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    Portugal route?

    Well, unless things have changed, BF has always refused to carry football supporters. When I worked for them sometime ago, there was a big football thing in Spain, and in reservations, agents were told to ask if customers were going for the football, and if the answer was yes, then the reservation would be denied. And on departures of the VAL to Spain, we were also checking, and a few got denied access to the ship. I think that BF is looking at holiday makers and home owners really.
  2. Am I the only one feeling underwhelm by Galicia? It really does feel BF. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of linking the ship to Spain, but the overall experience seems like a downgrade.
  3. The website states: In restaurants and bars, menu choices may be limited and space adapted to comply with new safety protocols. Anyone has more information of what is actually available? Thinking about Pont Aven to Roscoff on the Thursday evening, is Le Flora open?
  4. It may become more popular, and busier in the summer...
  5. It would be rather difficult to get lost.... the stations are next to each other, only the road to cross ;-)
  6. Wow... €900 for the top cabin... each way! Makes Commodore on Pont Aven "affordable"...
  7. I know that Normandie has been earmarked to operate on the Le Havre route, but surely it would also be a better stopgap solution on the Spanish routes. Not ideal for sure, but with a better passenger offering than Etretat.
  8. Cap Finistere does carry foot passengers, but because of capacity limitations, bookings have to be made over the phone and are subject to yield management. Having said that, the odd sailing is sometime available to book online, for example the 1900 Plymouth to Santander on March 16th is currently available to foot pax online.
  9. BF introduced the early version of e-ticket over 20 years ago. As long as you have you passport, and booking reference, that's all you need to check-in. Now having a paper version if purely for "comfort" so you can see details of your trip and accommodation. The documents that were sent to customers were called "travel itinerary" not ticket, and you could have as many reprinted as you wanted.
  10. While it sounds logical to move Normandie to Le Havre, could we see her taking over the Spanish services instead, and move the the Baie de Seine to Le Havre only service? Though I am sure there would be any issue with linkspans (unless replaced?)...
  11. I would recommend any sailing out of Stockholm, the trip through the archipelago is simply amazing, about 4 hours before you reach open sea, going round thousands of islands.
  12. On www.brest.maville.com they state that one of the propeller is out of action. Pont Aven is to stay in Brest for a few days according to the article.
  13. Spotted the SNAV ADRIATICO in Barcelona this morning, now under Trasmediterranea liveries
  14. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card I was told that it is because on prepaid card, the money, or credit is held on the card itself, and automatic machines seek authorisation from banking system.
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