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  1. This is almost completely incorrect information. That's not what the EU Passenger Rights legislation says which is the appropriate reference for this discussion, technical problems are not generally regarded as extraordinary circumstances - you are rarely entitled to anything for weather delays (except complimentary refreshments). BF have already been forced to pay up on at least one occasion when they didn't compensate for technical disruption. In this case BF would be liable for fuel costs, an overnight stay if necessary (at up to a value of 80 Euro per passenger) and potentially a refund of 50% of the one-way fare. Some links to back up my comments https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/passenger-rights/ship/index_en.htm https://actu.fr/normandie/cherbourg-en-cotentin_50129/la-brittany-ferries-va-rembourser-famille-pieusaise_253809.html?fbclid=IwAR1PLtimTucxMsy1c-zzIewVTGYsIx4Ns0yffsL8fHgwqQlfr6V5X8pE-PI
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath for a Ramsgate - Ostend appearance..
  3. There is an escalator from 3 to 5 but most cars will be on Deck 5 anyhow. I would be extremely surprised if any cars ended up in the lower hold.
  4. Yes - there are some passenger cabins on Deck 7 of the Connemara that aren't on the Etretat.
  5. I don't know, there are some nice lines at the front surely?
  6. Generally (and I realise there are exceptions) you won't be on a ferry with urgent business to do!
  7. There is a lot of merit generally in Gijon but it's a bit like my comments about Cork elsewhere (Vs Dublin and Rosslare). If the hauliers already have hubs at Bilbao and Santander it instantly gives Gijon a competitive disadvantage regardless of what else it has to offer. As for Ireland - Continent - Brexit aside (that is a debate I don't want to get into for now!) there is huge change afoot with Connemara arriving and the Ireland - France dynamics between Stena and Irish Ferries changing a lot. Personally, I'd be very shocked if ICG considered a Spanish service for now...but we will see. Could BF be on to an overnight winner? I doubt it, at best this will be a slow-burner, but if it was to prove a success even by the end of the initial 2-years (which I don't think is impossible) surely somebody else may wish to dip their toe in the market. We could speculate lots but let's be honest, reality always surprises us more!
  8. Santander was better for freight and a few big customers would have preferred both trips to there but due to the fact the ship was needed for a trip to France one trip had to be to Gijon. In retrospect I am not sure commercially it made a huge difference to freight (especially as Mafi traffic grew and Gijon was already good for that) and it was popular with passengers.
  9. I think you are right but until then the new proposal from BF is a good compromise.
  10. This thread highlights the crux of the argument. Need Vs Want internet. I personally can make do with checking my social media feeds or forums like this once a day. I have enough real life to occupy me! On even a long ferry I would rather eat/sleep/rave repeat (or settle for a book) I just don't see the need that people have to obsessively sit online. On the other-hand there are times where I need to get emails when they come in for business reasons. For that reason I don't mind paying for WiFi to get those and would avoid situations that would have me without reliable internet. Need and want are different things and change the value. Whilst it's correct technology should vastly improve WiFi on ships and reduce cost, we are where we are currently are and I think just about every operator is accepting that wholesale free WiFi doesn't actually offer a good service to customers as it is so bandwidth limited. I doubt very much a single passenger decides to take a decision to travel on a ferry on the basis of WiFi or not as if they must be online, they'll be avoiding travel or seeking to minimise the length of time they are off broadband or 4G networks.
  11. Gijon was pretty good for passenger traffic for the sort of reasons that @Angel described. (It did take some education initially!). Freight wise, the usual hub issues meant some big players especially in unaccompanied weren't keen.
  12. You are correct in that most of the public don't grasp the difference. I like BF's plan here and to me it's the model of how to do WiFi on a ferry. Either area or time limited free wifi and charge people who "need" it rather than just sit refreshing their Facebook feed every 5 minutes.
  13. You can't compare a ship with "most places".
  14. Exactly. This isn't a true cruiseferry market where passengers board for the sake of doing the trip. It's true that trade used to exist to some extent on the old Plymouth - Santander twice weekly route. It's now a transport route, albeit it can done as nicely as you like if your budget desires. Therefore, your ship requirement is quite the opposite of the suggestion elsewhere of another roro and a cruiseferry - that's madness actually - rather you have something that hoovers up the freight but provides the sort of product that passengers will be happy to pay for too.
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