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  1. ollie@portsmouth

    New Look Revealed

    The main difference, after 40 ISH years, the end of a blue and orange/red stripe in its entirety!
  2. ollie@portsmouth

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    I know I know! Don't shatter my dreams Gareth! 😉
  3. ollie@portsmouth

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    I'd love to see Normandie replace Armorique, offering the BF service on the roscoff route with the economie-esque Armorique on the appropriate route. A boy can dream. (Though of course stranger things have happened... never expected the Duc or Pont L'Abbe on the route either)
  4. A slight aside but interested to know how often the buffet is available in the Normandie and Mont restaurants. Is it seasonal or purely based on passenger numbers? I've always found bf very good value for food, whether restaurant, self service or cafe.
  5. ollie@portsmouth


    Cornuailles returned after Newhaven to launch the Truckline passenger service from Poole. I don't think she ever appeared in the 82-02 logo though.
  6. ollie@portsmouth

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    I think of all the different variations of winter service the once a week Friday over Saturday back sailings seemed the most suited to the route (although even then passenger numbers could be low). The trouble with that is the Plymouth to St Malo (and one year Plymouth Cherbourg) positioning crossings had very poor numbers. I remember one sailing single when i was one of only 6 cars. I'd love there to be an all year round service from Plymouth but I'm not sure it's sustainable with the substantially bigger ships.
  7. ollie@portsmouth

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    Bretagne is down for the final Cork sailing of the 2018 season but strangely with no positioning sailings. Also another year with no Plymouth Roscoff service for much of the winter.
  8. ollie@portsmouth

    Number of Posts on the Forum

    Likewise Seahorse. Certain people seem to dominate and certain topics to do with a certain ship and route seem to be shoe horned in. Its put me off.
  9. ollie@portsmouth

    ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie (no frills service)

    Re: Brittany Ferries to operate the Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santander http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/economie - here we go from BF website
  10. ollie@portsmouth

    ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie (no frills service)

    Re: Brittany Ferries to operate the Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santander Looks like there is going to be a new "Brittany Ferries economie" brand! http://www.letelegramme.fr/economie/brittany-ferries-un-nouveau-navire-et-100-emplois-a-la-cle-07-02-2014-10025762.php
  11. ollie@portsmouth

    How things have changed

    Re: How things have changed Things certainly have moved on! Are there any interior pictures around of the Reine Mathide / Tregastel / Armorique in the early 90's? Be interesting to see how they looked compared to the likes of Bretagne that was also in service at the time. Ahhhh neon!
  12. ollie@portsmouth

    Things you miss from BF...

    Re: Things you miss from BF... I still love be Bf that things I miss include... *The pre-recorded safety announcement that ran for years on all ships... ending with the very hammy "we wish you a pleasant crossssssssssssing!". *A buffet on Plymouth-Roscoff sailings *The cheap couchettes on the PLA *The Quiberon and Val de Loire (she felt a lot bigger than the Pont Aven and had a lot more nooks and crannies!) *Lots of little shops (although still living on on Bretagne) *The goodie bag of Um Bongo, toothpaste, sweets and game you used to get at check in *The proper espresso coffee machines.
  13. ollie@portsmouth

    Cotentin becomes Stena Baltica

    Re: Cotentin withdrawal 2013 I wonder if this will mean more crossings to Spain by the other vessels...? It'll be a big reduction on what's been a successful service.
  14. ollie@portsmouth

    Cornouailles sold for scrap

    Re: Cornouailles sold for scrap I think she's one of the only ferries I've never seen an interior photo of. Considering the era she was operating in, alongside the Quiberon, Duc, Prince of Brittany, Armorique I'd be interested to know if she had a similar "wannabe cruise ship" feel? She always looked a bit basic from the outside!
  15. ollie@portsmouth

    The cost of changing fuel from 2015 (Scrubbers & GNL Conversions)

    Re: The cost of changing fuel from 2015 It's also worth bearing in mind that despite looking fresh through refits, the Bretagne, Normandie and Barfleur are getting on a bit. 10 years ago, the Quiberon and Duc De Normandie (ahhhhh how I miss them) were still chugging along with BF, with much talk about how long they could continue for - at that time, they were among the oldest ships on the channel. By 2015 the Bret, Norm and Barf will all be of an equivalent age, so whether or not these fuel regulations come in, they're all still potentially due for replacement anyone. (as much as it pains me to say it about the lovely Bretagne). I wouldn't be surprised to see another Superfast coming to BF, or crossing durations increased further to save fuel.