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  1. With driver shortages getting worse and increased regulation of driver hours, I think modal shifts are inevitable. Mainly unaccompanied but also containers/MAFIs. Eventually, accompanied will become the method of last resort on anything but shorter crossings. When you think about it, what sense does it make to have a driver on ship for 24 hours. It makes more sense to have drivers doing domestic runs and generally returning to their own home at night. This trend has been building for years and is sure to get bigger.
  2. I think the point here is that the criticised concept (which is barely a cabin and more of a pod) is perfectly fine as a product. But the idea that professional people who are integral to the success of this ship are forced to use these is ludicrous. By all means, some younger or more budget conscious travellers will be happy with this. And before somebody says that BF would allow drivers' employers to pay for an upgrade*, whilst I am sure that's true, if every single company tried to do that, it wouldn't be allowed or even possible. It's pure and simply, a very misguided decision
  3. RickOShea

    2021 Timetables

    Interesting (if slightly off-topic) discussion. It was said (I think in Shippax...maybe @tarbyonline can correct me on the source) that Stena considered getting Visentini to build their new series of ships before settling on AVIC instead and you can very clearly see lots of nods to the Visentini design. Even the main passenger deck has a layout not entirely dis-similar to a Visentini. So I think Stena very much took learnings from the Visentinis (especially the very lovely Stena Mersey and Stena Lagan) when designing these ships. Also, bespoke ships are very fit for
  4. RickOShea

    2021 Timetables

    That bit isn't clear - there must be some reason I guess. But yes BF has confirmed internally that ETRETAT is back to Stena RoRo at that point. Charters are often pretty confusing and complex with a headline length but often contain lots of end and extension points.
  5. The percentages you quote I have heard before but are general and not route specific. On a ship that depends primarily on year round friend, this cabin decision remains quite frankly ill-thought out and odd.
  6. Yes - I believe these have been available at the Rivacom BF French Corporate Image Bank for journalists.
  7. P&O has been making huge losses on that route for years and that's clearly a problem stretching beyond the passenger side of the business. I suspect the current tonnage just isn't viable based on the traffic mix. It might be viable with Visentinis but then you are into the problems of the Hull berths.
  8. If the freight route works and it needs to be accompanied, rather than unaccompanied, the cost of also carrying tourist traffic is reasonably marginal. It would definitely attract some trade in summer. But I recall trips on the (wonderful) OSCAR WILDE on Rosslare - Cherbourg out of season and even she was mainly freight.
  9. 115 cabins are quoted here https://gotlandsbolaget.se/publikationer/ms-visby/ 95 cabins are quoted in other places. So it's not far off a Visentini but the accommodation is a problem, the dining and bar areas on a Visentini (especially the versions without the reclining seats like the ETRETAT) are much much more generous in size. Absolutely sufficient for a freight only use on this route but not tourist use.
  10. That requires Moby's Finances properly sorted too and if that was the case, they probably wouldn't be the great deal that they were before. If those boxes were ticked, I'd say DFDS would revert to the original plan to use them on Newcastle - Amsterdam. Their PC will always be too big for a route like Rosslare - Dunkerque where I can't imagine the tourist demand ever being huge. If it all works, I'd say DFDS will obtain suitable ropax tonnage. Two newbuilds are due for Klaipeda - Karlshamn next year which could directly or indirectly release ships. But let's see how thing
  11. And to think a few months ago at the height of the pandemic we were saying how vital freight drivers were as "key workers" now we think they aren't worthy of the same standards as anyone else expects.
  12. Actually, due to the unique nature of the Destination Gotland route, the passenger experience is fairly basic onboard (wall to wall airline seats mostly), and cabin number too low for a mainsteam passenger experience. I'd argue, even a Visentini offers a better experience for that purpose. You will get away with it on a freight only service but I'd say if the route survives (and we have no clue about that until we see what life actually turns out like after Brexit proper) and becomes a passenger service, I'd say you'd replace with something more suitable.
  13. I assume you mean that you are comparing two sets of plans for the GALICIA and not GALICIA vs Eflexer. A GA is always to scale, other plans can have a degree of artistic license for simplicity/attractiveness. Structurally the restaurants are exactly the same on the BF and Stena versions.
  14. Although that GA is for GALICIA, much of it is based on the Stena Line Irish Sea ships and the "Truckers" label is a relic from that and not accurate. Truckers - like all other passengers - will be allocated a dining slot in one of the two restaurants.
  15. To be fair, I guess the meals are included on GALICIA, which is quite a big saving, especially for a family of four.
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