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  1. A local tip for you - the Bramble Bush Bay chain ferry is always on the south (Studland) side for the larger ships to pass, but can be on either side for the Condor.
  2. I was there last year and found photography a little difficult. There are various terminals at the port of Naples for local conventional ferries, local high-speed ferries and long distance ferries and cruise ships. You can access the local ferry quaysides readily enough, but be warned there is (or was) a strong military and police presence so photographers be wary, although I didn't have any problems. Access onto the long-distant quaysides seemed restricted understandably enough. Best vantage point was from a local (conventional) ferry where you can get good views of any big ships in port. Hope this is helpful. Naples is a dirty, noisy, congested and chaotic city but it does have its charms, and we enjoyed our stay.
  3. Quite. South Quay has already been used for layover by Whitchampion and Arrow, as the quay edge and mooring bollards are all in place. It's just the actual final surface levelling and top layer that isn't quite finished. Astoria isn't booked until late August / September so plenty of time to get things ready for it, as for the smaller cruise ships well they have been using other berths at the port for years so no worries there then!
  4. The railway as far as the level crossing is managed by Railtrack, beyond is the responsibility of PHC. Although stone trains from Somerset, as far as I know, still use the Hamworthy goods branch, they never proceed onto PHC metals.
  5. Not sure the Visentinis even have gangway doors in the side, they tend to use separate foot ramps over the stern with an escalator up to the accommodation.
  6. During her short time at Poole, Arrow has berthed at New Quay South, but on occasions has also gone to the new and as yet unfinished South Quay and ro-ro berth 3 (as well as out to anchor in Poole Bay). Why she went to berth 3 I'm not sure, nor if she in fact lowered her stern door - she may simply have needed to load/unload something.
  7. Arrow is leaving Poole this afternoon heading to St Malo, then loading trailers for Jersey and Portsmouth before sailing back to Poole on Thursday, I've been told.
  8. Rather more than three thankfully - www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15627146.Just_months_away__cruises_and_cargo_shipping_lined_up_for_Poole__39_s_new_South_Quay/
  9. This might give an idea on how South Quay fits into the port area - ro-ro 3 in the foreground and ro-ro 2 to the left.
  10. I assumed that the PHC open meeting has been put back to 23rd January as that is the date South Quay is due to be officially opened. South Quay by the way is intended as a cruise / cargo ship quay and is not equipped with a linkspan, although in my opinion it may become a useful layover berth for ferries.
  11. ​Barfleur ran as winter Spanish ship from Poole to Santander in 1997/98, with passenger capacity limited to 200 due to available berths. If I recall correctly she sailed from Poole on a Friday night and arrived back Monday afternoon.
  12. Please read my comments in post #16 - I wrote the article and my facts are solid.
  13. Yes. Apart from regular visits to Poole, Cherbourg, Portsmouth and Caen, she has also done Poole&Plymouth/Roscoff and Poole&Portsmouth/Santander plus one visit to Cork from Cherbourg (on charter to an Irish haulier) - all of these have been commercial crossings. She has visited Le Havre for lay-up. The reason she visited St Malo escapes me right now, but I'm certain she did. That just leaves Bilbao.
  14. http://www.jenkinsmarine.co.uk/news-oct2016.html
  15. Bear in mind it's not berth 3 that is being lengthened. Look at the wide stern ramps on Baie de Seine, Mont St Michel....
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