-LDA joint-venture’s new business unit, France & Mediterranean, argues that economies have been made. “It’s written into the contract that the annual public subsidy for the service is €14.5 million. But this year, we have managed to limit the requirement to €13.8 million. “For the past three years, the Dieppe-Newhaven service has demonstrated its worth, operating two daily round-trips with a single vessel. Despite the economic crisis and general overcapacity in the market, freight traffic will be up by 5%.” He added: “We can fully understand that the council is reflecting on the future of the service, given how tight public finances have become, but we have honoured our part of the agreement. “If a tender is issued for a new contract and we consider its conditions to be satisfactory, we’ll very likely submit a bid.”
  2. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates Heard that last week also, something to do with the tunnel crossover points not being compatible with the freight trains.
  3. Gale force winds in Marseilles resulted in severe damage to SNCMs Napoleon Bonaparte: "The strong winds in the south badly damaged a large ferry owned by the National Corsican Company, the "Napoleon Bonaparte", which crashed against the dock. The flooded vessel, which can carry 2 650 passengers and 708 vehicles, was still tilted on one side in the harbour on Sunday afternoon and was waiting to be "stabilised", Hugues Parant, the prefect of Marseille, told AFP." - posting on the move so am unable to link to photos showing her badly listing over the quayside. A bad weekend for ferries. Irish Sea, Dover and now this.
  4. Re: My Ferry Lin - Updates My Ferry Link tweeted earlier: "@MyFerryLink: Our services are currently disrupted due to the P&O ship Pride of Burgundy losing control and colliding with the Berlioz this morning." Anyone know anymore?
  5. Re: Costa Concordia Aground - Deaths reported Indeed, a very very sad day. Seeing such a ship on it's side is an extreemly harrowing sight. Thoughts to all those involved.
  6. Re: Fastnet Line in trouble Issued by Fastnet this morning:
  7. Re: Fastnet Line in trouble A great shame to hear this news after the effort that has been put in by all those involved in resuming the Swansea/Cork route. However, at a time where almost all of the established ferry operators are struggling, it is perhaps not a complete surprise. I hope that those directly affected by the closure are able to find new work soon.
  8. Re: BF and STX to develop 'Eco-ferry' Well as it's being built for Viking Line the chances are slim! 8-) The interesting point is that the STX now have experience in developing LNG passenger ferries, which will be invaluable for use in their project with BF for an 'eco-ship'. It will be the development of the use of lighter compound materials which will take the most time, for use in a project of this scale.
  9. Re: BF and STX to develop 'Eco-ferry' Interestingly STX have just started construction on a new ferry for Viking Line, which is 214m long and 57,000grt. So this will become the first large passenger ship to use LNG fuel. More here.
  10. Andy

    Mobile Phone use abroad

    Re: Mobile Phone use abroad MSE also highlights data bundles you can get for travelling too for most of the network providers from £1 per day.
  11. This is an example of how the subject line of the thread should look when posting your voyage plans.
  12. The Register section of BFE is designed to provide an opportunity for members to meet and get to know each other by letting members know when you'll be onboard. This section is only visible to BFE members. 1. Before starting a new thread please check one does not already exist for your sailing. 2. Add sailings individually (ie not return crossings). 3. When creating a new thread please use the format 'Date, Route, Ship". Old events will be removed once the crossing has taken place.
  13. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card Nationwide's Gold Card (Credit Card) is also good, with free foreign transactions. It looks like it is has been superseded by a new card though now.
  14. Brittany Ferries MasterCard® Prepaid Euro Card Brittany Ferries have recently launched a 'Euro MasterCard' which is dubbed as a smart way to carry cash abroad, and can be a cheaper alternative to using debit or credit cards. Simply load the card with Euros and use it to pay for goods and services in shops, restaurants and hotels as well as withdraw money from ATMs - just like your normal debit card at home! For more information click here
  15. Shippax are reporting that BF and STX France are to develop an 'Eco-friendly-ferry'. Update: Brittany Ferries and STX France team up to develop eco-friendly superferry Leading French ferry operator, Brittany Ferries, and shipbuilder, STX France, are embarking on a joint project to develop a new generation of environmentally-friendly passenger ferries. Powered by dual fuel engines, which will burn liquefied natural gas (LNG) combined with a high efficiency electric propulsion system, the new vessel will reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 15 - 20% compared to current ferries. Furthermore, pollution by nitrous and sulphurous oxides will be almost eliminated. But the quest for innovation does not end simply with the use of LNG, as the structure will make use of lighter compound materials and high strength glues, together with advanced hull design. The new ship will not only be clean but large and fast, being able to accommodate 2,400 passengers, 650 cars and 40 lorries and have a maximum speed of 25 knots. Announcing this joint venture Jean-Marc Roué, Brittany Ferries' Chairman said: "Our company has a history of innovation having built a fleet of luxury cruise-style ships that serve our passengers well on the Western Channel routes between the UK, France, Spain and Ireland. Also, as a company founded by farmers, largely owned by farmers and based in Brittany, an area with a rich maritime history, we have a profound respect for the environment and a deep understanding of the need to preserve scarce resources. We therefore are particularly proud to be a partner with STX, a shipyard based in St. Nazaire, on a project which will set new standards in environment-friendly ferry development."
  16. Re: Down Memory Lane Yes, P&O Ferries were looking at running to Bordeaux and Brittany Ferries to Bayonne. I think it was a lack of suitable tonnage and the possible competition with their own exisiting Spanish services (not to mention the loss of duty-free) led to the idea being abandoned.
  17. Re: Moby Corse Moby Line seems to have announced the end of the line Toulon – Bastia (mainland France – Corsica), according to several French media. The route, which was opened in April last year, will see its last crossing on February 24th. After this date the Moby Lines website does not allow bookings, which indicates the news is true. A text has been published recently on a French website (Econostrum), bearing the signature of Luigi Parente, managing director at Moby Lines. He sees three reasons for abandoning the route: 1)Fuel cost. 2)Difficulties to fill the ship. 3)The non-payment of a subvention by the Corsican Transport Office.
  18. Re: Moby Corse I read a brief article earlier saying Moby were possibly closing down this route? Anyone know any more?
  19. Re: Moby Corse I read a brief article saying Moby might be closing the route? Anyone know any more and what plans are ahead for Moby Corse?
  20. Re: Moby Corse Just came across this page myself. It really does show what can be done, and what BF should have done. The blue car and outside decks really do make her look BF too.
  21. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV There is an excellent voyage report here on HHVFerry about a recent voyage onboard the SNAV Sardegna. Interestingly SNAV did work to the two Olau ships earlier this year which saw the removal of the cabins on deck's 5 and 6 in order to add additional car deck capacity.
  22. Re: Oasis of the Seas (aka Genesis project) A rather amazing photograph of the Mont St Michel with the Oasis of the Seas, whilst she was on her delivery voyage calling into the Solent. http://gallery.bfenthusiasts.com/showphoto.php?photo=2753
  23. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Bonanza Express would certainly look impressive on the Thames!
  24. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Yes she does... a photo can be found here. Norman Arrow will need a similar ramp fitting in order to operate out of Portsmouth and Le Havre next year.
  25. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Those curtains look temporary. Probably put up to protect the ship from the elements whilst laid up.
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