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  1. Howdy all. I'm trying to find out how many of reserved lounge seats are available for the night crossings. I presume there is reduced capacity because of the covid. Thanks, H.
  2. I had rolled that car about six months before, so it had got a respray with go-faster stripes and all. I did bring a spare clutch cable as they were prone to breaking. Although in fairness you could change gear with out clutching if needed. Good fun.
  3. Came across an photo album from 1992. We went Cork to Roscoff in late June and retuned after a fortnight. Here are a few scans from way back then. I possibly have uploaded some of these in the past but another sconce won't harm.
  4. Went to Ringaskiddy Cork to see the Pont Aven today. Also drove to Crosshaven to see it pass Roches point. Here are a few snaps.
  5. A photo of an advert for Cork Swansea ferries from 1995.
  6. Le Havre map of harbour. 1973 brochure.
  7. This is the Saint Patrick taken in Le Havre 1976. Was returning to Ireland after two weeks camping as a scout in Rouelles near Le Havre. H.
  8. A few snaps from Roscoff May 25th 2015.
  9. I have the print of the Kerisnel and Pont. I must get it framed, after lockdown of course.
  10. I have seen some paintings of BF ships before but was wondering if any of you have some. Attached is a detail of a painting of the Pont and Roches point that was done for me by a Cork artist. Might distract a bit. H.
  11. If the Admin want to close this I have no problem with that. It seems to me that the investment BF have made on this route would indicate that they are in it for the long run. I was enquiring as to if anyone else had heard rumour's that there may be a change. H.
  12. Heard last night that Cork Santander will be cancelled at end of February. Has anyone else heard any news of same?
  13. Great report. Have often been to Quiberon but never out to the Ille. Think I'll have to go next time!
  14. "Docking into Ringaskiddy was watched very carefully at the rear by the cork pilot(see pic). This is something I have never seen before and it took a few minutes back and forward before she was properly lined up." Have seen the pilot boat like this before. I think the Pilot gets off at the car ramp. Good that Pont is back anyways.
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