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  1. As I say - the one unanswered thing from my knowledge of what went on...were haulage backers playing games ?
  2. Believe it or not there was credibility there. Very credible people who were paying their way. The suspicion was that some large hauliers were promising the venture big money and almost certainly gave it "seed funding" in order to force rates down at Eurotunnel, P&O and DFDS. The mainstream press didn't understand the point which was not that they didn't have ferries but the lack of suitable ferries. Though I seem to recall quite serious negotiations to take three of those Tirrenia Van Der Giessen Ropaxes. It was all a bit of non-story as they weren't going to receive a penny of public money until they had a service in place. Whether the government followed proper due diligence is another sthing and it is notable how the approach to Brexit capacity changed after this. There are some of these "planned ferry ventures" that are blatant nonsense - Regina Seaways? Then all of those crazy ideas that came up after P&O disappeared from Portsmouth. But a lot of them are projects that just don't come to fruition. I think the problem is that you really shouldn't say much publicly unless you are ready to hit the "go button" but people get carried away and start issuing press releases or creating websites and then problems arise.
  3. Correct and even Euroferries.... I don't know the ins and outs but an ex supplier of mine provided services to Euroferries and they paid all their bills. I think they were almost there but not quite.
  4. I did comment elsewhere, but for completeness here. These sailings will now run until mid-May.
  5. I have no wish to cause ill-feeling or go round in circles so will respectfully agree to disagree. But on one point here. Again I really don't want to get into discussing the suitability of people for a venture (either to cast doubt or indeed to endorse) but one thing none of us know is whether the venture has engaged the services of those who have the knowledge they don't. So you can have a situation where the people concerned do indeed have zero experience of ship operation but have people who do know advising them. This is simply why I don't cast doubt on stuff without having an intimate knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes.
  6. I'm not sure this has been mentioned on this thread. What is very clear is that the UK (English) Government is totally paranoid about variants of the virus entering the country. This new measure only comes into effect from Monday. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/declaration-travel-government-exit-permit-b1813070.html This is why I believe international travel will take longer than May to re-start.
  7. Thanks Gareth - I am big enough to let personal attacks wash over me but it's not particularly pleasant behaviour. Could I add that I think it is highly inappropriate for people sitting behind anonymous profiles to be having pot shots about the professional ability of the individuals concerned in this venture. It's just a form of internet trolling and potentially actionable. Unless you know these people behind the venture you are not entitled to judge them and if you do, it's probably dignified to keep your opinion to yourself. Sorry rant over! My original point was simply we don't know enough to be ruling this venture out - nothing stronger than that. I totally respect those who feel the venture isn't technically or economically feasible as that's a legitimate opinion even if it's not one I share as I don't think we know enough to say that.
  8. I am maybe an optimist on this one but my suspicion is that when travel actually opens up it's because things are fairly stable and safe so it will be largely normal life onboard again. What I'm less optimistic about is exactly when that will happen and I don't think that date is May.
  9. And ALL roro ships are incapable of operating a route like this??
  10. Indeed - good examples of longer-haul roro services. I'm not doubting that there are a few "challenges" to this. I'm just saying, without all the facts people are being unduly cynical and negative.
  11. Container ships do these routes continually..
  12. One other bit of schedule news. I believe that the ARMORIQUE will continue on her current Irish freight-only sailings until 16 May. She will then restart Roscoff - Plymouth as part of the big passenger re-start.
  13. As expected COTENTIN is now shown (on BF Freight website) as operating Portsmouth - Le Havre from 3 April until the end of the current timetable period (31 October). Let's see if she starts carrying passengers at some stage.
  14. As expected COTENTIN is now shown (on BF Freight website) as operating Portsmouth - Le Havre from 3 April until the end of the current timetable period (31 October). Let's see if she starts carrying passengers at some stage.
  15. Where on earth are you getting that from? You can easily manage a roundtrip per week.
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