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  1. When they scrap a ship do they scrap everything or is there a market for second hand communications equipment, lifeboats, furniture etc. etc.
  2. The current rail journey takes 35 mins through the tunnel and the trains travel upto 100 mph or 160 kph, what speed would you be doing in a car, 200 mph , even at 50 mph or 80 kph it would take over an hour surely or am I missing something ?
  3. We are now in Tier 4 (Tunbridge Wells) and looking on the positive side for Christmas, we do not have to feed and water the family and friends with all the associated work of preparing and clearing up. I can sit in my favourite chair and fall asleep watching the Sound of Music and the Great Escape in peace, what could be better.
  4. Thats the problem, do that and they think they will loose votes, there are too many complete idiots out there who know best, look at Kay Burley and that singer/actress who was fined £10k for having a party last week. My sister in-law (73) said to me last week (by telephone) I am happy to forget xmas this year and maybe live another 15 years.
  5. Our local High street consists of phone shops, cafes, junk shops, a Boots, a Bonmache & a Wetherspoons, just off the High Street is a Sainsburys, Waitrose & Iceland. Local councils killed the High Street years ago.
  6. Perhaps this is the time to buy shares in Amazon as Christmas presents.
  7. Lets hope you are right about it still going ahead on Friday Ed. I fail to see why there is a need to stop sales of certain types of product in supermarkets that are deemed non-essential but you can still purchase fillet steak and champagne. The poor staff in these outlets will be the ones getting grief from disgruntled shoppers.
  8. In theory yes, but in reality you would want to know you were negative before you travel to the airport etc. and what happens if one person in your bubble tests positive at the airport, do none of you travel.
  9. I'm also on Latanoprost 50mg (Eye Drops) and these have to be stored in a fridge but, once opened they do not need to be refridgerated.
  10. There are issues with iOS 14 and some iPads where users use a MK I Apple Pencil where the keyboard disappears so it's back to a finger job. Not fixed in iOS 14.01
  11. When are you all going to learn that there are two sets of rules, one for "you" and one for those in privilaged positions, always has been and always will be.
  12. I actually agree with everything that Colin has said. An open question to all. How would YOU stop the spread of this killer virus and how would YOU enforce people to act responsibily.
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