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  1. I wonder whether this would ever get back to BF if I dropped it into a post box, or perhaps I should send it to Alang... 'Acquired' as a memento from the Duc's last BF sailing
  2. Pont L;Abbe was delayed after her winter maintenance, so Normandie Express covered for about 10 days. Of course, now, BF would probably just cancel the sailings...!!
  3. Spent some time over the Christmas/New Year period going through all my BF pictures I've taken over the years, so decided to post pics of all the vessels have have been in Plymouth since 2003, with their different logos as well
  4. Sad to hear this. I was on her last BF sailing, Plymouth to Roscoff, back in 2004. There were a couple of other BFE members doing the crossing as well, so it ended up being an unofficial BFE event
  5. Whereabouts near Carhaix are you? My father and stepmother live in Huelgoat, but I haven't been able to get over this year.
  6. As Ed says, I'd love to know how you do that. It takes me about 2 hours, from departing the port to joining the peripherique from the N12
  7. As I was leaving to go back to the Hoe, the ramp was just coming down
  8. I'm now up on Plymouth Hoe and Galicia can just be seen on the horizon. Thankfully it's a nice day as well
  9. Following my question to BF on Instagram about arrival time into Plymouth tomorrow morning, they originally said it would be 0700 to 0900. They have now revised that to 0830 to 10.30, which ties in with the QHM shipping movements.
  10. I know QHM aren't the most reliable when it comes to timings, but they have Galicia arriving in Plymouth at 08.30 tomorrow, departing at 10.30
  11. I shall be doing the same. With an hours drive to get to Plymouth, I want to make sure I am there in plenty of time.
  12. Looks to be Wednesday morning, although could be arriving quite early if she is sailing overnight from Portsmouth
  13. She is now in the English Channel, and there appeared to be a slight deviation in her track earlier on. Bearing in mind the Pont Aven was in the same area around that time, perhaps they met up...
  14. I parked in the terminal car park and walked through to the Hoe, and at that point, the Whitchampion was berthed at the dock.
  15. I didn't know Western Approach was closed until I got to it, so had to go around North Cross roundabout again and come down Cobourg Street.
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