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  1. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Not quite, but I think we're getting there, though whilst colinschandler is on the right track I feel NormandieLad's trying to pull the wool over my eyes ( ) PHIL
  2. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne No-o-o-o-o This thread hasn't even started to touch on the mating habits of the Merino sheep yet, let alone the punctuality of the Mumbai/New Delhi sleeper ! PHIL
  3. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne I think Bill deserves recognition for this thread. He starts it off and 658 posts later no-one's any the wiser ! Well done Sir PHIL
  4. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Don't get too excited Peter 1 - I set a course towards greatness some time ago and I'm still becalmed (L) PHIL
  5. Re: Oasis of the Seas (aka Genesis project) How would you classify this maritime disaster - under "Livestock Carriers" ? PHIL
  6. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne What's the reaction from MP Ladyman ? The blowing of trumpets or a remarkably deafening silence - i.e. "I've let me mouth go without engaging my brain (brain ?) on this one - best shut it and keep a low profile" PHIL
  7. PHIL


    Re: Refueling? Those - they look as though they have collapsible handrails included - almost as palatial as the Australian Hold Ladders ! No, these were proper pre-'elf-n-safety jobs - 11 metres long, possibly - no frills/basic/helluva length wooden ladders. PHIL
  8. PHIL


    Re: Refueling? I'm going further back seadog - the ship you refer to is a converted mini-bulker - the ships I refer to must have been built say late 50's early 60's as purpose-built bunker tankers. Splendid sights coming up the Tees both of 'em - complete with extremely long boarding ladders port and starboard of a midships derrick used for handling the bunker hoses. You saw the ladders long before you saw the ship - possibly gave DFDS the idea for "DANA AGLIA" aka "PONT L'ABBE" PHIL
  9. PHIL


    Re: Refueling? Remember Whittaker's working the upper North East coast ports with "TYNEDALE H" (Capt. Harold Lill) ex Tees for Shell and "TEESDALE H" ex Tyne for Esso - great little ships. PHIL
  10. Re: Ridiculously named ships .. Think you've won hands down already with that one cvabishop (L) Going back to my ship-agency days I remember the bulkcarriers "FUUKI MARU" and "NEVER ON SUNDAY" and of course there was always Shell Tanker's "HINNITES" - affectionately referred to as the honeymoon-ship. PHIL
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