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  1. Not a problem. Pay for it in advance Mon-Wed and eat Thu-Sun.
  2. Could this be the reason why UK based cruises are becoming so popular.
  3. And whatever you do don't smile, they may think you're enjoying it
  4. If you do eat breakfast on-board you also need the time to eat it especially if you have kids, it always seems to be a bit of a rush on early morning arrivals under normal circumstances.
  5. This is OK'ish IF the cafes, pubs etc are open so you can have a coffee/pint and a pee, but closing them is very short sighted and will cause long time problems with health and hygene. Remember that the Men/Women in suits know best and how to spend YOUR money.
  6. We watched the crowds on TV on the Dorset beaches and saw the poor sods trying to clear the mess up after. An utter discrace. I also noticed that a few land owners found an opportunity to make money from parking charges.
  7. I hate to think how long the queue for breakfast would be in a busy hotel and 2m apart.
  8. I agree, this is probably a local thing and it puts you off going somewhere if you don't know what is available. Only this week our local council restarted collecting garden waste again after complaints.
  9. I don't think I am wrong but I remember 4th July being given as the hotel re-opening date. I agree with what you say Paully
  10. Both bookings are consecutive weeks in July 2020 (Booked in November 2019). We are not worried as we, like others are struggling to find out what will or will not be open in July in the form of cafes, pubs, toilets etc. Our local council say that public toilets remain closed because they are unable to clean and maintain them.
  11. Of course you can, Bodmin & Taunton (Ruishden).
  12. For one hotel it says "Fully booked" ? and the other is taking bookings at really cheap prices eg. £242.50 for 7 nights ie. £35.00 per night for a family room, in july !
  13. I do wonder what criteria they use to decide who gets their booking cancelled, we booked this in November 2019 so it is not "last in, first out". To be fair we are not overly bothered about the cancellation, the post was more of a notification to others what was happening.
  14. We were due to have a couple of weeks away from July 4th in Somerset & Cornwall and Premier Inn have now cancelled both hotel bookings siting Corvid-19. Hotels in England were supposed to re-open on the 4th July, I wonder what they know we don't.
  15. Thanks Jim, you are never too old to learn.
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