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  1. All the Viagra comes from Cork so those Irish lorries will need priority. That great stiff upper lip will need all the assistance it can get....
  2. (Quoting Irish "but flagged elsewhere" Ferries and not Fine Whine) The Pont had an audio tour from Day 1 if I recall correctly (and a book, a copy of which we own).
  3. The Irish Press is long gone This is the d'Echo - a local paper for local people ..
  4. Looks like she has been handed over. http://www.ise.ie/app/announcementDetails.aspx?ID=13901658
  5. des

    New Look Revealed

    Matches our trains..
  6. I went to Derry back in September. It was a quick day trip by train from Cork so I had only about 1.5 hours there. Parts of it were nice but I felt uncomfortable in other parts (i.e. the No Surrender bit). The train journey from Belfast had some great coastal views and when I could see Donegal just across the water it was so clear that so much of Derry's economic hinterland was Donegal. Added bonus on the train is you cut across the runway at Ballykelly (where the Ryanair plane accidentally landed).
  7. Thanks Gareth - I might try that the next time.
  8. Is that only for day crossings ? We've never had that mentioned Cork/Roscoff sailings (wondering if I can claim 15 yrs worth of hot breakfasts )
  9. I remember her last visit alright - it was a similar grimy grey day. Here's a few of her this afternoon.
  10. An absolutely horrendous picture of the chopper in action. Visibility was shocking and before the chopper arrived it was extremely hard to spot the yacht (until it went almost vertically up against a wave). A fairly wobbly crossing all told.
  11. She's off to Brest alright. Nearly there now and the sailing updates page is informing people that tonight's sailing to Cork is from Brest and not Roscoff.
  12. When the Pont arrived on her first visit they had a pipe band to welcome her and she was bedecked in flags. Nothing like that today. Over 200 pax and 80 vehicles for tonight's departure.
  13. Some more images. Two Irish inspectors are onboard at the moment. Loading for next trip to France seem ok. There are more images on my Instagram - username despod
  14. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out. Some work chatter suggests that there is demand for a direct service and that people would happily travel down from up the country. The Spanish trawlers often berth in West Cork - I wonder is there a possibility of offloading there rather than sailing back to Spanish ports. Certainly by all accounts a lot of fish leaves the area for Spain. The additional Cork-Roscoff would be great - we've often had a hankering for a short trip but that's not possible without schlepping down to Rosslare. They will need to be careful with pricing, manage expectations and not dilute the Cruise Ferry aspect of the Pont.
  15. "A new ship will be chartered for the service which will also deliver an additional weekly return-sailing from Cork to Roscoff in France." Interesting line - does this mean a second Cork <> France sailing or is it that the ferry will do a Cork <> France sailing in addition to its Cork <> Spain routes and become the "Cork" ship and bye-bye Pont Aven ?
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