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  1. I'm booked from Cork > Roscoff on 18 September (PA) , returning on 21 September (Armorique) and I see that the return sailing is showing full and Ouest France is reporting that the Armorique isn't moving to Roscoff. https://www.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/roscoff-29680/brittany-ferries-l-armorique-n-effectuera-pas-de-rotations-au-depart-de-roscoff-a-l-automne-2021-3819db00-ff3b-11eb-88c9-1c9bf72a8f72
  2. It'll be absolutely fine. You'll also have a balcony and opening the door to it makes everything more spacious. I echo the suggestion to not drop the top bunk until necessary. We usually sleep five in a Commodore* and my kids are strapping lads. *With a recliner booked as well.
  3. No ,I didn't hear about the return leg
  4. The Pont returned to Cork this morning. Rather smokey in the mist. Around 40 people it appears. Almost an equal mix between Belgian, French and Germans.
  5. Watched the Armorique docking in Ringsakiddy earlier. Three accompanied loads and three unaccompanied.
  6. LOL. When I was a kid cheddar was the only cheese and I hated it. I'm just missing getting outside of my 5km and seeing the sea. If we didn't have lockdown I'd have a made a trip down to Rosslare to have a look at all the activity. Even Ringaskiddy is outside my 5km.
  7. I'd fancy a few days here as well.
  8. That's a great video. Such relaxed boarding and a glimpse of the railway (a signal) that used go to the pier in Rosslare. I was a bit amazed to see that they had Mass en-route.
  9. FWIW during my call yesterday the holiday accommodation request was confirmed with the comment that they'd revert with the pricing once that part was updated later in the year (usually late October / early November) - that's the usual procedure.
  10. Got a call yesterday about rebooking for 2021. Nice, quick and easy. We usually book nice and early but it did feel a bit odd this time around - who know what things will be like in 11 months. It was also good to read about the Armorique serving Cork on midweek services next year. It certainly suggests that BF are foreseeing demand for a non-economie service ex Cork.
  11. Probably can all be filed under "French diplomatic charm". Or something.
  12. The French Consul in Cork RT'ed his tweet. I responded with a pic of last week's arrival just to let him know.
  13. Nice views from Roche's Point today. A holiday home here would be pleasant.
  14. These won't win any prizes but..
  15. We were due to travel on the 4th July but decided to cancel. There was talk at the time that sailings would have restarted by then but we figured loading/unloading would be a pain until they'd got used to the system. The thoughts of no buffet in Le Flora didn't help and the general social distancing both on the ferry and in St Lunaire didn't really appeal. We'll just have to get our fix of Plage de Longchamps from Instagram. I emailed BF on 16 June, got a call back on the 17th and the refund credit note arrived on the 23rd so I'm happy with the customer service we received.
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