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  1. I was in Malaga last week and staying near the port. I noticed the Transmediterranea ferry there which has a daily service to Melilla. The prices seemed reasonable and I was wondering have any forum members travelled on it ? The reviews on Google are very mixed.
  2. We stayed in the Louvre many years ago before No.3 was born. Our main memory of the hotel (other than the tight car parking space) was the gorgeous baguettes at breakfast. We munched through so many that they had to go across the road to the bakery and bring back more for us. That was the only time we went on Irish Ferries and the Normandy truly was a rust bucket.
  3. They trialled Priority Boarding for Commodore a couple of years ago. I think it would be a good idea - give people a set time to check in and if they miss that then tough. Can't be beyond the realms seeing as it's a small number of vehicles (and they could limit it to standard cars). Passport control in Roscoff is slowish but not excruciatingly so. Over the last few years they've tidied themselves up and also started scanning and name-checking each car occupant. That's grand. Passport control back in Cork is grand enough. No scanning so that helps.
  4. Some pics of the Connemara in Marino Point (mods feel free to move).
  5. Some pics of the Connemara in Marino Point (mods feel free to move).
  6. What's the problem with the Connemara ? Marinetraffic is showing it en-route to Cork. The Examiner article was a bit hyperbolic. The person saying €205 wouldn't cover tolls was incorrect - we drove "The length of France" from Roscoff to the Pyrenees and then a bit East before dropping to Pamplona and the tolls were €40 (and that may include a bit from another journey). Our total tolls for Roscoff - Bordeaux - Bayonne (ish) - Spain -Bayonne (ish) - Toulouse - Carcassonne - Lyon - Tours - Cap Coz came to circa €180.
  7. des

    New Look Revealed

    Ahhhh, the Val.
  8. My view about WiFi is that if you need it for business / urgent necessary requirements then make your own arrangements. The WiFi on the Pont is pants and that's the way it is. Too many folk complain about minor WiFi issues and not extra pastries issues.
  9. Thanks Gareth, I take your points. It has always been sensible for non-UK passengers to pay in sterling and use their card rate as the BF rate is somewhat higher (though the differential used to be much worse). A bit like the buffet, not everyone knew to do this and this year was the first I noticed customers being asked did they want to do it. I agree about the god-awful arrival time in Roscoff - at that hour struggling out of the cabin is as much as anyone is able for let alone a full breakfast.
  10. Well (a) all five didn't avail and, more importantly, (b) BF never mentioned it as an option (I learned about it on this forum) so if they had mentioned it the this gripe would never have been a gripe (and I'd be as fat as a Lord from the big buffet ). Do you seriously think we'd be odd about not getting extra rolls ( that are the hardest in the known universe ) delivered to the cabin if we'd known about the buffet option ?
  11. Well we mention it every time at the Commodore desk and BF know it's a family all on one booking so it's not beyond the bounds of reason to expect the sheet of paper (containing all the details) at the desk to note that this is a family of five split across two areas (and there are plenty of them around). On a different level do BF honestly think that the family member on the recliner will go off and do something else for breakfast ? As a policy it may make technical & financial sense but it goes against the image that BF portray of being better than all the rest and therefore worth the extra.
  12. Because everyone has to have assigned accommodation one person is assigned a recliner as the cabin is max 4. So lots are drawn and someone ends up sharing a bunk (back when they were smaller) or in a sleeping bag on the floor. Never me. It's not really a squeeze as there's plenty of space but it wouldn't be an option in a standard four berth. Having discovered that each of us could troop off to Le Flora and eat all around us the reluctance to throw a few more pastries onto the breakfast tray is even harder to fathom.
  13. Check-in and boarding in Cork was, as usual, quite fast. Hitting the cabin we checked out the contents of the minibar. As part of what seems to be an annual erosion of benefits the Coke cans had been reduced to 250ml. Wow, I'd say that saves a fortune. Went down to the Commodore lounge and noticed that the Nespresso machine was gone and replaced with jugs of hot chocolate (which BF do well) and coffee (which BF don't do well). Loading completed on time and we left on schedule. We had a snack in the self service and noticed that (a) they couldn't accept contactless payment and (b) they offered the choice to pay in sterling rather than use the fairly extortionate exchange rate. Food was, as ever, tasty. Later on we went to Le Flora. The usual extensive range of buffet items was there and service was good. Had the sturgeon as my main and it wasn't great - very strong tasting. The others had lamb. I noticed one table nearby declined the main course and just had buffet items. Not a bad idea. Off to bed, woke up for breakfast in the cabin. Once again BF showed their tightfistedness - party of five but no way can they provide more than four sets of pastries. Seriously, how much does it cost ? Smooth enough crossing, arrived on time, unloading (Deck 4) was slowish and for the first time in a few years the French passport controller didn't look like they'd been sleeping in their uniform in a wet cave for six months - they were smartly turned out and I noticed their patch badge had the Pont Aven. So off we go heading for Pamplona (overnighting in Niort). All good things come to an end so on Friday we rocked up to a drizzly Roscoff and checked in at 18:00. Then the wait began. After an hour our lane was dispatched through passport control with, again smartly turned out staff. Eventually 2h15 after checking in we boarded - we had a standard car with a roofbox. Checked in at Commodore check-in and, following the great advice from @Gareth we declined breakfast in the cabin and said we'd go to Le Flora. The evening was uneventful, the Nespresso machine was back, two disposable towels made an appearance as part of the welcome pack. Morning came and we went to Le Flora for breakfast. The vitality option for €10.75 was savage value with a fry as well as the really extensive buffet. The restaurant was quiet and it was nice sitting there in the sunlight rather than squashing around a table in the cabin. All of the party made good use of the buffet and when we paid our cabin key was swiped and that was it. Arrival was on time, we got off fairly quickly and were home in no time. A couple of lingering points remain for us: 1. Why aren't the breakfast options made clearer ? We've been going on Commodore for around 15 years and eating in the restaurant would have been great especially on the return journey. 2. Why do BF insist on only providing cups, glasses for two people in a cabin that has four booked ? We always end up going to the Self Service and getting glasses from there. 3. Why the gradual erosion of benefits ? We all remember when a couple of small bottles of wine were supplied. 4. Why is it such a big deal to throw another roll (triangular or round), croissant and pain au chocolat onto the tray for a five-person booking ? Anyway, that's it.
  14. We drove from Carcassonne to Lyon last week and I'd guess we passed close on a hundred Dutch caravans. It was like watching an invading army.
  15. Mahon wouldn't have a great reputation in Cork. Lough Beg is the home of, inter alia, Pfizer so it would be rather upstanding........
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