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  1. As I was leaving to go back to the Hoe, the ramp was just coming down
  2. I'm now up on Plymouth Hoe and Galicia can just be seen on the horizon. Thankfully it's a nice day as well
  3. Following my question to BF on Instagram about arrival time into Plymouth tomorrow morning, they originally said it would be 0700 to 0900. They have now revised that to 0830 to 10.30, which ties in with the QHM shipping movements.
  4. I know QHM aren't the most reliable when it comes to timings, but they have Galicia arriving in Plymouth at 08.30 tomorrow, departing at 10.30
  5. I shall be doing the same. With an hours drive to get to Plymouth, I want to make sure I am there in plenty of time.
  6. Looks to be Wednesday morning, although could be arriving quite early if she is sailing overnight from Portsmouth
  7. She is now in the English Channel, and there appeared to be a slight deviation in her track earlier on. Bearing in mind the Pont Aven was in the same area around that time, perhaps they met up...
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