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  1. I have one of her at Roscoff in BF livery, taken back in 1986. It's not the best shot, though, as I would have only have had a cheap camera back then. I will see if I have already scanned it in. Edit: turns out I had scanned it in. I think I have posted it here in the past, as I remember a discussion over the open side door at the stern.
  2. And yet, according to an article in the Daily Mail (so I don't know how accurate it actually is), the decision to exclude France from the quarantine period has now been reversed.
  3. I'm looking at trying to get over at the end of the year (although earlier if possible). If I'm unable to get over this year, it will be the first year since 2001 and only the fifth year since 1990 that I won't have been to France.
  4. I was planning on seeing a couple of the stages of the Tour, when it went through Deux-Sevres and combining it with seeing the Grand Prix in Bressuire, which was now been cancelled. I had read the Vuelta was being held in October and the Giro D'Italia in November but dates haven't been confirmed
  5. Back online now and at present, no further cancellations, but yes, highly likely more will be announced. Maybe they are waiting to see what comes out of Macron's address tonight
  6. Just had the latest Club Voyage newsletter e-mail and the membership has been extended by 2 months. No idea yet whether there will be any sailings available to be able to take advantage of it, but it's at least something.
  7. Mine expires tomorrow, but I'm haven't renewed it yet. I did read in the T&C's that you can let it lapse for up to three months and then renew without having to pay the admin fee, so I'll look at how things are in late May-early June.
  8. It was posted to the BF Facebook page
  9. Online cloud storage, same as all the others. If you schedule backups of your device, it will save it to Samsung Cloud. You'll need your Samsung account to use it.
  10. Seems to be back up and running now
  11. According to the timetables, Plymouth-Roscoff sailings have been cancelled until 12th April, apart from three sailings from Plymouth on 27th March and 3rd & 10th April. St Malo & Cherbourg also both cancelled until 13th April
  12. I can see the Roscoff, Cherbourg and St Malo routes being cancelled for a further period than has currently been specified.
  13. The Pairs-Nice race is currently running, albiet with a reduced start list as some teams have withdrawn from all races for a couple of weeks or so. However, whether the race actually runs the full distance until next Sunday remains to be seen
  14. Unsurprisingly Plymouth-Roscoff and Poole-Cherbourg sailings have been cancelled this weekend.
  15. Looking at the shipping forecast for the Channel for today, she may well be anchored for some time. Luckily, there is no rush.
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