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  1. These won't win any prizes but..
  2. We were due to travel on the 4th July but decided to cancel. There was talk at the time that sailings would have restarted by then but we figured loading/unloading would be a pain until they'd got used to the system. The thoughts of no buffet in Le Flora didn't help and the general social distancing both on the ferry and in St Lunaire didn't really appeal. We'll just have to get our fix of Plage de Longchamps from Instagram. I emailed BF on 16 June, got a call back on the 17th and the refund credit note arrived on the 23rd so I'm happy with the customer service we received.
  3. In contrast I got an email about my travel insurance renewal (underwritten by Mapfre) and it specifically stated that it wouldn't vover any claims caused by or relating to Covid-19 (or variants) or any claims resulting from fear or threat concerning these viruses. It also now excludes scheduled airline and supplier insolvency. Price went down by about a tenner...
  4. Enthusiasm is good. It helps to dampen the over-reaction of people who might not understand all the links in the chain. Enthusiasm shouldn't blind to the things that are fundamentally wrong. Enthusiasm shouldn't diss those for whom this is an annual saved-for holiday. Enthusiasm shouldn't blind us to those who are significantly out of pocket. Why should a family subsidise a company ? Our holiday is still up in the air for us (and BF haven't contacted us at all at all), we can handle it, we're both at work but many many people aren't. We're enthusiasts but we're all still people and the humongous majority of BF's customers aren't enthusiasts, are undergoing so many stresses & strains and need some bit of clarity.
  5. Yeah it can be a bit of a pain especially if your sailing is in the middle of exams - none of this predicted grade stuff over here. Just after the results come out we get the college offers which requires nifty responses. Despite years of discussion and promises by the Mayor 4G hasn't really arrived in St. Lunaire. Or 3G to be honest.
  6. Another thing into the mix is the State Exams here are being pushed back to end July/early August so that will impact a significant chunk of families and their travel plans (we'd changed our usual dates so as to be back in time for the results). Must be an extremely difficult time to be a traffic forecaster for any travel company especially with end-of-lockdown dates being so different between markets.
  7. In this odd period I'm a little surprised that BF are taking the balance of our holiday in July out from the credit card today, especially considering their terms are 8 weeks in advance. Stay safe. Edit: I see from the paperwork that they'll take money 80 days in advance but their website says 8 weeks.
  8. Vigo story getting another lease of life . https://www.corkbeo.ie/news/local-news/new-cork-spain-ferry-route-17735299
  9. Well now Cork - Santander officially gone ... replaced with Rosslare - Bilbao https://twitter.com/EoinBearla/status/1222506113238798336?s=20
  10. Ugh. The drive to Rosslare from this side of the country isn't great. From further West it's even worse. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.
  11. The time stamp is wrong but here's a pic of the Pont Aven passing the Thalassotherapy hotel in Dinard.
  12. I was in Malaga last week and staying near the port. I noticed the Transmediterranea ferry there which has a daily service to Melilla. The prices seemed reasonable and I was wondering have any forum members travelled on it ? The reviews on Google are very mixed.
  13. We stayed in the Louvre many years ago before No.3 was born. Our main memory of the hotel (other than the tight car parking space) was the gorgeous baguettes at breakfast. We munched through so many that they had to go across the road to the bakery and bring back more for us. That was the only time we went on Irish Ferries and the Normandy truly was a rust bucket.
  14. They trialled Priority Boarding for Commodore a couple of years ago. I think it would be a good idea - give people a set time to check in and if they miss that then tough. Can't be beyond the realms seeing as it's a small number of vehicles (and they could limit it to standard cars). Passport control in Roscoff is slowish but not excruciatingly so. Over the last few years they've tidied themselves up and also started scanning and name-checking each car occupant. That's grand. Passport control back in Cork is grand enough. No scanning so that helps.
  15. Some pics of the Connemara in Marino Point (mods feel free to move).
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