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  1. Paul

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    That was my feeling. I've also got my car now for at least three years, and areas are only likely to increase as times go on, so I thought I'd get one now, as the area I'm off to at the end of the week is classed as a 'weather dependent zone'
  2. Paul

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    Going back to the original discussion of the CRIT'Air sticker, got mine for my trip next week, but it's supposed to be mounted on the left side of the windscreen (from outside the car), which is fine for LHD cars, but could be classed as an obstruction in RHD cars. Has anyone else with a RHD vehicle mounted it elsewhere on the screen? I did contact them after receiving the sticker but their reply wasn't really clear.
  3. Paul

    Annoying music on Armorique

    Can't say I've noticed music playing throughout the ship, only a french radio station playing in the shops. Given the choice, though, I'd rather have music playing at low volume than the sound of hundreds of schoolchildren running riot....
  4. Paul

    Changes at Plymouth Port

    Went out to the port yesterday, and there have been some changes. Once checked in, the 'pre-custom' lanes have been shortened, but there are more of them. They now end before the customs shed which you go straight through, rather than going past and back around. There is also a considerably bigger area for the boarding lanes, using space gained by the demolition of the old freight office, and using part of the staff car park and the end of the old 'pre-custom' lanes. Whether this will help with any immigrant issues in the future remains to be seen....
  5. Looks like theres going to be some layout changes soon at Plymouth, after checking in. New lanes have been marked out where the cleaners car park used to be, the freight office and toilets have gone and theres also new lanes marked out on the quayside. They were also putting a fence up between the loading lanes and the terminal car park when I was there this afternoon.
  6. A couple of shots of the Cap Finistere berthed in Plymouth today
  7. Paul

    Bretagne - Plymouth

    I got there about 9.30am. Had a heavy shower whilst walking over from the terminal car park. Blowing a gale as well...!!
  8. Paul

    Bretagne - Plymouth

    Went down to Plymouth yesterday morning to get some pictures, although after she had docked. Managed to get one with a Princess Yachts 48 sailing past
  9. Paul

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    I shall probably invest in one once my new car arrives in a week or two, as there are three or four departments in Western France (Deux-Sevres, Vienne, Vendee and Maine-et-Loire) that are classed as 'air protection zones' and which I shall either be staying in or driving through this summer. They do say the price for shipments to France will reduce from 4,18€ to 3,62€ from 1st March, not sure whether the same price applies to the UK
  10. Paul

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    That track was the first thing that sprung to mind when I heard the name...
  11. Paul

    Security, what is your opinion.

    A couple of updates to the security at Roscoff yesterday afternoon. Had the usual search of the car once checked in, but this time, a small yellow sticker with 'Contrôle sûreté' was attached to the windscreen afterwards. I noticed a number of vehicles had this sticker. There didn't appear to be any additional gendarmes, although one was making sure that dashcams were switched off. There was also a large mobile scanning device for the freight.
  12. Paul

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Yes, awful on the Pont last night, wallowed and rolled for the whole crossing. Not my worse crossing, but pretty close. Arrived on time, though, but I'm still feeling the effects of it now six hours later...!!! Hopefully the weather will improve before I return on Sunday week
  13. Paul

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Friday evenings Plymouth-Roscoff sailing is now leaving at 20.30, instead of 22.00, with, I assume, an earlier arrival time to try and beat the worse of the storm
  14. Paul

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    I'm booked on the Thursday evening Plymouth-Roscoff. Just had a text from BF to say that the sailing has been delayed by 45 minutes, now leaving at 21.30. Also means that the incoming Armorique will also be delayed in docking
  15. Having sailed on both the Pont and the Armorique in the last couple of weeks, I noticed that all the fruit machines had been removed on both ships, with the areas they occupied being left empty. Have they also been removed on other ships, and does anyone know why? Just curious, thats all.