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  1. According the BF sailings update page, this afternoons crossing from Roscoff is scheduled to leave early, getting in to Plymouth before the Pont arrives. Presemably, then, she will vacate the berth and then return to do tomorrow mornings sailing. Edit: Just seen this has been posted on the 'Sailing Updates' thread
  2. Paul

    New Look Revealed

    Everything at Plymouth now appears to have been upgraded to the new logo - signs on the exterior of the terminal building, check in booths, gantry signs, 'thank you for travelling' sign at the exit of the port and even their electric Renault Kangoo quayside van.
  3. Mind you, at least they published a picture of the correct ship.
  4. Exeter Street between Charles Church and Royal Parade is closed, and there are nasty roadworks at the Charles Church roundabout. Even BF have highlighted the Plymouth roadworks on the sailing updates page and suggest coming in on the A386 - stay on the A38 until the Manadon junction, and the port is signposted from there. Edit - just noticed that you're not sailing until 1st September. Not sure if the roadworks will be clear by then, but something to bear in mind.
  5. This is usual, there are normally some overnighters from Roscoff for a few weeks once the sailings restart in mid February, until the spring schedules start
  6. No, I was going to ask the question anyway,..!!
  7. Cap Finistere on her once a year visit to Plymouth
  8. It was, hence why I put 'period of the 10th anniversary'. 31st January was the first time she arrived in Plymouth for, I assume, berthing trials.
  9. We are entering the period of the 10th anniversary of the Armorique entering service. Today marks 10 years since her first visit to Plymouth. It was quite low key, though, arriving early on a damp morning, I was there by 8.00am and she was already berthed up. However, since then, I think it's agreed she's been a very versatile member of the fleet, having visited almost every BF port during winter cover, with no mechanical issues that I can think of. Although she perhaps has a slightly easier life than some of the other ships, with a few hours berthed in Roscoff most days, she generally still looks fresh internally,
  10. It appears to be a recent addition showing the make & model. My booking in October didn't show it, yet by Christmas, it was there.
  11. You had me worried for a minute, the change was announced on Friday (I think) and I thought it was a further change...!!
  12. At least they have done everything they can to keep the sailings running, even with the linkspan issue. Yes, it's been an inconvenience, but compared with what is happening st Gatwick at the moment, we can't complain too much
  13. She berthed stern in at Roscoff yesterday afternoon, so we had to drive through deck 3 to leave the ship. The linkspan looked to be in it's highest position as we docked but they were able to lower it to meet the ships ramp.
  14. Almost right! The Boxing Day sailing is at the same time of 13.25, but check in is now between 09.00 and 10.50, with boarding starting at 10.25.
  15. Just arrived at Plymouth and Armorique is berthed stern in. She was the usual bow in on Sunday so perhaps they"ve been doing some maimtenence work today.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-46604175 Must have been a pretty rough crossing
  17. I'm expecting a change to the sailing on Boxing Day, although being mid afternoon anyway, hopefully it won't be a drastic change, unlike tonights 14 hour mega-crossing to Roscoff! Having never done a crossing to Spain, it's going to be a little strange getting up tomorrow morning and still having another 4-5 hours before arrival!
  18. A lot of changes on the Plymouth-Roscoff route over the next few days: 18/12/18 Plymouth to Roscoff 22:00 - Departure remains 22:00. Early boarding starts from 20:00. Arrival into Roscoff is now 12:50 (was 08:00). 19/12/18 Roscoff to Plymouth 22:00 - Departure is now at the earlier time of 18:00. Early boarding is no longer available. Latest check-in is now 17:15. Arrival into Plymouth remains unchanged at 08:00. 20/12/18 Plymouth to Roscoff 22:00 - Departure remains 22:00. Early boarding starts from 20:00. Arrival into Roscoff is now 06:30 (was 08:00). 21/12/18 Roscoff to Plymouth 15:00 - Departure is now 15:20. Latest check-in is now 14:35. Arrival into Plymouth remains unchanged at 20:10. 21/12/18 Plymouth to Roscoff 22:00 - Departure remains 22:00. Arrival into Roscoff is now 07:15 (was 08:00). 22/12/18 Roscoff to Plymouth 22:00 - Departure is now at the earlier time of 20:40. Early boarding is no longer available. Arrival into Plymouth remains unchanged at 08:00. Means my crossing on the 18th is now almost 5 hours longer!
  19. Tonight's Plymouth-Roscoff sailing has also been amended, arriving at 11.00am instead of 8.00am, for the same reasons as the Monday night crossing..
  20. My stepmother is booked on this sailing. I was expecting there to be a delay or a cancellation, but more down to the weather forecast for Tuesday morning.
  21. Armorique departed over 4 hours late last night for the sailing to Plymouth. However, she appears to have made up the time, as she is on the approach to Plymouth now.
  22. How is the fuel situation in Finistere now? Haven't heard any recent reports of shortages.
  23. Albeit for a couple of weeks before she's off again! I plan to get some pictures of her on Sunday whilst she is berthed in Plymouth all day.
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