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  1. When they scrap a ship do they scrap everything or is there a market for second hand communications equipment, lifeboats, furniture etc. etc.
  2. I'm also on Latanoprost 50mg (Eye Drops) and these have to be stored in a fridge but, once opened they do not need to be refridgerated.
  3. But subject to tide and wind conditions
  4. Agree completely but needs to be in daylight
  5. Thanks Jim I would say that prices are up about 22.50% compared to our last festive cruise (that's for two in a four berth club cabin, two festive dinners & o/b parking)
  6. I don't know about "Yawn", I think a long sea journey at "that" time of year would have a negative effect for many, myself included.
  7. History tells me that the Festive Cruises leave Portsmouth around 18:00 GMT on Christmas Eve and loading can start from around 16:00. If it were me I would come over the day before, stay overnight somewhere in Portsmouth and use the spare time for Christmas shopping.
  8. To me a large part of the enjoyment of these festive mini-cruises was sailing up/down the River Seine (in daylight) to Rouen in previous years, it was a long trip but enjoyable. Perhaps money is the reason. It will also be interesting to compare pricing with previous years.
  9. According to Jim's original post "The PA will remain in port until the early hours of 1st January with ALL passengers needing to be back onboard by the early evening of the 31st" but there will always be one ...
  10. The one at 49.42822 0.23759 (Good old Google Earth), the one of three in/on the River Seine, I cannot think of anywhere else.
  11. I recon It will be a good mile walk from the berth to the "Hotel de Ville", hopefully transport will be arranged. Honfleur in winter is a totally different place, at Christmas a few years back we drove around the Central Basin and not a table or chair in sight.
  12. I must admit that the 2016 cancellation did cause me to say a few very rude words or two but in all honesty over the years we have never had any issues, except for the fact that I will never understand some peoples idea of appropriate "Dress Code" when it comes to eating Christmas Dinner.
  13. Many thanks for this update Jim, now do we do Christmas, New Year or both.
  14. The "official" height of a vehicle should be what the "Book" says unladen with the correct tyre pressures. Surely the question has to be how much does the height drop once you fill the boot with junk and load the wife/girlfriend, two kids, the dog and the mother In-law on board, I would have thought that this could be as much as 5cm / 2" on a large car .
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