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  1. Hmm, with only 1000 passengers they seem a little short on capacity to replace Danica and Jutlandica, although I've been wondering when that route would get new tonnage. The current fleet of a old freighter, a wonderful 1980's vessel with mainly passenger focussed layout, a 1990's vessel with mainly freight focussed layout and a withdrawn speed craft just doesn't make any sense to me. Though the Jutlandica seems ideal to replace the ageing Europe. The freight capacity of theses vessels seems way to big for replacement of the Trelleborg and Sassnitz. Replacement the MecklenburgVorpommern and the Skane would mean a slight reduction of freight capacity, but I've come to understand that that route has a bit of overcapacity with three (near) parallel big ship operators. As a replacement of the Spirit and the Vision there would be a enormous reduction in passenger capacity. Capacity wise they might seem best for replacement of nearly the entire Irish Sea fleet (4 ships on order and 4 options), although that part of the fleet is most up to date, so that wouldn't make any sense to me either. So perhaps these capacity's quoted are just as they are designed. This is Stena, they invented the word Stenability. If they consider these ships just as flexible as say the Searunner-class, anything might happen.
  2. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged Good to read that this accident might give this ship a future, that wouldn't have been without this accident. The engines need replacement, after being under water for so long. This gives the opportunity to replace them by less thirsty engines. This might make this ship more attractive for buyers, since her costs of operation will be lowered.
  3. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged It would indeed be sad to see that happen, dispire her awkward dimensions I do think she is a beauty. In all her luxury though, this ship hasn't really made any money for the company, since she has extremely high operating costs. And besised, her cardecks have limited capacity, her pax capacity is huge, while during winter month there are hardly any passengers. She spends the wintermonths in lay-up, while the competition has their older vessels in lay-up. Also she is rather slow compared to the competition, who can make more crossings with less ships. On top of that SNCM is planning to replace her (and nearly all of her fleetmates) will the new Marseille - Corsica consession be granted to them. All in all, the company might be better off without this vessel, so why make the effort of repairs?
  4. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV That village is in Middelburg, called Mini Mundi now (used to be Miniatuurstad Walcheren). The model is still there, as can be seen on this Wikipedia picture: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Reus_Dan_Mini_Mundi.jpg (it's to the right of the giant) and this forum post: http://www.vijfzintuigen.nl/Forum/index.php?topic=7784.0 It seems they've removed the Olau colours. The model is 1:20, quite big. Last time I've been there (the mini-city was a a other location then) the model was in poor shape, with half the life boats hanging on only one davit, but that was years ago, and it was still in Olau colours.
  5. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold As far as I know, the HvH one is still in its place, but I must admit I haven't been in HvH for about a year, and the non-google-streetview-system (that does show the entire Netherlands) we have at my work hasn't been updated last couple of months.
  6. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold Brittanica is of course available from the beginning of 2010, although original plans were to have her replace Stena Baltica / Finnarrow. If these rumours are true, then what would happen to the Poland and the Grena-Varberg routes? Maybe the new Seabridger-MK II ships have a place in these plans, since they are no longer needed on the Rotterdam service? I guess all we know for sure, is that major changes in the Stena fleet are ahead.
  7. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold The only fastcraft I ever expect to come to Stena's Irish Sea services would be Stena Carisma, herself being replaced by a multi-purpose/ropax (maybe at once with the Danica). More so I just expect Stena's Irish Sea services to be completely fast-craft-free by next year.
  8. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold Perhaps the shorter crossing time (= less fuel) and the same prices on as the other Irish Sea services (at least that's the case in NL)?
  9. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold Which means in English: 'Albamar by the way wants to buy the sistership Stena Explorer for ferry services within South-America. Note 'wants to buy', not 'has bought'.
  10. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold (sorry, something went wrong, my post was placed twice)
  11. Re: Stena Discovery & Explorer sold I guess the answer is identical to 'How long until the Stena Seabridger Class MkII shall be delivere?'. That is estimated on 2011. With Adventurer and Nordica now in service on the Dublin route, it's simply starting to accept foot-passengers on these ships, and Explorer and easily leave the fleet. I wonder how soon Stena Carisma (the one HSS900) will also be replaced.
  12. I might have missed it on this forum, but aperantly Stena Discovery is sold to a Venezuelian company. It apears that she has left the fleet yesterday. The company Albamar says it has also bought Stena Explorer, for delivery 60 days later.
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